Carman Ainsworth Baker Career Academy Blueberry Ambassadors ‘give a little’ and encourage others to pass it on

Carman Ainsworth Baker Career Academy, coordinator Gabriella Bryant

Sarah Palmer
The first Blueberry Moment I did was give my friend some money. He wanted a pop out of the vending machine, but didn’t have enough for it. I gave him what he needed left and he got one. It made me feel good because someone else had done that for me earlier in that week.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I was on a bus going to Columbus, Ohio. It was a very small bus for a large group of people. There were a few people that didn’t want to share a one-person seat. Another girl and I sat together so the others could be comfortable. I know I would want someone else to do the same for me.

My church is doing a program called Operation Christmas Child. It sends shoeboxes full of gifts to other countries as Christmas gifts. It can range from a tooth brushes to stuffed animals and more. I’ve been working almost every day making things such as bracelets and key chains, and it makes me feel good that other kids with have them. 

Ollie Strouse
Blueberry Moment 15507
During March, some students needed to save up for their senior trip. I gave them $10 before I left the school. I felt good for helping them. The rest of the night I was proud of myself that I did something good for others. It may seem like a small amount of money compared to what they needed in total, but giving at least a little can go a long way.

Blueberry Moment 15505
In January, my very close friend needed help with her Spanish project. I stayed up as long as I could to help her. It took a while, but I helped her the best that I could. We both struggle with Spanish. By working together, she received a good grade on the project!

Blueberry Moment 15506
In November, a friend of mine lost her pencil bag. She started to worry as it contained all her stuff, so I stayed after school with her. I looked through her things while she searched around the school. Thankfully we ended up finding it! I made me feel good knowing that I was able to bring relief to a friend simply by giving up a bit of my time.

Ian McArthur
My mom and I were in the car and were driving down the road. Wesaw a homeless man sitting on the side of the road. My mom was looking around the console for spare change or a few dollars. I got out my wallet and grabbed out all the cash I had on me at the time, which was about $15 and handed it to my mom to give it to him. His face was super happy and surprised. It felt nice to do it.

During the winter, we had no school for about five Mondays in a row because of the snow. One of those days, I shoveled my neighbor’s driveway. He’s an older man, and I had nothing else to do at the time. I started shoveling and he walked outside and said to me that it wasn’t necessary, but I insisted, telling him I was happy to do it. He went back inside and had a shoveled driveway that night.

DeEsmond LewisAt my school, I wanted to do a Fun Day fundraiser. The purpose of this fundraiser is to give students a day to unwind from all of the school work they do. I thought of this fundraiser because my school is an accelerated-paced curriculum where students move through the curriculum twice as fast as a normal high school. In this fundraiser, the students have a choice to sign-up for a room. There are three rooms they can go to: the gym, the computer lab, and the movie room. We also give the students the option to buy a $5 combo deal. This combo consists of: two slices of pizza, a breadstick, chips, and a drink. Most students paid for the combo deal; however, there were some students who could not. Of those students, one of them said he could not pay because he did not have money to buy it at the time. This particular student is gentle-spirited, soft-spoken, and kind. I felt bad that he could not get the combo, so I paid for it without telling him. When it was time for the students to each, I told him that I paid for his food so he could eat. He gave me a smile and said, “Thank you!” I gave him a smile back and nodded my head. On the inside, I felt content with what I did. I could not stop smiling.

A friend of mine left my school last year. However, she decided to transfer back to my school the final three weeks of the marking period. She was in the hospital for about three months and was falling behind in her classes. She was one of my closest friends who I did not want to see fail because of an illness, so I told her that I will dedicate the rest of my time to helping her catch up in her grades before final exams. We sat together during class making a checklist of all the assignments she needs to do before the end of the quarter. I told her if she needed my help with anything, text me on my cell phone and I will help her to the best of my ability. The next day, I would check on her progress and revised the checklist. She was stressed from all the work she has do while continuing with current work in school. I responded by giving words of encouragement and told her that she will get through this. I kept working with her until the end of the quarter. When I asked her for her final grade, she said that she passed both of her classes. The compassion I showed for my friend and my dedication to helping her pass her classes really made me feel warm-hearted. Doing this random act of kindness reflected who I am as a person: I am someone who loves to dedicate my time to helping others achieve their goal.

I have been working at the Flint Public Library for a couple of months. During my time, I have encountered so many people who needed help with certain tasks such as printing, finding books, and scanning files. On this one particular day, I was sitting at my computer, and I saw a woman with her daughter, who was carrying a pink poster board, walking to a computer. The mother and I exchanged glances. From that moment, I knew that she wanted help. I walked over to them and gave a friendly greeting. The mother greeted back. Next, she asked if I could help her daughter with a Black History project that was due tomorrow. Her daughter’s project covered objects that were invented by African Americans. Her daughter procrastinated until the last day she could work on it. After the mother explained the situation, I decided to help her daughter with the project. I spent the next two hours giving the daughter ideas on what she could do, helping her gather information, and posting pictures and information on the poster board. While working on the project, I told them that if they wanted to print off pictures and information, they would need money because printing costs. However, the mother claimed that she did not bring any money to print off pages, so I decided to use some of my leftover change to print off everything that the daughter needed. Finally, we finished the project. Both the mother and daughter show great gratitude towards me. The mother said I was the kindest person she has meet and shook my hand. When the family left, I walked by the front desk and my co-worker said to me, “You are the nicest person; I would not have done that for them.” “This is just who I am,” I replied back with a smile, “I love to help others.”

CD DeBoer
First Baptist Church of Fenton held a Saturday workday, and I took that as a chance to be a Blueberry Ambassador. Several other people and I renovated the youth room by rearranging it, repainting the doors, and putting up more decor. I also helped by cleaning up cobwebs in the entry way and by scrubbing down and sanitizing the welcome center. It felt very good to know I was helping others and my church community by helping to keep the building tidy.

I’m a fairly popular student, so I’ve never really been short of friends or lunchtime companions. But just because I have no issues in that area doesn’t mean that others don’t have it. Several weeks into the school year, I realized that a popular clique had abandoned one of its own and she was sitting by herself. Since then, I’ve been occasionally inviting her over to sit with us. While she doesn’t always accept–she’s made it clear that she enjoys solitude, and I respect that–whenever she sits with us, we do our best to welcome her without making her uncomfortable, and when she chooses not to join us, we try to be kind in other ways.

Recently, a friend contacted me and admitted she hadn’t been doing very well. She’d had a few conflicts with her siblings as well as a lot of homework, and she was struggling to keep her grades up. I messaged back and forth with her for several hours, trying to encourage her and help her with her assignment, as well as find out exactly what was going wrong and figure out what I could do to help. I helped her develop several strategies for de-escalation when she and her brother were about to fight, as well as a new system of keeping track of assignments. So far, everything has been going much better, and we message several times a week to keep tabs on one another. She knows she can talk to me anytime about anything, and I feel very good about being able to help her.

Deanna Palmer
One of the things that I did was shovel my neighbor’s driveway. They are an older couple and usually they have one of their kids do it, but when I went outside, I saw that no one had done it yet. I wanted to help others out and I did. After I was done I went home and a few hours later they thanked my Dad and when he told them that it was not him, they were so very grateful. This made me even happier, and I was glad I helped out.

The second act of kindness I did was at the store when I was standing in line. I saw an older lady walking out. She was struggling to carry her stuff that she bought. I went over, helped her open the door, and asked to help her take her stuff to her car. She said yes, so I helped her and she was very happy.

The last act was when I assisted my school and walked students across Baker campus. I am honored that they trust me to help out in this way. One of the times I did this was when a girl had a tutoring appointment, but she did not know where to go. It was after school hours and I was leaving to go home and I heard that she didn’t know where to go. I took that chance and walked her over and showed her where to go. I loved that I could help out my community in this way. 

Chamari Lamar
I was at the store in line going to pay for my things and leave. There was a little boy buying some candy and things I knew were for his household since he had laundry detergent. The cashier had rung up his items, and he was a dollar and some cents short. I decided to pay the remaining amount because I didn’t know his situation or anything. I just wanted to help out. I felt good when I did it because the little boy was very grateful that he and his parents or guardians had gotten what they needed. I also felt good because I knew my money had gone to a good cause.

I had a lot of old clothing that was taking up space, and I didn’t really want them anymore. Most of them didn’t fit, and others weren’t really my style. I decided to give them to the Salvation Army, because I didn’t want to throw them in the garbage. That would be just a waste. I know there are people who really need them. It’s getting cold outside, and the unfortunate might not have the layers they need. It made me feel good because I know that the clothes are getting put into use instead of just sitting in my closet.

I had a lot of old books that I didn’t read, and they were taking up space. I decided to take them to the Salvation Army, because I wanted to give the less fortunate the chance to get enjoyment from the books I read. It made me feel good because I got rid of something that I know is getting put into good use.

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