Carman Ainsworth High School Blueberry Ambassadors demonstrate kindness through acceptance

Carman-Ainsworth High School EFA, coordinator Carrie Mattern

Empathy for All decided to host a reading of “I am Jazz” as a part of a national campaign to be more inclusive and honor our transgender population. We asked an alum member to come and read us the story, then he gave us his talk on why he prefers the pronoun he and a different name than his birth name. It was a gesture of gratitude on both accounts. We learned a lot about kindness and being allies for all members of our population.

EFA also decided to support one another’s projects. One member, Ashton Brown, sent an email to all staff asking for a letter or note to put in a gift box for our alumni who serve in the military. Because these former students cannot be home for the holidays, she wanted them to feel comfort and have a piece of MI sent to them.

Finally EFA decided to hang “Take What You Need” signs in the hallways at school. On the back of each “tag” that you tear off, you can find the suicide hotline number to call or the number to text if you prefer to communicate that way. It is our way of allowing students a voice even if they feel helpless.

Byain Gmannoum
It was a windy day, and it was a Thursday, pick up day for the trash in my neighborhood. My family and I were going out. While my dad was getting ready, I noticed the trash can of my neighbor was knocked over, so I went and picked it up. The trash can was in the way of a driveway, so I thought it would be nice to pick it up for them.

I was in an Empathy for All meeting and me and my club members were thinking of acts of kindness for our group to complete. I came up with a few ideas like to put sticky notes on all the lockers with positive sayings on them. We thought we should start small, so I suggested a poster that says something like, “Leave a Compliment” where students can share in positivity toward one another. We can also do it on a teacher’s door as a surprise for the teacher.

In one of my classes, we were having a big test over five chapters. I thought I could help with studying. There were a lot of dates and people in the chapters, so I created a timeline for the class to use, so it is easier to study.

Hannah Burgess
In my first hour, one of my classmate’s mother passed away. So, my teacher had an idea to have everyone in the class sign a card. She brought in the card and I started to pass the card around. We gave the card to him when he returned to school.

My little brother goes to a GISD school and I went to read to his class. With the weeks leading up to me coming all his classmates where asking their teacher when is his sister coming to read to us. The class was so nice and they had so much fun when I came to read to them.

After school, I attend a club called the Breakfast Club. We are a club that meets for the people in the school who don’t fit in with the popular people in the school; we watch anime, YouTube, play video games, share our fine art, and I brought up random acts of kindness to the club. The club sponsor teacher emailed all the teachers in the school and asked them to email her back the students who are quiet in class and who aren’t in the Breakfast Club. We pack snack bags with post-it notes and we put snacks in the snack bags. We put believe in yourself and highlight the ‘be you’ and when we pulled the student out of the class we said, we see you.

Euni-Cha Henderson
I decided to give Mr. Klee a Christmas present. Mr. Klee does so much for the students at CAHS and I don’t think many people acknowledge him for the things he does. He is announcing every home game of football and basketball, some swim meets and some other sports, he organizes pep rallies, sets up for Spirit Cup, and always is here. So, I made him a snow globe for Christmas and I really hope he likes it.

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