Clio Edgerton Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors collect blankets to donate to people in need

Clio Edgerton Elementary, coordinator Michelle Shmidt

Areya Gatica
Blueberry Moment 20533I gave my Blueberry Card to a homeless person in need. Boy, did I feel good when I did, just knowing that could have made some homeless person’s day! It touches my heart just knowing that there is a homeless person who had a smile on their face. Just take a second to imagine if you had something terrible happen in your life that led you to having no home. It is just so sad that there are people out in the world that have no home. It really puts a smile on my face that I gave a homeless person a Blueberry Card. I hope that the homeless person also has a smile on their face to. 

Blueberry Moment 19871
One cold winter day, I saw a guy who was shivering and cold. He was outside ringing a bell to raise money for the Salvation Army. I just thought that was so kind and thoughtful. I decided it would probably make his day if I gave him a Blueberry Card. Before I gave him the card I went inside of Walmart to grab a cake pop and some hot chocolate. As soon as he saw me walk over to him he had a BIG smile on his face. He was so grateful. He was grateful enough to give me $0.25 out of his bucket. I know it’s not a lot but at least it’s something. It made me SO happy to spread a chain of kindness. I hope he start’s a big chain of kindness to. 

Owen Sirianni
Blueberry Moment 198689
One morning, a friend fell down and spilled his cereal and everyone was staring at him. I got up and grabbed the dust pan and helped him pick it up. 

Blueberry Moment 16533
I gave my Blueberry Card to the homeless after giving them blankets. I hope someone is warm, healthy, blessed and have food. 

Blueberry Moment 20540
I went to my grandparent’s house and my grandpa just had surgery. I helped my grandpa and grandma out by clearing the dishes from the table after dinner. Before dinner, I brought my grandparents their dinner. 

Lydia Brookins
Blueberry Moment 19889One day, when I was getting off of the bus I looked at a kindergartener who was making a plane with paper. He ripped it so I had some paper in my bag and gave it to him and some candy. 

Blueberry Moment 19896
We gave some blankets to the homeless so they are warm in the cold and to sit on the rocks and that makes me feel good for helping the homeless.

Blueberry Moment 20520
I went to Tim Horton’s. I got hot cocoa. My mom paid. She had $18-$20 left so I said can we pay for the next people. So, we did. I was so happy. They are happy too. I think they will give a tip to the person at the window. 

Charlotte Rinks
Blueberry Moment 19866I am going to give my Blueberry Card to a homeless person with some warm blankets. I think they are going to love it and be surprised. They are going to be happy and excited. They will love the blankets that they will get. 

Blueberry Moment 19895
What I did was went to McDonald’s and paid for the person behind us. I felt really good and happy. I think they will pay for someone who does not have enough money to pay for food or cloths or something else. I bet they will feel the same feeling I did! 

JJ Roark
Blueberry Moment 19873I am helping the homeless not by myself but with others. People think other little kids can’t make a difference but united we can.

Blueberry Moment 16537
I paid for someone’s meal at McDonald’s. I felt really good. My mind was good and I will never stop. In fact, I just helped someone. They felt good and they might have paid it forward. 

Maddix Besaw
Blueberry Moment 19063
I gave Mrs. Kellie blankets for the homeless. Hopefully someone will want one. The blanket hopefully will be soft and warm. If they have a dog hopefully it will be warm too. 

Sydney Paris
Blueberry Moment 19897
Today, a kid in my class fell and I helped him up and gave him a snack and he turned his frown upside down. The next day a lot of stuff fell out of his desk and I put it back in nice and neat and that’s my Blueberry Moment!

Blueberry Moment 19894
I was hungry so me and my mom went to Taco Bell and we moved up to pay but then we paid for the person behind us. The guy was like “Ok?” But I felt so HAPPY! So, we paid for the person behind us.

Addison Themm
Blueberry Moment 19862
I was walking down the street and I saw a homeless person so I decided to talk to him to make him feel happy. Before I left, I gave him the Blueberry Card because I happened to have it on me and I have him some money. 

Blueberry Moment 20524I was in Subway and I saw an unhappy worker so when I got to the cashier I gave her the Blueberry Card and she said, “I will!” Then I said, “Now I’ve done my job!”

Daniel Benjamin
Blueberry Moment 20522
At a Christmas Party, I helped someone that worked there. It made me feel great. I helped with the garbage. I talked to her. I also did more. It was a blast to help. Now she might do something nice for someone else. She might help someone with something now. Like it will be a chain reaction. Who knows, when it will end? It goes on and on, more kindness in the world, more nice people and less mean people. 

Rielle Spens
Blueberry Moment 16532
I gave my Blueberry Card to someone that helps homeless people. It made me feel happy that she was going to give my card to one of the homeless.

Blueberry Moment 20521
I gave my Blueberry Card to my daycare teacher with Starburst as a gift. I felt happy and excited. I think my teacher will give the card to a different teacher or student, friend, or family member or a random person. 

Zoey Hanson
Blueberry Moment 19882In the morning at 8:45, I was at school and I thought that our janitor, Mr. John could use some chocolate and a card saying thank you for cleaning up all our messes. Also, that he is a great person. So, the next day I bought him two huge Hershey’s with my own money and made him a homemade card. When I saw Mr. John see what I gave him, I felt so good in my heart. I was so happy that he liked it.

Blueberry Moment 20547
One day after going to Cranberry Park Senior Living, me and my mom went to Tim Horton’s. It took forever to even order. Then an old woman pulled up behind us. When we finally ordered, I ordered a hot chocolate and my mom got my dad a coffee. Then, she got my sister a vanilla coffee that was very HOT! The woman behind us ordered some coffee and hot chocolate. I said, “Mom can I use my Blueberry Card to pay for her food?” My mom said, “Yes, but you need to use your own money.” I said, “Ok.” When we got our food, I asked the cashier if she could give the Blueberry Card and the money to the person behind us. When we drove home, I saw the cashier give the lady the Blueberry Card. I felt so happy because I did an act of kindness. I hoped she would pass it on. 

Kylie Esparaza

Blueberry Moment 19858
The reason I want to give my card to the homeless is because one of my papa Gary’s friend’s is homeless and we try to help him as much as we can. If we had room in our house, we would let him come live with us. He is in a wheelchair with no legs so that makes it harder for him and we have not heard from him in a while. For the homeless families, I know how it feels because he is like family. We don’t know where he is or if he is still alive and I miss him. It makes me feel so good that we can give blankets and other stuff to the homeless.

Blueberry Moment 20526My grandma and I were at the McDonald’s and I looked back and saw a girl and her kid’s. She was looking for money. I had to go to Walmart but when I saw her I decided to give the McDonald’s lady money and my card to help pay for her order. When she went to the window the cashier told her. Her face was so happy and it made me feel happy and warm inside to know I made someone happy. 

Addison Taylor
Blueberry Moment 20532One day, we had a Blueberry Meeting and Mrs. Shmidt told us we had a special guest. The special guest walked in and her name was Ms. Kellie. She worked to help the homeless stay safe. We were thinking of ideas to donate something. We got an idea of blankets. The next day we put up signs and papers to send home. A week later Ms. Kellie came back and came to see how many blankets we got. Mrs. Shmidt gave Ms. Kellie our Blueberry Cards. I could see the happiness on her face when we shared kindness. 

Blueberry Moment 19876
One Friday morning, my dad had to go to Tim Horton’s to get stuff for his kids in class. Right then I noticed that would be a perfect time to use my Blueberry Card. I got it right out of my pocket and said to my Dad, “Can I use my Blueberry Card?” He said, “Yes” and ordered. We got up to the cashier and said, “Can you give this to the person behind us and tell them we paid for them?” We go out of the drive thru and I felt pride and courage in myself.

Katie Woods
Blueberry Moment 19860There is a homeless shelter in Flint and homeless people come in. A girl named Kellie came in. She talked to us. She asked us to help the homeless. We decided to do a blanket drive. This made me feel really happy.

Blueberry Moment 20523
On Tuesday on Christmas break, I went to the park. When I got there, there was a little girl named Audrey. She had no one to play with so I played with her. We played tag. I gave her a candy cane with the Blueberry Card. She said, “What is this?” “It is a Blueberry Ambassador Card to inspire you to do something nice to someone else.” I said. “Ok”, she said and then left. Then I left feeling amazing. She left with the biggest smile I have ever seen. 

Connie Lassiter
Blueberry Moment 19857I would like to give my Blueberry Card to the homeless and of course a blanket for warmth and care. I want to see them happy and not cold and sad. We have a family friend that knits quilts and never uses them so we will donate those. 

Blueberry Moment 20519
One day, my mom and I went to Subway. A cashier was really nice to a customer, so I gave my Blueberry Card to her. Then she gave the card to the fellow cashier. But before I left, that cashier that got the card, she gave it to a customer. I was so happy to spread kindness.

Arrionna Swain
Blueberry Moment 20534I gave my Blueberry Card to a lady at a store. I gave it to her because she had a lot of people that needed help to get blankets. I said she was working hard so she deserved it. 

Avery Martin
Blueberry Moment 19898One time, I was at home and I was thinking who should I give my Blueberry Card to. So I thought of our secretary Ms. Lupina and how much she does for us. I made her some cards. The next day I went into the office and gave them to her. She was so happy that I gave them to her with the Blueberry Card.

Blueberry Moment 19893
One day, when me and my mom were at Walmart when we were ready to check out we couldn’t find one spot open to use. Then a Walmart worker came and showed us somewhere to go. So, I gave her my Blueberry Card. I made my day. I hoped it made her day too. I think she would use it by helping one of her other customers.

Kenadie Moshier
Blueberry Moment 19892One day, me and my dad went to Tim Horton’s and I bought a ten pack of chocolate glazed donuts and I gave them to the person behind me. They were so happy that the person in the back seat came out of the car and gave me a hug. As long as she is happy then I am happy too. Even before she hugged me I was happy.

Blueberry Moment 19885
One day, I helped a kindergartener open her milk. I said, “I can help you open your milk.” She said, “Thank you” and gave me her milk. I opened her milk up and picked up the milk and slid the Blueberry Card under the milk back. She smiled and she felt happy and I felt happy too. 

Kalyn Hodgins
Blueberry Moment 19874One day, me and my mom went to Tia Haletia’s with my grandma K. and grandpa K. It was my grandpa K.’s birthday and when I got there he said, “I really like the birthday card you go me.” I felt so happy. So, when the waiter came I said, “Good afternoon.” She smiled. She then spread the kindness to another woman. I think the woman will spread the kindness to her husband and eventually everyone will be happy. 

Blueberry Moment 20532
Our blanket drive at Edgerton is amazing so far. People in Edgerton love helping out the homeless. I estimate that our whole school will probably have at the end 100 blankets or more. I really hope we get there. Before we started this, my other fellow Blueberries came up with great ideas. It makes me so happy to see homeless people finally having some warm blankets. When Ms. Kellie, a woman who helps the homeless, came to a Blueberry meeting she showed us pictures of homeless people on the streets and living in cars. It made my heart burst. I almost cried. So, I am really excited to see homeless people have blankets. 

Maddox Besaw
Blueberry Moment 19891I went to McDonald’s and paid for the person’s food behind us and our food, but it was worth it.

Rowan Neumann
Blueberry Moment 20530The day I got my card I started looking for someone to give my card to. I didn’t find someone. Fast forward two days. The bell rang. I had to get ready fast. When I was done, I saw a mess on the floor. I noticed it was from a desk. I cleaned it up and put the card on the desk. 

Blueberry Moment 19888My moment started at the fire station. My mom and I were driving to the fire station with cookies and I said, “Do you think they will be closed?” She said, “No.” She was wrong. Nobody was there. Our second try we made four dozen cookies but before we could drive them, everyone in our house got sick so we couldn’t give the cookies away because we didn’t want to get anyone else sick! On our third and last try, we went to the fire station. Then we went to the police station, but no one was there. Then we went to an ambulance location and found someone. We gave him a tray of cookies and the card. She said, “Thanks!” 

Mrs. Shmidt
My second year serving as a Blueberry Ambassador leader was even more rewarding as the first! This year our group participated in visiting seniors at two local nursing homes and are currently running a two-week blanket drive to help the homeless patrons of The Warming Center of flint. The Blueberries in our building have also been diligently starting chain reactions of kindness within our school by sending out daily positive messages to other students, teachers, and staff through a small recording device we call, “The Happy Messenger.” It has been emotionally moving and thought provoking to say the least to watch the children again this year extent kindness to others, especially the seniors and homeless in our community. I have realized, as I hope the children have too, that however busy we may be in our daily lives, the world continues to go on around us. Being committed to take a bit of our time to be aware of the needs of others can make a significant impact on not only the lives of others, but as we have felt, also ourselves. The feelings we have left behind in our random acts of kindness have left us all with very full cups! It is my hope that the Blueberry Ambassadors I lead continue to recognize the power they have to change the world one person and one interaction at a time, and enjoy how it makes them feel about themselves! I am excited to be involved in all the future projects we have planned and being a part of the spreading kindness movement! Thank you for helping us to encourage and empower our youth through this program! 

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