Carman-Ainsworth Dye Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors proud to share their acts of kindness

Carman-Ainsworth Dye Elementary, coordinator Aliza Grant

Dylan McNeal
My brother was taking the water bottles in the house and I helped him. I felt happy because I like to help my family. My brother felt happy too because he didn’t have to make multiple trips between the house and outside.

Blueberry Moment 10921
My brother gave my mom his spelling words and she was driving, so she couldn’t read them. So, I decided I would read them to him.

Alexia Banyand
Blueberry Moment 10952
My dad got into a bad car accident and had broken his jaw. He had to get it wired shut. My mom and I felt bad so, we went to get him soup and a milkshake at Panera. When we brought it to him he said it tasted like strawberry and banana yogurt. I was happy that I saw my dad and proud of myself for doing something nice for someone else.

Blueberry Moment 10953
My mom and I were riding down the street when we saw an older woman slip and fall. We stopped and helped her up. When we left, she seemed sad. We went to see her the next day just to make her smile.

Bennie White
I helped my mom clean the table off. I felt proud. My mom said thank you and she was happy.

I helped my little brother play the video game. I also helped my mom clean the table. I think it made my mom and brother feel really happy.

Ariyanah Holmes
Blueberry Moment 10951
This year I have a teacher who does not like dirt anywhere! So, a friend and I came in, but when we did, we said we didn’t want to go outside. So instead, we helped her clean. We were just going to sweep but then decided to pick up book bags and coats off of the floor. We also organized the bookshelf. She said we did a good job. Even though it wasn’t a really big thing, I was still proud.

Blueberry Moment 10949
At my 10th birthday party, a little boy was skating around and then he fell. This wasn’t a normal fall and he couldn’t get up. So, I went over there and tried to help him up. But it turned out, he had broken his ankle. So, my mom and the little boy told his mom. The little boy and his mom thanked me. They ended up reporting it to the ranger and they rewarded me with extra gifts and the little boy was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, I did not get to give him the Blueberry Card because I had none with me.

Keanna Lisha Gray
Blueberry Moment 10943
My sister, Kyndle is in kindergarten and she had to work on homework which was drawing a picture of her hopping, skipping and sidestepping. She said “Ke-Ke (which is my nickname), I don’t know how to draw a picture of me hopping.” I said, “Yes you do. How do you think I get good grades?” “By cheating?” she asked. “No! I pay attention and listen to my teacher.” And she then drew a beautiful picture of her skipping and hopping. I gave my sister a card and she asked what it was. I said, “Since I did something nice for you, you have to do something nice for someone else.” She brought an apple to her teacher.

Blueberry Moment 10944
A couple weeks ago, my mom and I were driving and we saw this homeless man on the sidewalk and he had a piece of cardboard that said, ‘I will work for money!’ I always feel sad when I see a homeless person and all I had was two dollars. I was going to spend the money at Santa’s Workshop, but I decided to give it to the homeless man. He was so thankful!

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