Bendle High School Blueberry Ambassadors realize the huge importance of small gestures

Bendle High School, coordinator Gina DeSimone

Saphire Massoth
Throughout this school year, I tutored my younger sister, Amelia, for her English class. She is in the eighth grade, and previously an all A student. At the start of the year, she was having a lot of issues understanding the curriculum that she was being assigned. When I checked her first marking period grades, I noticed that she was struggling the most with her reading work. I knew that I could help her out, so I began to take time every day to help her understand her work. Slowly but surely, by the next marking period, she went from a C- to an A! It was refreshing to see her excel in her classes once again.

To commemorate the holidays at our school, Cheyenne, Destiny, and I went to all of the teachers and offered to propagate a plant for them. They could choose between a Jade, or a beautiful blue succulent. We all knew that this would be a wonderful way to show appreciation for our teachers and to help them celebrate the holidays. Though most of our teachers had forgotten about the plants, their faces lit up when we delivered them their choice of plant! I loved this particular project because it was a seemingly small gesture that became a perfect gift for the hardworking teachers.

Today when I went to buy coffee before school, I was in front of a woman who came in to buy her and her 2 young children hot chocolates. The woman looked a bit frantic, like she was running late for something, and I wanted to try to do a small thing to make her day just a bit better. So, I gave the cashier an extra $15, and said to use it to pay for the woman and her children, and to keep any left over. I made sure to leave my Blueberry Card on the counter for her to see. The mother was so overly grateful, and I felt so happy knowing that I made her morning a tad brighter. 

Maliah Spencer
Blueberry Moment 19172
I job shadow and volunteer with my mom at her internship but today was a little different. Her internship sent her to check out a men’s shelter near our home. As we were talking to one of the staff members, I saw a man in a wheelchair coming up to the door. The doors weren’t automatic and he tried opening it himself but it wasn’t working. I decided to walk over from the conversation and let him in. He came in and proceeded to say that he was homeless and needed a place to get back on his feet. The staff member told him to go into the chapel area and he will be helped shortly. He tried to open the door once again and he said thank you. 

Blueberry Moment 12342
It’s Thanksgiving and me and my family are enjoying our day. We walk to the front of the house and see that there is a couple across the street at the church outside in the cold and they look homeless. We gather up some of our food and hot cocoa and take it across the street to give to them because it’s beyond cold and they didn’t have anything to eat. We come back in the house and begin talking about how appreciative we are that we have a place to call home and we were happy to help them. 

Blueberry Moment 12343 
It’s a regular morning on the way to school. We’re in the car and my mom’s boyfriend looks so tired and stressed. I thought he needed a someone to just talk to so I told him “I hope you have a nice day. Be blessed.” He smiled after I got out of the car. 

Ryane Smythe
Blueberry Moment 19195
On our first snow day, we had about seven inches of snow on the ground. People couldn’t leave their driveways, walk their dogs, and couldn’t even go down our roads without getting stuck. So, I got all bundled in warm clothes and picked up a shovel and then went to go shovel people’s driveways with no charge. It felt like 10 degrees outside but seeing people so happy that they could actually go outside was the best feeling I have ever had before. Since I did almost eight driveways, I gave my Blueberry Card to the last person I shoveled for.

Blueberry Moment 19194
One day, I looked around my room and realized I had so many things in there that I barely used or wore. I felt so selfish because I knew that there are people out there that have so little. So, I went through everything in my room and packed away stuff that I didn’t need anymore. I donated it to a lot of places. I separated everything into an even number so every place could have something. I gave my clothes away to Goodwill. Knowing that people have something just a little more because of what I did, made me extremely happy.

Blueberry Moment 19196
My grandma and I went to Rally’s one day and we had extra money and we thought we’d do something nice for someone. So, we asked the worker how much the order behind us was and we decided to pay for them. Then, the person came up next to us and thanked us for being so kind. In the car she had three children and her husband.

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