Bentley Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors realize the impact of small acts of kindness

Bentley Middle School, coordinator Elizabeth Buckhold

Sarah Marshall
Blueberry Moment 7436
I went to my mom’s work to help her in her classroom. I did it because she works with special needs kids that are a handful to work with all day. So, I thought her classroom could use some help. My mom thought it was nice to have some help in her room and the teacher in her room liked it as well. Now, I know how hard it is to work in her room and that I need to be especially nice to her after work.

David Booth
All winter long, I thought hard of where I would want to help out at. I thought the soup kitchen, but then realized that they do get a lot of help there, already. Then, I thought about all of the people that help me out throughout the year. There are my neighbors, Mike and Pat. They are an older couple that are retired and are always trying to pay someone to help around their house. When I asked them, they were shocked because I didn’t even ask to be paid. I then asked them if there is ever anything else besides the small tasks, to let me know. Without them asking, I started picking up sticks for them in their yard that had fallen from a big wind storm. There is an older lady that lives next to Mike and Pat and she kind of reminds me of my grandma. I began to help out in her yard too. By the time I was done, I had helped out four neighbors. I also noticed I had started to get to know each of them. I have a very hard time getting out and talking to people because I am very shy. This Blueberry Ambassador program has got me out of my shell and get to know my neighborhood so much better. I know that I will be helping out my neighbors on a regular basis now. My principal and Mrs. Brockman are both people who have also helped me to come out of my shell. If it was not for the many people who have helped me, I would not be in the place that I am and would not get to see as many things in life.

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