Bentley Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors make community members’ days ‘a bit easier’

Bentley Middle School, coordinator Amy Zell & Allison Frey

Abby Jones
I donated toys to dogs at the Flint Humane Society because I wanted all the dogs that live there to be happy. The Humane Society liked it so much that they asked if they cold put a picture of it on Twitter. It gave me a warm feeling.

I gave to women and families that needed supplies at the flint YWCA. I felt bad that they needed supplies and didn’t have what they needed. They were so grateful, and I felt very happy and proud of myself.

I made homemade cookies and homemade snowman decorations for people. I wanted to do something nice. They were very happy, and I felt like I did something that was very good and was happy with my choice.

Alex Parnell
I saw a woman struggling to carry her groceries to her car, so I decided to help her. She was having a very hard time and I didn’t like to see her struggle. She was so happy and thankful, and I felt very good to be able to make someone’s day a bit easier.

I helped my dad work on his car. My dad’s car has been breaking down and I thought he could use some help to get it fixed quicker. He was grateful to have a helper and I was excited to help my dad with his car and make his life better.

I helped another student to get caught up in a class he was struggling in. I could see that he was struggling, and I wanted to help him since I was doing well in the class. He said thank you.

Alexandria Congdon
I helped my mom pay for someone’s food behind us. They looked like they needed something nice to happen to them. It made me have a better day.

I helped my grandma clean her whole house for the winter. She looked like she needed help and I wanted to help her with something. She was happy and took me to get ice cream after. I was really happy to be able to help my grandma with something and I was happy to get the ice cream too!

I played with my neighbor’s daughter. I played with her to keep her busy so they could move into the house next to me. They were grateful and I was just happy I could help them out while they were moving.

Alexis Williams
I helped the lunch ladies by holding the door and organizing materials for meals. I did it because they needed help. They were thankful for my help. I learned that helping others makes you feel very good.

My neighbor across the street just had open heart surgery. While she was gone, my sister and I have been going over to her house and taking care of her trash. I decided to do this because I want to see her smile when she gets home. I think she is going to be very happy that we are helping her to take care of things. I really like helping her. When she gets home, I am going to make her a special gift.

I decided to help a lady that was in her 70s carry and load her groceries into her car at the grocery store. I could see that she needed help and she didn’t have anyone to help her. I knew I needed to do it. She was very grateful to have someone help her that day. It makes me feel really good to help others when I can.

Aniko Green
I went to my great grandma’s house who was injured at the time because she fell down the stairs. I know how it feels to be stuck in one place and in pain. I know how it feels to make many trips to use the restroom and get food. She was happy to see me because I’m usually busy and rarely get to see her. It made me feel happy and ready to help people out more.

I made care packets with toothbrushes, toothpaste, wash cloths, deodorants, and snacks for homeless people in downtown Flint. It was the holiday season and I wanted to give to the less fortunate. Everyone reacted with happiness and it made me feel like a good human being.

I cleaned my mom’s car while she was out of town. I wanted to do it because she always complained about how my siblings make her car a mess. She was shocked and it made me feel happy seeing my mom happy.

Briana Asbury
I helped Mrs. Harley with papers because I like to be helpful. She was very grateful, and it made me feel good.

I helped someone pick up their stuff they dropped in the hallway at school. She was relieved and it made me feel good.

I helped someone with their assignment at school. She was happy.

Cole Bowman
I helped someone in Mrs. Capp’s room at school who needed help with their work. I understood the assignment and I could see that another student didn’t and really need my help. He was really excited to get his work done and I felt good to know that I understood my work and could help someone else understand too.

I helped my friend when they lost their pencil in class. My friend was not going to be able to get any work done and then would have been in trouble. They were very thankful because they didn’t want to get in trouble, and I was glad that I could help my friend.

Another student dropped their folder of supplies all over the floor and I stopped to help them pick up all the stuff. I could see that he needed help and no one else was stopping to help. He was really happy to get some help and that no one was able to step on his stuff. I was happy to see that no one was messing with his stuff.

Ella Thao
I helped my grandma do dishes a day after Thanksgiving. She’s old but she can still manage to do things. I was bored and I wanted to be a good role model for my little sister and cousins. She didn’t say anything, but I was glad to be able to help.

I gave another student a pencil in class. I knew she needed it for the next class, and I didn’t want her to worry about finding one from someone else. She was happy.

I took another student to five-minute early lunch. He was really hungry and he’s my friend. I was happy I got to help a friend out who was really needing to get to lunch early.

Emma Koplen
I wrote a nice note to my best friend telling them how important they are to me. I decided to do it because she is my best friend and I wanted to be nice to her and make her day. She was very happy with the note I wrote her, and I was so happy because she was proud of me. It showed me one small act of kindness can change a person’s whole day.

I helped my best friend by trying to cheer her up. She was having a hard time and I decided to do it because she was upset, and I am always there for her when she is going through a rough time. After talking to her, she felt slightly better. I was glad to make her feel better.

I complimented Mrs. Conroy that I liked her shirt. She looked like she was having a bad day and needed to feel better. I decided to do it because I liked the color of the shirt and I wanted to make her smile. She said thank you and smiler. I felt good for making her happy.

Gabby Logan
I decided to make lists of homeless shelters and charities with their phone numbers and staple them to posts so someone could pick one up if they needed. I have been really interested in helping the homeless for a long time. I hope it was helpful to someone who really needed it.

I wanted to go to local bus stops and busy places and put warm things there for the winter. So, I gathered headbands, scarves, hats and gloves and pinned them together with a note and Blueberry Card. I hope this makes other people’s holidays better.

I made purses full of hygiene products for women and dropped them off at the women’s homeless shelter. I think everyone should be healthy and doing this moment made me feel so grateful for having a roof over my head.

Gavin Neal
I opened a door for an elderly lady. I decided to do it because she looked like she was having trouble walking in and I wanted to show her that I have manners. She smiled and thanked me, and it made me feel good and it also made me want to do it more often.

I returned a dog that I found roaming around. I felt bad for the dog who was confused and felt sad for the owner who was looking for their dog. They were so thankful to have their dog returned home safe. It made me feel good to know the dog was home safe and sound.

I helped a neighbor carry her groceries into her house. I could see that she was struggling to get them in by herself. She thanked me and I felt good that I did something for someone, and no one had to ask me to do it.

Kathleen Robinson
I helped my friend with his class work when he didn’t understand what he was supposed to do. I wanted him to feel better. It made him happy and me happy to be kind.

I helped another student in science class when she was confused and upset. She was kind and I learned to never give up because I helped someone who might help me someday.

I helped my friend when she joined Book Bowl. She joined late and needed to get caught up. She was happy and now we are reading the same books and get to talk to each other about them.

Kennedy Alston
I paid for my friend’s food at Wendy’s. She needed money and I was happy I could help her out.

I gave someone a dollar at Taco Bell. They really needed it for the rest of their order. They acted a little funny because they didn’t know me, but I was happy to help someone.

I helped my aunt get groceries out of the car. She was going to drop them all, so she was pleased that I helped. I was happy.

Lillian Burger
I helped my dad do the laundry. I wanted to help make his day easier and he was thankful. It made me want to help him more.

I helped my cousin do his homework because he was confused. He reacted by doing something for me. It made me want to finish my homework when I was done helping him.

I helped my sister clean her room. I wanted to do something for her, and she helped me clean my room after!

Maddy Jones
I donated cat treats and cat toys to the Flint Humane Society. I like giving to people and helping them out. She liked it so much that she took a picture with all the treats and toys. It makes me feel really good to give and share with others.

I took female products to the YWCA. They were extremely happy to receive them, and I felt really good to give to others.

I gave homemade cookies and snowman to my grandma’s neighbor, Jerry. I wanted to do something nice for him because he is a very nice person. He was very pleased, and it made me feel good.

Makenna Kassing
I opened the door for two families when I was going into the Farmer’s Market to go see Santa with my cousins. I saw them and thought it would be the nice thing to do. They said thank you and I think I made their day better. I felt good that I could be useful for some people.

I made gifts and got some canned goods and passed them out to some house around my neighborhood. They smiled a lot and were very thankful. It felt good to help people that live close to me.

I helped out a girl in the hallway when there were a bunch of students walking when she dropped her stuff, so I helped pick it up. I could see that she really needed help and was thankful. I was glad to be able to help someone.

Nathan Williams
I decided to help my church serve the ladies dinner. They were speechless and thankful. I learned that you should do all you can to treat girls nice.

I held the door for my nana. I could see that she had her hands full and she thanked me.

I was walking into Meijer and we got to the pop aisle. We were walking past this lady and she accidentally dropped her banana peppers, so I helped her clean up the peppers and the glass. They kept saying thank you.

Nina Parnell
I helped my friend when she dropped all of her supplies in the hallway. She was relieved for the help and thankful. I was glad that I could help her out.

I helped somebody study and get their grade to a better grade. I also encouraged them that they can get their grades up. I don’t like to see people in my classes having a hard time. The person was so happy to have a better grade. I felt really good about being able to help someone improve.

I helped somebody understand things that they didn’t already understand in ELA. I could see that they were struggling, and they seemed really happy they were able to get their work done. It made me feel good to see someone doing their own work after I helped them.

Quinn Kelly
I gave my clothes to kids who needed it more than me. I have a friend and their parents don’t always help them so I gave them some stuff that I thought they could use. They said thank you with a smile.

I picked up sticks in my grandma’s backyard. She was happy and said thank you and it showed me to always help others before yourself.

I gave money to a homeless person because they needed it more than I did. They smiled and said thank you. It showed me that the smallest impacts can actually make a difference in the world.

Shaun Klemish
I took my dog out when nobody was home. I knew she needed to go out and no one else was home to help her. My family was a bit confused because I don’t usually do this. I felt pretty happy after it and responsible.

I helped my grandma make food to give her an easier time. She was happy to spend time with me and I had some fun while making the food.

I helped my mom do laundry at her work and clean the tanning beds. She was happy to have the extra help and I had fun and got a sandwich at the end.

Shelby Bowman
I shoveled snow from my neighbor’s driveway anonymously. I decided to do her driveway because it had a lot of snow on it. She was very happy and surprised. It made me feel good.

I helped a family friend carry in their groceries. She seemed grateful and it made me feel good.

I helped a friend pick up their books they dropped in class. I didn’t want her stuff to get messed up and she seemed happy. It made me feel good about myself.

Solina O’Keefe
I helped my grandma with Thanksgiving dinner. She hurt herself a while ago and she was in the hospital so I knew she could use the help. She was very happy and thankful, and it made me feel good to know I can help others.

I helped Mrs. Capps because I wanted to help a teacher that needed to get something done. She was really grateful for the help and that made me happy.

I helped another student with his December coding in science. He didn’t know how to change the scenes and I wanted to help him. He was thankful and it made me help others too.

Talena Poole
A lady was buying groceries as she walked out of the store and her cart tipped over. All of the things fell onto the ground and I decided to walk over and help pick up all her groceries. I decided to do it because she wasn’t able to bend over and pick everything up. When I helped her out, she started crying and told me it was the nicest thing someone has ever done for her. This made me realize that everyone needs help every once in a while, and I need to do my part whenever I can.

I gave someone I didn’t know $20 so they could buy their food at Taco Bell. I did this because they wouldn’t have been able to get their food if they didn’t pay the full price. The person told me they didn’t want to take the money because they wouldn’t have a way of returning it. This taught me that even though you may not know someone, you should still be helpful and nice.

I walked an older lady’s dog when she needed help. She hurt herself and could barely walk and she needed help. She was really grateful that I saw and helped her. Helping people in need can change someone’s whole day.

Ty Hyder
I helped my grandparents put the groceries way when they got home from shopping. I wanted them to have a better day. They were happy and thankful, and it showed me how kindness can make somebody’s day.

I passed candy canes out to people in the school to be nice and brighten people’s day. They enjoyed it and were grateful. I felt really festive and happy that people enjoyed them.

I shoveled my grandparents’ driveway because I know that my grandpa has been hurting and I wanted to be nice. They were thankful.

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