Blueberry pancakes part of positive acts of kindness by ambassadors at Genesee Junior/Senior High

Genesee Junior/Senior High, coordinator Dinah Schaller

Allison Wing

The first Blueberry Moment is about helping my dad put up the Halloween decorations in my front yard. It was the day before Halloween when I helped him. I decided to help him because I thought it would be nice to work with my dad. I realized that the job went much faster when we worked together, it also felt good to help my dad and because of that I felt happy the rest of the day. I was really warm inside and I had a lot of fun.

My second Blueberry Moment was helping out at church in the family promise group.  The group is called family promise because my church helps five homeless families.  They stay in our church for a week and I volunteered to help by playing with their children. When I arrived at church, the kids ran up to me and hugged me, they kept saying thank you. I honestly almost cried, but I didn’t.  Right then and there I realized I am so grateful to help others. It felt nice because these kids do not get many chances to play with one another in a safe place. I was glad that I could help them feel safe.

My third random act of kindness (Blueberry Moment) was helping my mom cook dinner. I helped her prepare the meal by cutting up all the veggies and washing the dishes while she cooked the meat. I thought it was nice to help my mom because I love her and would do anything for her. My help also cut the time in half that it would have taken to make the dinner for the family.

Another Blueberry Moment happened when I was in Frankenmuth for my birthday. A little girl lost her bow and I helped her find it. She was thankful that I was able to find it for her. At the end of the search she gave me a big hug and was able to stop crying. I was glad that I could help her find what she had lost.

Helping my friend with her homework was another Blueberry Moment that I experienced. My friend did not understand the work and I thought if she didn’t understand it, maybe I could do something to help. She was relieved that I was able to explain the work to her and that she was able to complete the work and get a good grade. I like helping others, it warms my heart.

My last Blueberry Moment was when I helped a girl at Walmart.  She stopped us in an aisle to help her read something on a package.  I thought this was nice because, she couldn’t see it and she said she was trying to buy things made in the USA.

Austin Holtrey

When you know someone needs help and you help them but they don’t ask, that is a random act of kindness or a Blueberry Moment.  When I help someone it makes me feel good.

I am Austin and I am in the ninth-grader at Genesee Junior/Senior High School.  My teacher asked me to get her hand sanitizer from Mr. Scott our building custodian.  When I found Mr. Scott, he asked me to take a table down to a teacher, it was on my way so I said yes. It was a good feeling to help him when he needed help. Mr. Scott was very appreciative that I was able to make his day go a little smoother. I found that it is better to be helpful than hurtful to make your community and school a safe place to be. I love helping others; it is the best way to make a positive impact on others.

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