Carman-Ainsworth Rankin Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors make others’ days brighter through small acts of kindness

Carman-Ainsworth Rankin Elementary, coordinator Heather Slivka

J-Da Croskey
Blueberry Moment 15879
I helped Mrs. Rice, my teacher, with cleaning up the room.

Blueberry Moment 14867
I helped the lunch ladies clean up the lunchroom after the students had left the lunchroom.

Blueberry Moment 14866
I helped Mrs. Marchand with her kindergarten students.

Jordan Northrup
Blueberry Moment 13265
My mom was so stressed because of my dogs following her. So, to make her feel better, I wiped off her car before she went to work. I made her lunch after that. She looked a little happier.

Jake Mattson
Blueberry Moment 15884
I helped my mom move the furniture because she needed help.

Blueberry Moment 15885
I helped my dad clean the garage.

Blueberry Moment 15886
I served people at the homeless shelter.

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