Blueberry Moments from West Bendle Elementary

West Bendle Elementary, coordinator Lisa Scalfani

Alisson McConnell

Blueberry Moment #4624: When I was talking to my dad about what to do with my Blueberry Moment, we decided to give a gift to someone I am not really close to and who does not get a lot of gifts. I looked at a couple of stores until I found the perfect gift and gave it to my classmate the day before Christmas break. The girl was really surprised and happy to get a gift. I felt a lot of joy for doing something for somebody and seeing the smile on their face.

Evan Earns

Blueberry Moment #1: It was exciting. It was Christmas Eve and I had gotten $20 from my uncle for Christmas. I saw a man at Speedway in an orange construction jacket, torn up jeans, and pushing a shopping cart full of all his stuff. I thought it would be nice to give my $20 to this homeless guy. That moment I thought I would give it to the man because he needed it more than I did. After I gave it to him, he said, “God Bless You. Thank you. Merry Christmas!” At home, Santa left me a note saying, “That was a very nice thing that you did yesterday Evan.” I felt awesome.

Blueberry Moment #4027: One day my friend who needs help because he can’t see or read well needed some help on some difficult work. I thought it would be nice to help him. So, I decided, “You know what, I will go help him out in the hall.” He liked it. He said, “Thank you, Evan, for helping me out in the hall,” and he gave me a high five.

Miguel Alfaro

Blueberry Moment #6971: I was at an after-school program. One of the teachers dropped her papers. I stopped and helped her pick them up. I felt good. She said thank you and asked my name.

Nikki Gunsell

Blueberry Moment #6961: I was at my cousin’s house and she needed help on her homework. Her mom, dad and sister were really busy. I helped her with her homework. She felt really happy and she understood it more when I explained it to her. I felt glad to help her because that was the only time that I could really help her. I don’t see her much, so I felt really glad helping her.

Hannah O’Conner

Blueberry Moment #6958: My family and I were visiting my grandma during Christmas break. When we got there, she had barely any food. We bought her food. When we were shopping, I felt happy that we could buy her food. My grandma didn’t even know that we went to the store to get her food. We walked in the door with the groceries and put all the food in her fridge and cabinets without her knowing. She was so surprised when she went to get something from her fridge she screamed and was really happy.

Raven Dery

Blueberry Moment #6952: I had a snow day from school. My grandma needed to go to the store. While she was gone, I watched my 5-year-old brother and 2-year-old sister for her. I put on the Lorax for them. When it was over, we played with my Pokemon cards. They really like Pokemon and they can only play with the cards if I am there, too. They were happy. My grandma said I really did a good job. I felt really happy because my grandma has to watch all three of us five days out of the week.

Alexis Ruffins

Blueberry Moment #6964: My grandpa has a hard time tying his shoes because it hurts his back. One afternoon, I tied his shoes for him. He said thank you. I felt happy that I did it because it was really nice. It’s nice to have my grandpa around and I’m glad I could help him out.

Kaydence Heit

Blueberry Moment #1: I have one brother and two sisters. Wednesday evening I gave my card to my mom because I helped her do the dishes, laundry and cook. I felt happy because she has to do all the work around the house and I helped. She was happy, too. She said thank you.

Maria Brown

Blueberry Moment #1: One day my mom and I went to a store in Flint. I saw an old lady shivering outside the store. My mom’s rule is that I have to stay in the car, or I could go inside as long as I stayed right by my mom’s side. I didn’t though. I had my money and I headed straight to the knitting aisle to get the stuff to sew something warm. I bought it, but the lady had left before I could give it to her. So, I waited and waited to give it to her. I ended up leaving it. When we went to the store the next day, I found a note that said, “Thank you.”

Morganna Johnston

Blueberry Moment #4636: My friend got glasses for the first time. She showed me her new glasses and told me she didn’t want to wear them because she was afraid that her crush would bully her. My friend asked me to ask her crush. When I asked him, he said he would bully her. But, when I told her I also told her that she shouldn’t worry about what other people say and she should only worry about what she thinks about herself. She said she did like her glasses when I asked, so I told her she should wear them. Now she wears them confidently in the classroom. I felt happy because I helped her to wear her glasses instead of thinking that people will bully her. When she did wear her glasses, no one bullied her.

Kristina Suchy

Blueberry Moment #6965: I was at home. My mom was doing a large cleanup of the house. She had to move the couches and vacuum the pine needles from our Christmas tree. I helped her with all the chores (vacuuming, moving furniture, doing dishes, etc.). My mom was a little surprised, because usually she has to do the whole thing by herself. I thought I needed to give her a break and I might as well help her while I can. She said thank you and that I was a good help. I felt pretty good that I could help her.

Blueberry Moment #6966: We just had two big snowstorms and we had a snow day from school. My sister and I like to go out on snow days and have snowball fights. We were walking by our neighbor’s driveway and we saw the neighbor’s car was stuck. We have a brand new shovel. My dad let us use it to help our neighbors dig their car out. It was tiring and I felt like sleeping afterwards, but I felt good that I could help people when they really do need it.

Calleigh Terry

Blueberry Moment #6956: I gave my Blueberry card to a classmate because I helped him with his work during Friday Fun. It was division. If I hadn’t have helped him I would’ve been playing. He said, “Thank you.” When he saw the card he was really excited. I felt happy that I gave it to him and helped him out.

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