Bentley Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors warm up people in need by donating winter hats

Bentley Middle School, coordinator Allison Frey

Ty Hyder                  
Blueberry Moment 11145
I helped my grandpa mow the lawn and rake leaves. I decided to do that because he was getting overheated when push mowing the yard. This made my grandpa really happy because I gave him time out of my day. He offered to pay me money but I refused. It showed that being nice can help people’s lives.

Blueberry Moment 11141
I shoveled my grandpa’s driveway when it was freezing cold. The reason I did this is because I didn’t think my grandparents should be outside shoveling when it is 10 degrees outside. When I arrived, my grandpa was surprised when I told him to go back inside. This experience impacted me because I was able to help and feel like a better human being.

Blueberry Moment 12399
I went to a homeless shelter and gave hats the homeless people. The reason I did this is because no one should have to freeze in this cold because of not having enough money. They reacted like they were given a million bucks. I felt like a better human being in this world.  

David Pines
Blueberry Moment 11144
When I was in math class, I saw a student struggling. Then I went over to help him because I want him not to fail math class. The student was surprised because I helped him. It made me feel good because now I know when someone needs help with math, I can help them.

Blueberry Moment 12397
I helped my teacher put up all the chairs after a choir concert. I did this so she wasn’t there all night. This event took place in the cafeteria. She was surprised when she saw me putting the chairs away. This made me feel good.

Blueberry Moment 12394
I gave a winter hat to a homeless man. I gave him one because he did not have one. I gave him hat when he was by the gas station. He was thankful for the hat and cried. That made me happy because I was able to help people.

Anna-Mae Smith
Blueberry Moment 11140
I helped my friend with her homework because I was done and she looked like she needed help. We were in math class. She said thank you and was happy because I helped her. I felt good that I was able to help her.

Blueberry Moment 12368
I helped an older lady with her groceries at Walmart. She looked like she needed help. She thanked me for helping her. I gave her a Blueberry Card. She was happy that I helped her.

Blueberry Moment 12395
I gave out winter hats to people who did not have hats and looked like they were cold. The people were happy because they were warm. When I gave my Blueberry Card to a man, along with the hat, he said, “Thank you and Merry Christmas.” Everybody that received a hat said, “Thank You.” I felt good that I was able to help so many people.

Fox Corthals
Blueberry Moment 12364
I’ve been taking care of my sister’s dog. Now, the dog is mine. I took care of the dog because my sister is never home. I am always playing with him. Even though my sister didn’t react that much, I am happy I get to spend time with the dog.

Blueberry Moment12367
I shoveled the driveway after a snow storm. I wanted to go outside. I was at my house. My parents said, “Thank You.” I am able to shovel better.

Blueberry Moment 12396
I gave winter hats away at a basketball game to people who did not have one. I did it to be nice. They were happy and I was happy because I could help others.

Sarah Marshall
Blueberry Moment 12365                                               
On November 4th, my church, St. John, held a Polish dinner in the hall. I volunteered to help work it with my mom. I gave my first Blueberry Card to Becky Beck, the young adult youth leader. I helped by serving water, collecting dinner tickets, and cleaning up tables when the guests finished their meals. We volunteered to work for four hours and fifteen minutes. I really liked working the dinner. Some people joked around with me when I collected their dinner tickets. It was a very fun experience for all the volunteers and guests.

Blueberry Moment 11142                                             
On November 10th, I went to my mom’s work to help in the classroom. She works at Durant Tuuri Mott. We started the day by taking chairs down and cleaning the tables. Then, we grabbed the kids breakfast. After that, we took half of the class to gym and music. We took them back to the classroom and they had a little bit of free time on the iPads. We then got their lunches. Then they watched educational videos on the projector. At the end of the day, I took some students down to the busses. I like to help at my mom’s work because I like working with children and helping my mom.

Blueberry Moment 12391
On November 15th I worked the Thanksgiving Dinner at my church. It’s for adults 50 and over. I worked for three hours. We served water and coffee. Katherine and I cleared tables, put decorations away, salt and pepper shakers, and sugar and creamers away. We also wiped the tables down.

Blueberry Moment 12372
For my fourth Blueberry Moment, I gave winter hats to the kids at my mom’s work. I wanted to give the hats to them because some of the kids don’t have hats or money to buy hats. They were happy they could be warmer in the morning. This was a good experience. I learned that I like doing good things for people who need it.

Marecca McFadden
Blueberry Moment 12366
I gave a Blueberry Card to one of my friends because I saw them doing something to help someone in the hallway by their locker. My friend read it and told me, “I’ll do it.” It impacted me because we can spread kindness together. I bet the card I gave my friend is spreading around the school.

Blueberry Moment 12302
I saw my friend Zakkary doing something helpful for another person. I decided to give him the card. I was in the hallway when I saw this happen. I told him about the card and he said, “Okay, I will do it.” it impacted me hard this time because if you have the power to make someone happy, then the world needs more of that.

Blueberry Moment 12392
When I received eight winter hats, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them. I decided to give the hats to the homeless because it is winter and very cold out. I was by the Rally’s in Downtown Flint. When I arrived, there was a lot of homeless people. I was afraid there went enough hats so I went and bought eight more. One lady I gave a hat to said, “Thank you so much, I am blessed with your kindness.” I felt happy I was doing the right thing by helping others in need.  

Haven Morrisey
Blueberry Moment 11143
Something good that I did was stay after the dance to help clean up. I decided to do that because there was a lot of garbage everywhere, and it’s my school and I want to make my school look nice. I was in the cafeteria of my school, Bentley Middle School. The eighth graders were thankful I helped them. This experience impacted me in a good way because I made other people happy, which made me feel happy.

Blueberry Moment 12301
A good thing I did was help shovel snow out of my driveway. I decided to do that because there was so much snow and it helped people get in and out of the driveway. I was at my house. My mom was really happy that I decided to do that for her. The experience impacted me in a good way because I felt happy that I got to help someone else out.

Blueberry Moment 12393
Something I did for my Blueberry Moment was give away free hats to people. I decided to do that because it was very cold outside and some people don’t have enough money to afford the types of things that would keep them warm. I gave them to homeless people I saw on the street and gave some to family members. The people I gave the hats to were very grateful and happy. This experience impacted me in a very good way because it made other people happy which made me happy. It also taught me that a kind action can go a long way.   

Mabrianna Wansley
Blueberry Moment 12363
My Blueberry moment was helping my mom rake leaves. I decided to do this because the leaves needed to be raked and also I needed to be helpful and the job to be done. This moment took place at my house. When my mom saw the leaves were not in the yard anymore, she was happy and surprised. This experience impacted me to becoming a better person. I would do anything in the world to make my mom or anyone else happy.

Blueberry Moment 12369 
Over the weekend, there was a big snowstorm. I offered to shovel snow with my brother. The reason I offered to do this was because the snow needed to be shoveled and I wanted to do it out of kindness. This event took place at my house. My mom and brother’s reaction was priceless. They were really happy. My brother was happy because he didn’t have to shovel by himself. This experience impacted me to want to go out of my way and do things for others. So if there is another snow storm, I would gladly shovel snow.

Blueberry Moment 12388
Over winter break, I gave out hats to homeless people. I decided to do this because it was really cold outside and they didn’t have any hats. I took them to the homeless people by Courtland Mall. When I gave the hat to the homeless person, they had a smile on their face which put one on mine too because I knew I just made that person’s day. This experience impacted me to want to help homeless people in other ways.

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