Carman Ainsworth Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors find the reward in showing appreciation

Carman Ainsworth Middle School, coordinator Kim Butler

Bryce Burrill
My first good deed that I did was buy my friend some shoes. He is never able to get nice things and lots of the kids that go to our school are lucky and get to have nice things. So I decided it would be nice to not buy for myself but buy for my friend. What I did was I bought my friend $120 shoes with my money that I saved up for over six months. Now he can walk around school with style and play basketball with nice shoes.

My second good deed was when I paid for my friend’s basketball league fee, which was $65. This made me feel very good because now he can do what he loves to do and not have to worry about not having heat in his house or the electricity. I am very thankful to be able to help a friend out and be happy about it.

My third good deed was when I gave one my friends all of my clothes that do not fit me anymore. The reason I did this is because he has lived a very hard life. He does not have any nice clothes, so I gave him lots of nice clothes. He wore some of the clothes the next day to the mall and to see him strut and have style made me happy.

Noran Ghannonoum
Blueberry Moment 15610
I sent a letter to a solider, Ben Strickler. I wrote how much I loved the way he keeps fighting for America and protecting us. I asked him if he could write back to me. Hopefully he does. I was a little nervous when I sent it because I didn’t know if he would write back. But, I knew that I did a good thing for him to feel important.

Blueberry Moment 15612
I gave the sixth graders at my school a speech about kindness and differences. I was a little nervous for my first speech, but after that I was able to get a little better. The meaning behind the speech was strong. My meaning was that no matter what someone looks like or where they come from, they should be treated the same. I think that the sixth graders got what I was trying to tell them. I hope they did!

Celia Peters
One of my Blueberry Moments began when a friend of mine mentioned that they were having trouble with long multiplication. At a sixth grade level, if you don’t know this skill, it’s quite hard to work out math problems, so I decided to talk to them and see if I could help. In the end, I drew up a series of steps depicting the “turtle head” method of multiplication, an easier way to do problems, which I learned in fourth grade. I gave the diagram to my friend after losing, redrawing, and forgetting about said diagram several times. As with most acts of kindness, knowing I had helped a friend gave me a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. I look forward to future acts of kindness, for what is an act of kindness but making the world a better place on bit at a time?

One of my Blueberry Moments started when I began saying, “Thank you,” and, “Have a Great day,” to the lunch ladies and realized how often they were ignored, even though they work hard every day. This gave me an idea of making a giant card for all of the lunch ladies. At home, I cut out hearts, typed a poem, and glued them all to the poster board card. At school, I asked my classmates in my first hour, second and third hour classes to sign it. When I brought the card into lunch, the lunch ladies seemed so happy. The joy on their faces warmed my heart. I hope that they are recognized for their hard work more often.

One of my Blueberry Moments began in art class, where we (my classmates and I) were working on a color wheel. For the project, we had to cut a circle in to twelve pieces, and as you can imagine, it’s quite hard to keep track of all twelve pieces. To help us keep track of the pieces, the art teacher was going to give us all paper clips. I had to ask the teacher a question, and as I waited by her desk, the box of paper clips spilled on the floor. In an instant, a classmate and I were stooping to pick them up. Afterward, I felt happy that I had helped, even in a small way. Even a small act of kindness, preplanned or not, can make the world a better place.

Katie Kenworthy
Blueberry Moment 10352
I was finished with my work in Science class, so I asked my teacher if he wanted me to do anything. He had a lot of work, so he gave me papers to grade for him, so that he had less work to do.

Blueberry Moment 10351
My mom and I were driving in our neighborhood. I saw a lady who was trying to dig out her car that was stuck. I got out and shoveled her out. Later that night, while she was gone, my brother and I shoveled out her whole driveway so she wouldn’t get stuck anymore.

Jillian G.
Walking by the small toy machines in Meijer, I couldn’t help but think what a good way to use my Blueberry Ambassador Card. I decided I would put my plan into action. I filled a few machines with my handful of quarters. The Blueberry Ambassador Card was set up neatly on the ledge of the toy machines. I hope somebody’s day was made because of me and my actions.

Me and my mom went to the laundromat for quite some time and when I was there, I realized some people might not have enough money for even the laundromat. So, I took some quarters with me in ziplock bags with messages such as- “It’s your lucky day!!!” written on them. I put them on the change machines for those who needed them, and sure enough, the first two were gone in a matter of minutes. With one bag left, a lady went up to get her change and she realized what they were. She saw me put them up there, and turned, started walking in my direction. By the time I realized she was headed for me, she had already wrapped her arms around me. It was then that I realized how big a difference those small acts of kindness made.

It was a cold winter and a bad time for those who didn’t have a home. What can I do? I thought. We went to the dollar store to pick up a few things and when we walked by the hats, scarves, gloves I realized that those could help those in need. We grabbed a few handfuls of winter wear and a few paper bags. A few days later, after school, we stopped by My Brother’s Keeper with the items. We were met by a friendly woman who gladly took the bags and asked about the Blueberry Ambassadors. I do hope that those bags made someone’s day and helped even a little bit.

It was during Halloween and there was a kid in a pirate costume and a younger kid in a dinosaur costume. The older child was trying to take the younger child’s candy bag, so I told the older kid to leave him alone and then I gave the other kid a Blueberry Card as I walked him to his home.

It was around Christmas and my family was putting up the tree and that year I was supposed to decorate the tree, but my sister loves to decorate the tree, so I let her do it instead. I grabbed my Blueberry Card and gave it to her.

It was near Thanksgiving and me and my mom were going shopping for supplies and as we were in the checkout, a lady before us was just paying for her things and the man at checkout said that the lady didn’t have enough money. So, my mom and I gave her the amount that she needed and I gave her my Blueberry Card and she said thank you and left with a smile.

I walked into McDonald’s with my Blueberry Card and a McDonald’s gift card. I went up to a lady that was filling up her cup. I told her about the Blueberry Ambassadors program. When I was finished, I handed her the Blueberry Card. She was very grateful for the card and thanked me.

I walked into Meijer with about three dollars worth of pennies in my pocket. There were two little kids sitting on the bench next to the mechanical horse, Sandy. I set all of the pennies on the base of the horse. One of the little kids stood up and beamed. The other one took off toward Sandy. I saw one of them grab the card and read it. It made me feel good to make those kids feel good.

It was bitterly cold and some people didn’t have anything but the clothes on their back. That had to change. We walked into My Brother’s Keeper with about 15 bags that were filled with gloves and hats. There was a lady standing in the office. She came out when she saw us. We explained the Blueberry Ambassadors program. She was very excited about our donations. We took a picture and left.

Khyonna Wright
Blueberry Moment 15608
I helped my friend Morgan get her notes back and complimented her handwriting. My teacher was looking for the owner of a no name paper with notes that are going to be important for our next assignment. When she mentioned that the penmanship was nice, I suggested it was Morgan’s who was distracted writing for another assignment, because I knew her handwriting is beautiful. It turns out that it was hers so I was happy she got it back.

Blueberry Moment 15609
My mom texted and asked my brother to shovel the driveway because she was coming home soon and she didn’t want to get stuck. He reluctantly did what he was told. He got dressed and went outside to shovel. He had already been out there for about 10 minutes, so I thought that it would be unfair if only he has to do it and I got ready to help him. The driveway had more ice than expected so it took about 20 minutes total for the first half of the driveway. My brother started complaining about how cold his fingers were because he forgot his gloves. Because I wasn’t out there as long as he was, and even though my fingers were cold too, I still gave him my gloves. Eventually a neighbor came around and offered to do the other half with his snow plow for us. We accepted the offer and thanked him for his generosity.

Blueberry Moment 15603
One early morning, I was walking from my bus into school. Since I was hungry, I decided to get breakfast served in the cafeteria. Once I got there, I glanced at the usual line of students waiting to punch in their lunch numbers so they can go sit and enjoy their breakfast. On this particular day, I just happened to actually look at the lunch ladies serving breakfast. I try to greet them every morning with a smile and a hello and unfortunately, its become so routine that I don’t actually acknowledge their presence. Sometimes I forget to even say a simple hello. While I was waiting to punch in my number, I watched what each student did before they left the line. Sadly, the majority of them grabbed their breakfast, typed in their number, and just left without even saying thank you to the ladies. They are the ones who prepare the meals while all of the students are at school everyday and no one even gives them a second thought. It was right then and there that I decided I was going to get to know them and thank them for everything they do for us. So, I grabbed my breakfast, smiled my biggest smile and told the lunch lady serving good morning. At first, I don’t think she realized I was talking to her but after a few seconds, she noticed and said it back with such a bright smile. I decided I wanted to learn her name so I asked, “Excuse me, I’m Khyonna, what’s your name?” She replied, ” You can call me Connie. Its short for Constance.” I answered back, “Really? That’s such a pretty name,” until I realized I was holding up the line and said, “Nice to meet you Miss Connie! See you at lunch!” The lady at the register greeted me and I thanked her. That was a pretty amazing start to my day. At lunch time, I once again enter the lunch line with the same lunch ladies. Since lunch is more crowded, even less kids recognized the lunch ladies. I couldn’t believe I didn’t hear one thank you. When I sotted Miss Connie, I could tell that she was tired and it was my mission to make her smile again, so I smiled brightly and said, “Hello Miss Connie!” She saw me and smiled as she continued her work. I waved goodbye as I walked away from her to type in my lunch number. I thanked the lady at the register and she smiles too which is an awesome bonus. A few weeks into these types of mornings and lunch times, winter break came up quicker than expected. I woke up one morning during break and saw the Blueberry Cards. I got an idea! I wrote a letter addressed to each lunch lady thanking them for being such amazing people. I wanted them to feel appreciated and loved because they are even if people don’t show it. I made sure the letter demonstrated my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of them. When I finished writing them, I started to put them into envelopes and my mom asked me what I was doing. When I told her she offered to make them goody bags filled with products for the business she works for and give them as a gift. I was so happy to do this for the lunch ladies and make them feel appreciated.

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