Carman-Ainsworth Baker Career Academy Blueberry Ambassadors realize what being kind is all about

Carman-Ainsworth Baker Career Academy, coordinator Gabriella Bryant

Lena Lorenz
My first random act of kindness was Friday January 25th, when I went out to dinner with my friends, Emily and Taylor. We went to the Mega diner after Encounter at our church, and when were done, I picked up the check for all of us. 

My second act of Kindness was Friday February 8th, when I decided I wanted to show my appreciation for one of my friends, and send her a handwritten letter in the mail.

My final act of kindness, was on Monday March 4th, when I had gotten a pack of erasable pens. I knew how much one of my friends also wanted them, so I gave one to her.

Sarah Palmer
One of my Blueberry Moments was when I helped someone that was lost finding their way to class. I was walking down the hallway trying to get to my college class when a boy approached me and said he didn’t know where his classroom was. I was in a hurry to get to my class so I wouldn’t be late but I stopped and helped him. He was really grateful and thanked me. I was also happy that I was able to help him and I made it to my class on time too.

One other time, I was getting ready for lunch when a girl who had crutches asked me for my help to carry her stuff. I wanted to get to lunch but I just stopped and helped her. She wanted me to carry her backpack and books to another classroom. It was heavy but I wanted to help her because I know I’d want someone to help me out too. I helped her and she was really grateful and thanked me.

Blueberry Moment 18636
My first random act of kindness occurred during a walk to the store one afternoon. I went into the store noticing a homeless man sitting against the wall, but went into the store and bought the things I originally came for. While inside, I thought it would be nice to purchase him something to eat, so on my way out, I asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted a taco, but they did not have any, so I asked if he’d like a burrito instead, and he agreed. He was thankful. I went on my way with my groceries, and the feeling that I had done something good. These situations hardly take any time and promote positivity. 

Blueberry Moment 18637
My second act of kindness was fairly inconvenient on my part, but the sacrifice of my time was well worth it in the end. My friend owns a fluffy orange cat named Simba that we all loved and enjoyed the company of, but one day he decided to run away. I was in the area where my friend lived at the time, and was in the process of going inside another friend’s house when I heard the familiar meow and fluffy orangeness. I knew right away that it was Simba, so I took a picture and sent it to my friend. I had decided I was going to bring the cat back one way or another. Long story short, part of my night consisted of keeping Simba’s attention long enough to get it to follow me for the walk to my friend’s house. In the end, I was glad to get that fluff-ball back home, and my friend and Simba were both happy. (The cat ate a lot of food when he got back.)

Blueberry Moment 18638
My most recent act of kindness was a bit of a pain. My uncle, who is sort of a brother to me, was doing some shopping for his new girlfriend and her three kids. We went to a gas station to get all of the things we needed for dinner and some snacks, and when we were done we lugged it all to the counter. We were about to pay and finally leave when the cashier said they do not accept EBT, so that was an obstacle. I figured it would be much easier if I paid in cash, than go through the hassle of going to another store. So, I gave up my last twenty dollars and we went on our way. I was provided no reimbursement, but that’s what kindness is all about.

Tyshae Brady
Blueberry Moment 18648 
I attend Victory Biker Church with a woman named Regina. Her fiancé had been in a motorcycle accident and was recovering in the hospital, which caused her to become really sad and depressed to the point where she’d have to step out of church. She would not come back into the building until afterwards, but it was only to talk to the pastor. One day, I decided to walk up to Regina and give her a hug and tell her it will be okay and that her fiancé will be fine. After the hug, she started crying and telling me thank you and that she’s very happy that a young woman like me cared so much about her. I replied “I’m your friend. Of course I care about you.” 

Blueberry Moment 18649
A young girl at my church named Jenna was given my next Blueberry Card. She wanted to play her bible quiz game me and I couldn’t refuse. She needed help studying the quiz and wanted to make sure she had everything memorized. I asked, “Why do you want to learn and study this?” She replied “I want to be like my dad. He is so awesome and he’s always there for me, so I want to be there for him.” Her reply is wanted gave me the courage to give her a Blueberry Card. I wanted to help her achieve her goal and she gladly accepted it.

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