Carman-Ainsworth Rankin Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors perform good deeds – big and small

Carman-Ainsworth Rankin Elementary, coordinator Heather Slivka

Naudia Taylor
Blueberry Moment 16169
One day, my mom told me she was joining this thing called The Angel Tree. She asked me if I wanted to help her and I said yes. We got a girl named Hailey; she was eight years old. We shopped for Hailey for a week straight. After, we wrapped the presents. I gave my mom my Blueberry Card and she turned it in with the presents.

Blueberry Moment 16170
My mom and dad were in the kitchen talking and cooking dinner, so I decided to surprise them. I went to my parent’s room and cleaned it up. When I was done, I brought them in and handed them my Blueberry Card.

Blueberry Moment 16171
I donated a few books to the community library box at Woodland Academy. I slipped my Blueberry Card in the pocket at the back of the book, so whoever borrows the book finds it.

David Estes
Blueberry Moment 16105
One act of kindness that I’ve done is to donate to charity and I donated food to the homeless shelter and I was inspired by youtubers that donate a lot.

Blueberry Moment 16106
My second act of kindness was holding doors for strangers and using my manners.

Blueberry Moment 16107
The third act of kindness was donating clothes, books, shoes, backpacks and toys to charity.

Autumn Marchlowski
Blueberry Moment 16120
A month ago, I had these shoes that did not fit anymore so I donated them to people who needed them.

Blueberry Moment 16121
Yesterday, I helped somebody up because she fell down at recess.

Blueberry Moment 16122
A week ago, my cousin tripped over the sidewalk, so I took her home and took care of her knee.

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