Carman-Ainsworth Rankin Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors bring smiles to Genesee County

Carman-Ainsworth Rankin Elementary, coordinator Megan Vicari

Blueberry Moment 7294
I helped my dad rake leaves and put them in bags for about an hour. We ran out of bags, so we went to the store, bought ten more gigantic bags and got back to work.

Blueberry Moment 7291
On Saturday I went to a store and donated clothes and toys because the clothes were too small and we didn’t use the toys anymore. I felt happy that I could help someone else. 

Blueberry Moment 7273
I participated in the Fenton Moose Polar Plunge. I raised $400, and I jumped in an ice water lake. I did it all for my Uncle Eddie and all people with disabilities. I won the youngest plunger award. That is my big Blueberry Moment!

Blueberry Moment 7289
When we were headed to the store, I saw an elderly man who couldn’t go down the curb. There were a whole bunch of cars, so I pushed the button on the pole so he could cross. He said thank you. 

Blueberry Moment 7267
I helped my mom make beef stroganoff. I stirred the noodles and rinsed the dishes. I didn’t get to do a lot because there was a lot of cutting and getting the right amount of seasoning. 

Blueberry Moment 7269
At the end of the day I offered to help Mrs. D shut down all of the computers in the lab.

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