Atherton Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors make strangers smile with acts of compassion

Atherton Elementary, coordinator Brooke Tate

Savannah Bray
On December 27, 2016 my mom, dad, my little sister, and I were going to eat at the Burger King. While I was drinking my milkshake, I noticed a homeless guy yelling at a trash can. We figured out that he couldn’t see well and had back issues. After we were done eating we asked the man if there was anything we can do. He said, “can I have 50 cents”. But we had better plans. So, dad gave the guy $15.00. The guy put the money right up to his face and counted it. When we drove by, we waved to the guy. Even though I never gave him a Blueberry Card, I still made a difference to that guy.

I was helping my mom clean the basement for my birthday party which was in five days. I also had a lot of things on my plate. I had to clean my room, and make my bed. I never complained about the work I had to do. My mom was so surprised that I did all that in one day.

Shayla Davis
I got a letter asking if I wanted to be a Blueberry Ambassador I read the letter and thought I would love to be a Blueberry Ambassador so we got our cards to pass out and the first one I handed out was helping my sister do her project for 7th grade she said she wanted help drawing the thing she was going to do on her poster because she said she couldn’t draw but I think she could but I still helped her.

One time I was in my living room and my dog was choking so what I did was I patted her back but she didn’t stop so I gave her water and she was all better but I still stayed in my living room with her until I knew she was done then put her water dish back where it was and then she was fine.

One day my sister was upset about something so I looked in my cupboard to see if we had brownie mix and we did so I told my mom I was going to make brownies she said ok so I got all the ingredients and made the brownies mix set the timer and I buttered the pan the timer went off I put the brownie mix in the pan and when the brownies were done I grabbed four plates put one brownie on each gave it to my sister my mom and one for me and my sister was happy because she loves chocolate.

Dominick Knack
One of the last cards I gave out was on a cold winter night. All I did was give my cousin her nice winter coat which it really looked like she needed because it was snowing outside. The reason she didn’t get it herself was because she had her hands full with her things. I thought it would be pretty mean to see her walk outside in the freezing cold knowing she would probably have to spend a while just warming back up.

The first Blueberry Card I handed out was to my sister. The reason I gave her one was because I getting worried about what I was going to do. I decided to go for something small and I saw my sister had her hands full with stuffed animals so all I did was hold the door open for her and let her pass by. She was really surprised that I did something nice for her for no reason!

The second Blueberry Moment I had was the day after I had my first one. Still with the idea that I should just go for small things I set out to find something nice to do and that moment came when I least expected it would. I was at a store and saw a man walking toward the store with his hands a little full so I decided the best thing to do was to hold the door open for him but unfortunately, he didn’t look surprised and he didn’t even ask why I gave a card he just said thank you and I left.

Abigail Sproule
It was in the fall and school had just started, grandma’s neighbor allowed their tree leaves to fall in her yard, grandma need help to rake the leaves, and she asked my brother to help her, but he couldn’t because he was going to the store with mom. So, I offered to help and my grandma accepted. Later when we finished the hard work we had about six bags filled. Grandma made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we ate and talked and soon she offered money and I declined. I picked up Tiny (her dog) and put the leash on him. Grandma said it was time to go so I walked Tiny outside and grandma drove me back to mom’s house.

One day I was heading to the bathroom and I saw Mrs. Reid. I said “Hello.” then she said hi back. Soon we got into a conversation. Although, it hadn’t been that long, (possibly only two minutes) when we finished I went to the bathroom and speed walked back to class. The next thing I know is that I was reading my A.R book and Mrs. Reid shows up at the door. Mrs. Seitz walked over to her and pointed in my direction, I thought I was in trouble, although I hadn’t done anything wrong. Mrs. Reid (I do not remember the exact words) had said something like “That young lady in the black shirt was very nice to me in the hallway.”

Last weekend, Maddy and I stayed the night at my cousin’s house, and Maddy made a big mess in the room so, I helped her pick it up before we went to bed. In the morning, she DESTROYED the living room and she got in trouble so she had to go take a nap. Raquel told Maddy to pick it up and she resisted so I picked it up instead. When Raquel walked down the steps she told me good job and thanked me for picking it up.

Addyson Schaaf
My first Blueberry Moment was on the bus when I was with my friend, Darci. We were sitting by each other and I dropped my hang sanitizer on the ground. It was muddy on the floor, so Darci picked up my hand sanitizer and washed it off with a wet wiped and handed it to me. I thanked her and handed her a Blueberry Card.

My second Blueberry Moment was at recess. I was playing with some friends and they ran off without me. Then, my friend Jazman came up and touched my shoulder. She asked me if I wanted to play with her instead. I accepter her request and handed her a Blueberry Card.

My third Blueberry Moment was in my classroom. I was doing my math and we had to go to music. Then, my teacher, Mr. Powers, asked us to line up and I tripped on my chair. Mr. Powers walked over and helped me up. I thanked him and gave him a Blueberry Card.

Ruby McVannel
On December 17, 2016 I helped my parents find Christmas presents at Meijer and it took us about an hour and a half but I couldn’t find one for my sister. So, we all went to Target and found a giant stuffed animal that she would like, but we couldn’t afford it so I paid for it because I brought my own money and I just wanted to be nice so my sister could have a Christmas present from me. So that was my first Blueberry Moment.

My second Blueberry Moment was when my friend needed help at school one day when we were making mini cars out of cups, a rubber band, a straw, a bobby pin, and two cup lids. We were supposed to put the rubber band on the bobby pin and put the rubber band through to the other side of the cup and put the other lid on the other side of the cup and put the straw through the rubber band. So, my friend was having difficulties so I helped her build her mini car.

My third and last Blueberry Moment was when my dad needed help fixing the Ford in the garage and he needed someone to hand him the tools. I wanted to be nice and help him so I did. Then after I was done helping him we all went to Applebee’s and had dinner together and then we all went home and watched TV.

Eric Snider
My neighbor was always at work and hardly at home and traveling a lot. They needed help before there yard was covered with snow. So, I went over and shoveled all the snow out of his yard, so when they got back from the trip they had a nice surprise and didn’t have to worry about any of it. I left the card of the side of their door and I could see as late that Friday night they pulled into their drive way happy and surprised. They never knew it was me but it was good enough for me because I got to see a smile.

I was at the store last night and I saw an older lady needed some help. This guy set his stuff down and went to help her I could tell that she was very thankful I didn’t have my cards with me so I told him thank you and if I did have them that he would get one. After that he helped her to her car and I was happy to see someone helping another person.

My friend’s dog got out he needed help the dog was close to the woods and the woods near where I live is a dangerous place. I didn’t want his dog to get hurt so, I chased after it not knowing what to do next so I was trying to catch it fast it was not turning out the way I thought it was either it got into the woods and I still didn’t have it near me there was no point in trying to turn back. About ten minutes later I got near it and caught the dog. He thanked I said you’re welcome and I handed him a card.

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