Atherton Blueberry Ambassadors find reward in smiles

Atherton Community Schools, coordinator Michelle Turner

Maya Williams

For my first random act of kindness, I volunteered at the food bank for Thanksgiving. It made me feel good to help those who are less fortunate. Ms. Maya was very happy that I came to give extra help.

For my other two acts of kindness, I gave candy bags that had inspirational messages to some of the workers at school. They appreciated someone thinking of them.

Ash D’Arcy
Blueberry Moment 7570
For my first deed, I decorated the lockers with my friends at school with inspirational message hearts for Valentine’s Day. The deed made me feel great. I love knowing everyone was happy to see the hearts in the morning, especially Cara, the girl to whom I gave my Blueberry Card. The smile on her face brought me lots of joy.

Blueberry Moment 7571
For my second deed, I gave a cosmetologist at my family’s Barber Shop a bag of candy with a positive quote attached because I knew her mom was very sickly and could pass soon. I felt great knowing that little thing made her so much happier. The people around me were filled with joy that I did something so nice to someone who needed it most.

Blueberry Moment 7554
For my final deed, I gave my bus driver a bag of candy with a positive message as well. He goes through so much and he tries his best. He was very happy when I gave it to him and thanked me lots. I felt so good afterwards knowing he has at least one person that won’t be mean to him and appreciates what he does.

Aubrie Felton
Blueberry Moment 7567

Two members of our SLS chapter and I delivered treat baskets to places in our community. The first one went to the ELGA Credit Union employees. They were very surprised that someone thought of them. It made us happy to see the employees so happy. The next basket went to a senior living center for the employees who work there. They thought we were there trying to sell items, and were so excited that we were dropping off a gift.

Blueberry Moment 7566
For my other act of kindness, we made cards for the soldiers and children at Hurley hospital for Valentine’s Day. It made me feel good to know that people who need to smile would be getting them. We got a card from the hospital saying that the kids loved the cards. One of the soldiers posted a message on Facebook saying that he was happy and felt so loved that he got a card.

Cara Smith
Blueberry Moment 7573
I gave out three inspirational bags to people in our community.

Auyonna Leake
Blueberry Moment 7558
The three good deeds I did for the Blueberry goods were giving three workers at a Speedway near me a token of appreciation. I did this because these workers are known to be very kind and extremely nice to all the customers who go in. Doing the type of job, can be very stressful and frustrating because people can be jerks to them for no reason. Even with all the mean people these workers will continue to be very pleasant and not let one customer affect their attitude and positivity. I felt extremely good giving about giving a gift to those who work hard but rarely get a thank you in return, it made me feel nice. They seemed to also really like receiving the gifts, they were very happy because no one had done this before for them. It was nice to do something good for others.

Hayley Cox
Blueberry Moment 7569

Two members of our SLS chapter and I delivered treat baskets to places in our community. The first one went to the Bentley Florist employees. They were felt touched that we brought them a basket. We were excited that nobody had done this for them. The next basket went to the employees at B’s Bowling Center for the employees who work there. The employee who got the basket from us appeared confused as to why we were just doing a good deed. It kind of made us sad that they didn’t know how to react to a random act of kindness, but we felt good that we showed them another way of treating others well.

Mackenzie Winford
Blueberry Moment 7562
I gave a gift bag to Micheal Galloway, a fire fighter. I felt very happy and thankful because I got a chance to give back to the community and someone who fights and risks their life almost every day to protect people in need

Blueberry Moment 7565
I gave a gift bag to two paramedics in my community. I felt joy because they were so happy to have a goodie for when they are waiting in the ambulance for a call, and for when they need a pick me up during long night shifts.

Jacob Jurado
Blueberry Moment 7549
I gave out three inspirational bags to people in our community.

Hailey Pickett
Blueberry Moment 7561
I gave inspirational candy bags to a Walmart employee, my sister, and a Walmart customer. It made me feel better and happier because most of the people that I gave them to said that I made their day better. The Walmart employee said she didn’t expect to get anything and it made her glad.

Melina Smith
Blueberry Moment 7551
For my good deeds, I went to my local Family Video. The workers there do not get enough recognition. They are always working, even when the power goes out around them. I felt really good when I gave the goody bags to the two different workers. I made them smile.  I do not think they were expecting it. Both of the workers said that I had made their day.

Blueberry Moment 7553

The third deed was that I helped our SLS chapter members with the creation of a treat basket for the Burton Fire Department. The person in the office was very happy to have some free treats!

Madison Crane
Blueberry Moment 7572
I gave little candy bags to Mrs. Molnar, Mrs. Hulswitt, and Ms. Hamm. When I gave Mrs. Molnar her candy bag, I felt beneficial to her day and she felt appreciated. When I gave Mrs. Hulswitt her candy bag, I felt positive and she felt honored. When I gave Ms. Hamm her candy bag, I felt wonderful and she felt excellent.

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