Carman-Ainsworth High School Blueberry Ambassadors show support for neighboring school district

Carman-Ainsworth High School, coordinator Carrie Mattern

Kailynn Bates

Blueberry Moment 9745

In the check-out line, a young cashier asked me if I would like to give a dollar to the homeless children in America and I had only a five dollar bill on me. So, I gave her the whole five with a card. She read the card while proceeding with my checkout. She said “Oh wow that’s neat. I really like that,” and I smiled and told her to have a wonderful night.

Blueberry Moment 9746
I was sitting in a random desk in the hallway during lunch time, waiting for the bell to ring so I could go to my next hour and a teacher I’ve never had was walking over and she said, “I need that desk back hun.” She was carrying a lot of stuff so I told her I could take the desk back and she was very grateful. She wanted to give me a C-A Rocks slip but I didn’t want it because I didn’t ever need to use them. I thanked her for it. The bell rang and I went to my next class.

Hannah Burgess
Blueberry Moment 9748
I wrote a letter to my grandma and grandpa Larry saying thank you for what they have done for me and others in my family. Inside the card, I put a $25 gift card to Logan’s for them and only them to go because they get no alone time. I folded the piece of paper glued to the card and put the Blueberry Card inside. At the end of the letter I said, “Enjoy!”

Teacher Carrie Mattern
A friend of mine has a daughter who tried out for softball and made the team. The problem was all the costs associated with a new sport. Since I played in college, I got my old equipment bag out of the garage and found fairly new Adidas cleats. Each year we received a new pair so they were in good condition. I gave them to my friend for her child and said Have a great season but pass on the random act of kindness when you can!

In line at the gas station, I noticed a child buying bread and milk…and sour patch kids. He did not have enough money and he really wanted the candy. I went up to the clerk and asked how much he still owed. The boy was so grateful that I bought his entire order and told him to keep the money to pay it forward to someone else. The clerk was touched and told me that the child comes in every other day for his mom. He said the boy was the nicest kid in own. It felt good to help a child in need. And I know he enjoyed those sour patch kids!

Allie Conley
I made a sign for the students and staff at Grand Blanc high school since they lost a beloved staff member, Mr. Carmody. It was a banner that everyone in my school could sign to send condolences. We signed it at the spirit cup Friday morning, and it was also at all three lunches for kids to write a message of sympathy. We feel terrible for the students and staff here that are dealing with the loss of such an important influence. My teacher is taking the banner over to them after school so they will have it when the students get back after spring break.

Ashton Brown
Last year I made a memory box for students at Bendle and this year I am making one for the Carmody family of Grand Blanc. I am printing all the comments and pictures from social media in the last few days that I have seen posted by Grand Blanc students and staff, and putting them into a nice keepsake jar for Mr. Carmody’s family. That way, when they want to remember how loved he was by the community of Grand Blanc, and how many lives he reached, they can grab one of the memories out of the jar to look at or read. This may not ease their pain but I think I would be nice if someone did that for me if I lost a family member or dear friend.

The highlight of high school would probably be the career fair! I spent mine setting up the booth for Microbiology but while I walked to the gym, one of the people who came to speak for Mott was carrying her box of the giveaway items she had. She was struggling and kept having to rebalance it; I couldn’t not offer help. I grabbed it, and we kept it moving. She did nothing but thank me like it was the kindest thing someone had done, when I was only carrying a box! She said “It really is all about the little things.”

Around Thanksgiving, I was in Alabama. I went to this place called the Fish Creel and it was in probably the smallest town I’ve ever been to. There were so many people there eating and seemed so content with their day!! I went to the worker at the register and asked who hadn’t paid for their order yet. Her response was that nearly everyone there still had to pay. I explained that I wanted to pay for someone’s meal and told her to just randomly pick a meal ticket for me to pay for; she then grabbed the ticket of the two ladies in the back in a deep conversation and said that the lady on the far end had just lost her mom. I paid, left a note that read, “Somebody loves you,” and also bought her dessert before I left.

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