Carman-Ainsworth Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors learn the true comfort random acts of kindness can provide

Carman-Ainsworth Middle School, coordinator Kim Butler

Celia Peters
Blueberry Moment 18805
My first Blueberry Moment took place at a restaurant. We had just finished eating dinner and were preparing to leave. Our plates, now clear of food, were set around the table. When a waitress walked by balancing a stack of plates, it gave me an idea. Within a few seconds, I had stacked the plates and cups. Fishing around in my pocket for a card, I came across a five-dollar bill. Handing the money and card to my mom, I asked her to place them with the tip. Later, when thinking about this Blueberry Moment, I was filled with happiness at the idea I might have made someone else’s day just a little bit easier. There is a feeling that comes with being kind, a certain happiness and pride. This feeling can only come from making others happy. I urge you to be kind because of this, if for no other reason. 

Blueberry Moment 18804
My second Blueberry Moment was a simple one. After going on a trip recently, my brother and I were walking through the airport with my parents. I was feeling briefly airsick, so my dad carried my large bag for me. After a few minutes, I was feeling better, so I took back the bag. My younger brother had a large bag of the same size, but refused any help. Quietly, I picked up his smaller bag in addition to my own, and when this received no negative reaction, I carried it the whole way to the car. When we got into the car, I placed the Blueberry Card in his backpack. He still hasn’t noticed its presence. This Blueberry Moment made me think about the importance of quiet kindness. Such acts receive no gratitude, no reward except your own, demand no attention.

Joscelin Dutcher
Blueberry Moment 9600016I noticed that one of my best friends was having a really bad day. So, I went to see what was wrong. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me nothing. Although, when I looked down at her paper, I noticed she got an E on her math homework. We’re in advanced math, so it was harder for her. “Do you need some help with your work?” I asked. She thought for a second for saying yes. By the end of the marking period, she had grades that were almost better than mine.

Blueberry Moment 9600017
My mom was just now getting back to work from a break, and she was really stressed. With five kids to take care of during the day and a new job from 9pm-3am. She wasn’t getting much sleep. One day, when she was particularly stressed, I did the dishes and cleaned up the babies toys, without her asking.

Blueberry Moment 9600018
My sister wasn’t feeling very well, so I got up before her and made her breakfast.

Marquisha Finley
So my mom and I are at McDonalds and we get some fries and then we drive back to my house. On the way back, there is a poor man holding up a sign! I didn’t care what the sign said, I asked my mom to pull over and I gave him my fries, then she gave him $5, “Merry Christmas,” I said. I just felt good to do something good around this time of the year. “God bless you,” he replied. Then we drove off. That impacted on my heart good, like the time of year just made it feel better.

Blueberry Moment 20094
Today I had a doctor’s appointment. I had to get shots and so did my three year old baby brother. I knew my baby brother was going to freak if he saw me screaming as I got mine, so I had to stay calm just for him. I got it over with, now it was his turn. He looked at the needle and didn’t want the shot. I held his hand and told him it was going to be ok. He still cried, but I held him and said, “You’re very brave!” I think he didn’t understand what I said but I’m just happy that I gave him comfort. The experience impacted me by letting me know that I can really comfort someone and have sympathy. Just another random act of kindness.

Blueberry Moment 20087
Today a boy in my fourth hour, a boy named Justin, asked if he could borrow a pencil. I replied, “Yes.” He smiled as I handed him the pencil, and that made me smile. He was able to do his work and get a good grade. I thought in my head, wow, if I hadn’t given him a pencil.

Jacob Kenworthy
We were at Ford Field for the marching band finals. I decided to buy my entire band section candy and pretzels.

It was boy scout activity night, and I helped out with the activities and projects going on.

Juan Rodriguez
Blueberry Moment 16096
Another student didn’t have a notebook, so I gave him one. He was so happy and that made me happy. In fact, one of the pages in the book is this one.

Blueberry Moment 16097
I helped a teacher clean up a huge mess of papers. When I finished she smiled and said thank you.

Blueberry Moment 16095
I helped another student with math when they were struggling. After I showed him how to do the problem he smiled and said thank you.

Mohammed Al-Wajeh
Have you ever seen a girl trip and drop all of her stuff? When I was walking in the hallway, I saw a girl trip and drop all of her stuff. People were walking past the girl and wouldn’t help. So, then I went to the girl and helped her pick up all of her stuff.

One day we had a fire drill in our school. We were getting ready to leave to go outside. So, while we were walking to go outside, I saw no one was holding the door for anyone. So, then I went and held the door for everyone. When we came back in, someone else was holding the door for others, so I went up to him and said thank you.

It was the end of the day. In my sixth hour I was going to ask him a question, but he was busy putting the chairs on top of the desks. So, I went to help him and ask him a question. I helped him with all the chairs. So, when we were done, he gave me a blue slip and I got to ask him my question.

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