Blueberry Ambassadors show appreciation for community workers

Coordinator Kelly Potochny

Ella Taft

Blueberry Moment 6597
I went to the dollar store with my mom and we bought toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, crackers, water, toothpaste and washcloths. I put one in a zip lock bag. I made 20 bags. I leave all the bags in my mom’s car and when I see a homeless person, I give them a bag. Last Sunday after church I gave a bag to a man on the corner and he said, “Cool, thanks.” It made me feel great.

Blueberry Moment 6598
I went over and sat with my grandparents who are 89 and 95. I helped them get their lunch. I love to spend time with them.

Blueberry Moment 6599
I saw a man sitting by himself at a restaurant that I was at with my mom and dad. I asked my mom to help me pay for his meal with my money. He came over and said thank you. It made me feel really good to make someone smile.

Anna Brumley
Blueberry Moment 6594
On Feb. 13, I took valentines to all the patients at the nursing home my mom works at. And one of the patients was so happy to receive a valentine he kissed it! Also, I gave chocolates to the nurses and staff.

Blueberry Moment 6595
On Feb. 15, I made cookies that I took to the Fenton City Police Department. I just thought that would be a good way to say thank you.

Blueberry Moment 6596
On Feb. 28, I made fleece-tie baby blankets to take to the N.I.C.U. at Hurley

Hospital. The reason I did this is because I know that not all parents have what they need for their babies and because it is SUPER cold outside.

Emma Potochny
Blueberry Moment 6609
I baked some treats for the librarians at the Linden library. I wanted to do something nice for them because I appreciate how they help me. They help me find books when I am writing a report and when I just want to find something to read for fun. They were really excited when I gave it to them. They were already starting to think of how they could pay it forward. It made me feel really great.

Blueberry Moment 6610

I made some cookies and a card for the firefighters at the Argentine Fire Department. I took it to them to show them how much I appreciate how they risk their lives to help others. I even got to look around the fire station. It felt really good to be nice.

Blueberry Moment 6611
I was at my Girl’s Group meeting, where we do activities and eat dinner together. At dinner, my friend was sad because she just found out that she was allergic to gluten and so she couldn’t have the food there. I felt really bad for her so I decided to make some gluten free cookies for her. I bought the ingredients, but they didn’t turn out very good. We decided to go back to the store and find the ingredients to make gluten free cupcakes. They turned out much better. I surprised her by bringing them to her house. She was happy and I felt good inside.

Hannah Potochny
Blueberry Moment 6606
I made some cookies for our mail carrier. The people who deliver mail do so much, but are not often appreciated. I also made a card that thanked her for delivering our mail. The next day, I found a thank you card from her in our mailbox. It made me smile to think that I made someone really happy.

Blueberry Moment 6607
On Valentine’s Day, I took some bags that I had made up of hand sanitizers, pencils, stickers, tattoos, and other fun things to the pediatric unit at Genesys Hospital. The nurses were so happy that I brought them and I was able to hand some out. I felt so good when I handed them to the kids because I knew that I had made their day.

Blueberry Moment 6608
My aunt was having our family over for a game day. I wanted to help her so I called her the day before and asked if there was anything I could do or bring. She said that I could make a snack, so I made some brownies. She was really happy when I gave them to her. My uncle was excited because he likes to read the Blueberry Moments when they are in the newspaper and now he had a chance to pay it forward!       

Sara Burchart

Blueberry Moment 6588
I saw a giant Shopkin plushie at Michael’s and I asked my Mom if I could get it for my sister. When we got in the car I asked my sister if she wanted to know what I got her, I gave the Shopkin plushie and her face lit up. Her smile made my day.

Blueberry Moment 6589
We went into the coffee shop and got a coffee and I thought it was a good idea if I could get someone a free coffee so I asked the lady that was working what the most popular drink was and I paid for it, so the person who got that drink would have it for free. I felt so good about myself when I walked out of the coffee shop.

Blueberry Moment 6590
I went to the police station to give them cookies. My sister asked if she could help bring them in. When we walked in, there were three gentlemen there. They thanked me for bringing them cookies and we talked a little. All their smiles brightened my day.

Maggie Burchart
Blueberry Moments 6591 and 6592
I thought it would be a good idea to put money in the Redbox we rented. When I turned it in, I was thinking of who would get it and what their faces would be like.  I thought about it and I thought it was so cool I wanted to do it again. I did it again

and was thinking about how awesome it would be to receive the Redbox. It would make your day!

Blueberry Moment 6592
I asked my mom if we could get cookies for the basketball place to share. So we got cookies and I felt so good about doing a good deed — especially because all the kids liked them but didn’t know where they were from.

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