Bentley Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors feel goodness inside after completing random acts of kindness

Bentley Middle School, coordinator Allison Frey

Solina O’Keefe
Blueberry Moment 3519
For my Blueberry Moment, I picked up sticks at my grandma’s house. I decided to help her because she is older and can’t do that kind of stuff anymore. She was very happy and hugged me and thanked me. This experience makes me want to do more kind things and help her more too!

Blueberry Moment 3505
I helped set up food and hand it out near the Bentley High School football field during our food giveaway event. When I signed up to be a Blueberry, I knew I committed to doing good things, so I wanted to help people who needed food. The people were happy and thankful. Some people even cried. I was happy I was able to help but sad for the people. I want to be able to do more.

Blueberry Moment 3521
I donated clothes to my mom’s school. She works at Brownell School in Flint. My mom told me how kids were coming to school with no coats and it has been snowing. Three girls received my clothes and they were very happy. It made me see how many kids don’t have things and how they appreciate it.  

Ella Thao
Blueberry Moment 3745
I helped my sister pick up all her toys downstairs. I decided to do it because she had a lot of toys and I knew she couldn’t pick up all the toys by herself. She thanked me for helping her. I think it impacted me because sometimes I forget to help and she has to remind me. 

Blueberry Moment 3507
I helped move boxes during our school’s food give away event. I decided to do it because no one else was doing it. I called my friends over to help me. I was putting tomatoes into the bags to give away and then saw all these boxes laying around so I decided to help. The lady in charge of the event said, “Thank You.” I felt good about myself because I was helping others just like I do at home. 

Blueberry Moment 3522
I did all the dishes, cleaned the counters, swept the floors, and put away the food while my mom was watching a movie.  I decided to do it because I saw that no one was doing them, so I did it. My mom was proud of me and gave me a big hug with a smile on her face. I am now going to do chores that no one is doing to help so my mom doesn’t have to do it. 

Alexa Johnson
Blueberry Moment 3515
I helped my friend with people who were being mean to her and helped her with her work at school. I did this because it is the right thing to do and I want other people to see so they will be nice. She was happy thankful that I helped her. This experience makes me want to help more people. 

Blueberry Moment 3512
I helped a food truck event held at my school. I wanted to help people that needed food and sometimes can’t afford to get it. The people were happy when they received the food. The experience impacted me by warming my heart and making me feel happy. 

Blueberry Moment 15803
I gave a homeless man money. My dad and I decided to take it to him since he has no one and needed help. He was at a gas station. The person was happy and thankful. I felt goodness inside me and happiness.

Alea Crowley
Blueberry Moment 3514
I gave my teacher a hot chocolate for her birthday. I decided to do it because she never gets a hot chocolate from anyone. I brought the hot chocolate to school. She was really happy and said thank you to me. It made an impact on me by making someone smile and her saying thank you to me. 

Blueberry Moment 3513
I passed out food to people in need at Bentley High School. There wasn’t enough people to refill the tables and pass out the food so I signed up to help. The people were very happy to get food. This experience made me feel happy and it’s fun to help. 

Blueberry Moment 3523
I helped my friend open her locker for a week. I decided to do it because she looked like she was having problems opening it. I was at my locker at school when I notice she was having problems with it. She was happy that someone was able to help her. I was happy that I was able to help her. 

Anna-Mae Smith
Blueberry Moment 3750
For my Blueberry Moment, I helped a friend with homework at school. She did not understand what we were supposed to be doing. She was happy I helped her because she was able to get her work done. I was happy I was able to help her and made her happy, too. 

Blueberry Moment 3506
I shoveled an old lady’s driveway. She is older and it was cold out so I did it for her. She was very happy and thankful that I helped her out. Her being happy made me happy.

Blueberry Moment 3524
I was happy to help out at our school’s food truck give away event. I was able to get people food that needed food. I saw so many happy people that could get food for their families. Seeing them happy made me happy. 

David Pines
Blueberry Moment 3517
I gave a homeless person and her dog some food. She had been homeless for a while. We were in Flint, by Dort Highway. The woman was surprised. This showed me that I can help anyone, no matter my age.

Blueberry Moment 3510
I handed out food to people in need at a school food event. I decided to help out because I know some people can’t afford food and I wanted to make sure they got some. Everyone that came to pick up food was very happy and thankful. I felt good that I was able to help so many people. 

Blueberry Moment 3525
I helped my grandpa rake his yard. I helped him because he is getting old and can’t bend over. He was thankful that I was able to help him. This shows me that helping someone goes a long way.  

Fox Corthals
Blueberry Moment 3518
I helped to pass out food for the Food Bank at our school, in the parking lot. I decided to do it because I like helping people out. The people were very grateful for us giving them food. Helping out at events like this make me want to help out more. 

Marecca McFadden
Blueberry Moment 3746
I saw a student get upset when she lost $20. She needed the money to be able to participate in the sport, so I gave her $20. She was really happy because she really didn’t want to get in trouble by her mom. I felt like a hero by doing the right thing for my best friend. I like to see her happy and not sad.

Blueberry Moment 3508
I sorted different types of fruits, vegetables, and sweets at our football field to give way to people in need. I volunteered to help out because a lot of people helping is better than none. The high schoolers were thankful that we helped because it was less work for them to do. The people that received the food were thankful as well. I was so surprised to see a lot of cars and managed to have enough food until they were gone. 

Blueberry Moment 3528
A homeless guy was standing on the corner in the pouring rain. I had my parents stop so we could give him $10 to go inside and eat a meal at China One. I decided to do this so he could get out of the rain and be able to get some food. When we gave him the money he said, “God bless you.” I was happy that I was able to help someone in need. 

Connor Jones
Blueberry Moment 3504
I helped my neighbor clean her yard. I helped her with stuff at her house. She was thankful and it made me happy that I could help. 

Blueberry Moment 3502
I helped pass food out to the those in need at our school food give away event. I decided to do it because our school needed people to help organize and pass out the food. People left smiling when handing out the food. This taught me that when others are in need, I can help out in a time of need.   

Blueberry Moment 3529
I helped my neighbor move their stuff out of their house. She was struggling and needed help moving heavy stuff. She was thankful that I took the time to help her. This made me realize that a little help can go a long way and it is not difficult to do.

Jasmine West
Blueberry Moment 3503
I helped an older lady walk across the road with her groceries at Walmart. I decided to help her because I wanted her to get there safely and wanted to be nice. She was surprised by my kindness and kept saying, “Thank You!” This experience made me want to do it more often. 

Blueberry Moment 3530
I volunteered to help give out food to people that need it during the Bentley Food Giveaway Event. I decided to help because I know how it feels to need food and I don’t want other people to go through that. The people were happy and thankful for the food. This experience makes me want to help out way more than I used to. 

Blueberry Moment 15804I bought a toy for a kid who could not afford it while shopping at Walmart. I did it for this kid because I know how it feels to want something and not be able to get it. He was so happy and excited. It made me happy to know I helped someone.

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