Bendle High School Blueberry Ambassadors learn valuable lessons while completing random acts of kindness

Bendle High School, Coordinator Gina Desimone

Joshua Davis
Blueberry Moment 20809   
I was at Admiral gas station and I was standing in line and an older lady in front of me swiped her card and she still had to pay five dollars for her items. She was standing there counting pennies so I tapped her and said I’ll pay for it. She said it was no big deal and she would put the item back. I told her it’s okay so I paid for her stuff and put mine back and she said to me “You are a wonderful young man and we need more people like you in the world. Thank you so much for making my day.”  I told her you’re welcome and handed her one of my Blueberry Cards. 

Blueberry Moment 18824
I was walking through Family Dollar and this young mom dropped her basket trying to get her little boy. I helped her pick everything up and I asked her if she wanted my cart because there were no carts left. I gave her the cart and I used her basket. She said, “thank you so much for being so nice to me and helping me pick my basket up and giving me your cart.” I replied “you are welcome and I hope you have a wonderful day.” I handed her a Blueberry Card and said I hope your day gets better. 

Blueberry Moment 18808
I gave 15 teachers a thankful bag for everything they do. Every bag had a pack of fruit snacks and a pack of peanuts and some suckers and a card saying thank you for everything they do for us. Teachers do not get enough appreciation for what they do for all of us they do more than what people know, and I wanted them to get something for everything they do even if it’s a little bag of goodies.  

Ashley Hart
Today in class, I realized that my two friends were struggling on studying for our government test. I offered to help them both study and go over topics on the test. As I was helping them study together, they both were beginning to understand. After studying, we took the test and they both got a good passing grade. After helping them, I saw that my other friend was not understanding her algebra II assignment. I helped her and explained to her how to do it because she said the teacher didn’t do a very good job explaining it. When I was done helping her, I slipped a Blueberry Card into her notebook and she saw it the next day.

Blueberry Moment 20864
I realized my friend wasn’t having such a good week. We talked about our problems together and I helped her through it. I woke up early one day and went to Tim Hortons to get her a coffee and some Tim Bits. When she got to school, she was surprised and that I got her coffee and donuts and you could tell that it made her whole day better. I handed her a Blueberry Card too. She left with a smile on her face and it made me feel good.

Blueberry Moment 18815
This act of kindness was a bit simple, but it still made an impact. My mother and I were shopping at Walmart, as we went into the building, we saw a homeless man. We figured we could buy him some stuff so we got him a toothbrush, toothpaste, water and a sub. We gave him it along with $10. He had a smile on his face when we gave him them items. I put a Blueberry Card into the bag and walked away.

Allahna Olsick
It was a fairly sunny afternoon with few clouds in the sky. It was only a little cold and I was at my aunt’s house, playing with her dog. The woman next door was pulling her lawn mower out with some trouble, so I went and helped her. I remembered that she had back issues and had recently hurt herself only a few months before. I asked her to wait a minute and ran inside and got an old pair of shoes on. After I ran outside, I helped her settle on her porch and mowed her lawn. She insisted she pay me, but I denied and handed her a Blueberry Card.

It was a cool, sunny afternoon. My mom and I were organizing and decluttering our shed before we got snow. We found tons of stuff both unneeded and needed. For example, we found an old dish set and VHS tapes we didn’t even know we had! Something we also found were my baby brother’s old clothes from when he was a toddler. My mom was going to donate them to the school for families who needed them when I remembered our neighbors. They didn’t have the most money and weren’t very good off with all the kids they have so I suggested instead of keeping them in the shed until we found time to take them up to the school (and probably eventually forgetting about them all again) we give the clothes to them. So, we gathered all the bags (which was about six or so) and carried them across the street. The mother was ecstatic to have so many clothes for her son and he seemed very excited as well. 

A week before Thanksgiving, my cousins and I were talking about volunteering somewhere. We were mulling over volunteering at a Soup Kitchen but realized that not everybody goes to the Soup Kitchen or can get to one near them. So, the day before Thanksgiving, we all went to my granny’s house and started making food. The day of Thanksgiving, we piled everything into my cousin’s car and drove around Flint handing food to the homeless.

Elizabeth Plamondon 
A simple kindness act can turn a bad day into a good day. Taking a small amount of your day to make someone’s day is rewarding, not only did you make their day you made your own. For one of my kindness acts, I decided to help my sister out with her baby. My sister just had her first baby in October. She has been working extra hard to take care of her baby and to also work at her job for long hours. I noticed that she was becoming more tired as the day went on. When her baby began to cry, I got up and took care of her and told my sister to go to bed. I feel as if this was a good kindness act because I help my sister after a long day of work. 

Happiness is spread through each and every one of us. By taking the time to help others, we not only give them a better day, but their satisfaction and gratitude can make ours better as well. For my second kindness act, I decided to help my aunt wrap presents. My aunt was having trouble getting all of her presents wrapped for the holidays, she’s usually always stressed until Christmas morning. I helped her wrap all of her gifts and relieved all of her stress. After all of the wrapping we made cookies and hot chocolate and watched Christmas movies. I learn that helping people out always pays off in the end. 

Offering others kindness can change someone else’s day for the better. It has an amazing power to alter how you view others and the world around you. For my third kindness act, I decided to clean my grandma’s house and cook dinner. My grandma is constantly doing things. She works extra hard each and every day to make everyone else happy. My grandma rarely ever gets things done for her. She wasn’t feeling well, I knew it was a perfect time to help her out. She took a two-hour nap and when she woke up, she was so grateful, she starting crying. From this, I learned even the strongest people still need some help.

Kailey Hill
It was bitterly cold outside, the kind of cold where standing outside for even just a few minutes chilled you to the bone. My nana and I were going to Meijer to pick up some presents for my mom’s upcoming birthday. We pulled into the parking lot, parked the car, zipped up our coats and prepared to make the quick journey into the warm store. Snow was falling quickly so it was kind of hard to see, but as we walked, I noticed an older gentleman trying to put his groceries in the back of his car. He was moving rather slowly and his cart was still full of shopping bags. Approaching him, I asked if I could help him put the rest of his groceries in the car and he gratefully accepted. He smiled very widely and was very thankful, making small conversation about the cold weather and how he had forgotten his gloves and such. Within a minute or two, all of the bags were in his car and he thanked me one last time. I took his cart back to the cart return for him so he could get home and warm. The feeling of doing such a small thing that required nothing but kindness resided in me and once again I was reminded about how much I love this program and its impact on others.

My mom and I went out to Meadow Brook Estates for the Christmas event they had which was a really fun time. We toured the mansion, visited the cabin and cottage area, and came back to enjoy the holiday walk and decorations they had up. They also had a small hot chocolate station. We got in line, but the cashier was having troubles with the lady in front of us. I noticed she was moving her hands and then realized that she was using sign language and was most likely deaf. I gently tapped her shoulder to get her attention and with my limited knowledge of sign language (a course I just started to take in September this year), I explained that I was a hearing, ASL student and could help interpret but told her I didn’t know much. She thanked me and would tell me her order, which I was able to tell the cashier who easily got it. The woman thanked me, explaining how her daughter who normally helps her out was in the bathroom. I signed back to her no problem, and she wished me luck on learning to sign, which I thought was very sweet. I loved being able to help out with something new I’ve been learning and both the cashier and the lady appreciated it too.

After Sunday Service, it’s typical that me and my family will go out for dinner. That afternoon we had decided to try Golden Corral. We took our seats and then went to fill our plates. Midway into the meal I had to use the restroom. On the way, there were the little coin machines that you could get fun prizes from. A little girl was sitting in front of them, arms crossed and pouting. I immediately looked around for her parents before walking to her and asking if she was okay. She responded that she had gotten into an argument with her brother and  like most dramatic little kids will say, she told me her parents didn’t love her anymore. I assured her that wasn’t the case and noticed that she was looking at one of the coin machines in particular. I reached into my pocket and grabbed some of the spare change, giving it to her. Her glum expression immediately switched to one of excitement as she took the coins and put them in the machine, redeeming her prize when she turned the lever. She quickly opened it and would grin, running off to her parents to show them the prize. It made me happy that I could make her feel better just with two quarters and some kind words.

Jaden Tuttle
My first act of kindness was when I did a fundraiser and donated money to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

My second act of kindness was for the staff of Bendle high school. I gave mugs to some staff and made them smile.

My third act of kindness was that I bought paper plates for the staff to eat with the food and drinks that they are having.

Lauren Gonzales
I was at the grocery store with my mom shopping. We checked out and then were on our way to our car when I spotted and elderly man putting away his groceries in his car, he had quite a few and looked like he was struggling, so I told my mom I was going over there to help. I walked over to him and asked if I could help, he said, “that would be amazing,” with a smile on his face. I helped him put them away, and we talked a little bit while putting them in his car. He thanked me after with a smile, and I felt so good about myself, I then handed him the Blueberry Card. It made me feel good about myself, especially seeing the smile on his face, he looked like he was very happy to even have the littlest of help. 

I went to McDonalds with my best friend. We pulled up to the window, paid and then I remembered I could do my random act of kindness. So, I asked the woman if it was alright if I paid for the person behind me and she said I could. I think their total was only $7 and some change. I didn’t mind at all, and I was happy that I could do it so I could give them a Blueberry Card. I asked the lady if she could give them the card and she told me yes. I only hope this made them happy, even if it was only a small good deed. 

I went to McDonalds and was waiting inside in the pickup line to get my food. In the ordering line was a lady, she looked young and she was ordering. But when she went to pay, she was short on money. I offered to pay for her and she refused, but I insisted. I gave her the Blueberry Card after I paid and told her to have a great day, she thanked me with the biggest most beautiful smile on her face.

Rhiannon Gordon
So, this act happened before it got super cold outside. I was walking home from the library and I had my messenger bag on me. I remembered that my mom gave me a $5 Tim Hortons gift card a couple days prior. So, I made a detour and headed to Tim Hortons. I get there and as I was getting ready to open the door, I see this homeless man, his name is Dave. My mom has helped him countless times in the past. I looked at the card in my hand and decided that it would benefit him more than me. I approached him and called out to him, I’m not entirely sure if he even recognized me, but I handed him the card and told him, “It’s not much, but I want you to have this.” He looked genuinely shocked, but he did accept the card.

Hannah Blair
I’ll never forget this day. I was at Walmart in Grand Blanc and there was this old woman named Ms. Betty and she has having a hard time pushing her cart. So, instead of shopping for what I needed, I took the end of her cart and she was “pushing” but really she just needed something to hold onto. I helped her shop till she was done. I helped her check out and I put all her things into her car. She grabbed my hand and said thank you sweetie and kissed it. She said there’s not many like you. My heart felt so filled. 

It was my birthday and I wanted some Starbucks. I went and got what I wanted and I asked the lady how much the person behind me was it was around $12. I love paying it forward it makes me happy. 

It was around 8:00pm and my car was almost empty. I pulled up to the Kroger on Bristol road to get gas and it was so cold. There was this old man shaking so bad, trying to pump his gas. I hooked my stuff up and went over to him and I said I’ll do this for you, you go get in your warm car and I’ll let you know when it is done. His smile was so priceless.

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