Clio Edgerton Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors feel the joy of putting smiles on other’s faces

Clio Edgerton Elementary, coordinator Michelle Shmidt and Michelle Tambling

Jayden Rider

Blueberry Moment 16641
I was coming into the school. I noticed Mrs. Lupina looked amazing, so I walked up to her and gave her a hug and told her she looked amazing. She smiled and gave me another hug. 

Blueberry Moment 16641
I was doing chores for my mom because she was tired of cleaning everything up, so I did. 

Blueberry Moment 16620
One evening, my mom was cooking dinner. She was very stressed out about the day. I wanted to help her, so I helped by cooking dinner with her. We made mashed potatoes, chicken and green beans. It made me feel happy to see my mom less stressed. 

Blueberry Moment 18110
I went to my mom’s gas station. I wanted to help one of the employees with the cash register because it looked like she was having trouble. She said I could help her, so I checked customer’s stuff out and gave them the receipt. 

Riley Laughton
Blueberry Moment 16643
It was Friday November 1st and me and my friend Makayla were at lunch. We were thinking that we could stay in and help the lunch ladies clean up and then go outside. So, when it was time to go outside me and Makayla went to go ask if there was anything we could help with. Mrs. Jen said we could help by bringing the lunch baskets into the hallway. When we went back in, I handed her the Blueberry Card. I was happy to know that I made someone’s day!

Blueberry Moment 18669
My grandpa passed away and my grandma has been having a hard time. I haven’t given her the Blueberry Card yet, but I still did it. I wanted to call her to see how she’s doing. I think it made her happy that she knew I cared about her feelings. 

Blueberry Moment 18120
I went to go see my sister’s play. It was very crowded. I was thinking that for my Blueberry Card I could hold the door for someone. So, at intermission when we were walking out, I opened a door for a elderly lady. It made me feel great to know that I helped someone, and I think they felt great too!

Jayden Fuller
Blueberry Moment 16640
I opened the door for a kindergartener. He smiled and said, “Thank you.” It made me feel good. He walked away smiling which made me feel joyful in my heart. I love to help kids especially kindergarteners. 

Blueberry Moment 16622
I helped my mom with my baby sister, Kassaidy. When my mom was busy, I helped her to watch my baby sister. My heart felt good. I felt really, really good on my inside. I loved that I helped my mom with my baby sister. 

Blueberry Moment 17812
When I was walking inside Walmart, I saw someone with their hands full, so I opened the door for him and then he said, “Thank you very much.” That made me say back, “You’re welcome.” I saw that he had a smile on his face which made me very joyful and happy inside.

Cole Bloss
Blueberry Moment 16645
I found a lunchbox in the middle of the hall. I took it to the office and asked which class Landen was in because it was his lunchbox. Mrs. Lupina said he was in Mrs. Severn’s class. I took it down to Mrs. Severn’s class and set it on his desk. I slipped the Blueberry Card inside of his lunchbox and left for the day. 

Blueberry Moment 16621
On Saturday, we were running late to go to my dad’s work. I was going to get my gloves down in the basement and they were in a hard spot to get. While I was going to get mine, it just so happened that my brother’s gloves were down there, so I got the card and put it in the glove and gave them to him. I hope he does something good to someone else!

Blueberry Moment 18117
I was at Aldi and there was this guy. You have to pay a quarter to get a cart. He was walking up to the carts and he said, “Leave the cart and I will give you the quarter back.” I said, “No thanks, you can keep the quarter and take the cart.” So, he took the cart and I gave him my Blueberry Card. He said, “Oh, ok, thank you.”

Alyvia Grzymala
Blueberry Moment 16644
I gave my Blueberry Card to Anthony Yang. I opened the door and he said, “Thank you very much, Alyvia.” I thought it made him happy and it made me really happy. Little things do something to someone. 

Blueberry Moment 17804
I gave a string flowered art piece to my Aunt Kandy. She said it was beautiful and hung it in the window right away. She was happy and I felt great. 

Abigail Curtis
Blueberry Moment 16646
So on the bus, someone was bullying a student calling them ugly, fat, and stupid. “Hey, how would you feel if I called you that?” I asked. He called me a bad word. I said, “That’s not nice, don’t call people that. Never call people that or you will get in trouble and that’s so mean. Never do that.”

Blueberry Moment 17803
I helped my mom with chores. I helped with the dishes, and cooked. I made all the beds and did everybody’s chores. 

Blueberry Moment 18105
I was going shopping with my mom when I saw a homeless guy. I asked my mom for money, but she didn’t have any money at the time. So, I walked up to the homeless guy and said, “I wish I had money.” Then he said, “Bless your soul.” I think I made him happy and that makes me happy!

Kenadie Moshier
Blueberry Moment 16642
One day, just a normal day, it was lunch time in fourth grade. We always go eat lunch with the kindergarteners so for the Blueberries I saw a kindergartener raise his hand. So, I went over to the kindergartener’s table and asked, “What do you want?” He said he wanted his milk opened for him, so I opened it. He said, “Thank you”, and I said, “You’re welcome. I gave him the Blueberry Card and I asked him, “Do you know what this means?” I said, “Don’t rip it or don’t break it, now you have to do something to help someone.” It made me feel nice and happy and I hope it made him happy. 

Blueberry Moment 18681
On a Saturday, I went to Leo’s with my grandma. A family dropped a ball and I picked it up and gave it to them. They said, “Thank you” and I said, “You’re welcome.” It made me happy and I think I made them happy because they were playing with it for like 20 minutes.

Blueberry Moment 18119
One day, I was camping with my grandpa and he needed help with the wood for the fire and I helped him with the heavy wood. It made me happy and I think it made my grandpa happy too. It was hard lifting the wood, but it felt great helping someone. 

Quinn Yost
Blueberry Moment 16638
My Blueberry Moment was helping a kid with their morning work. 

My second Blueberry Moment was helping the teacher with picking out coloring pictures for the class. 

My last Blueberry Moment was helping a kid in math. 

Blueberry Moment 18680
My Blueberry Moment was helping my Mom’s friend that I didn’t know was her friend. 

Blueberry Moment 18106 
My Blueberry Moment is when I picked up trash on the side of the road. Also, me and my mom went to Tim Horton’s and paid for the person behind us and asked the guy to give the card to the person behind us. 

Andrew Brown
Blueberry Moment 16623
When I was walking down the hallway, I saw a kindergartener struggling to get water in his water bottle, so I helped. He said, “Thank you,” and laughed and smiled. It made me feel good about myself because I had a bad morning. Then I felt better. When I was done with my day at school I went home and still smiled because I helped someone.

Blueberry Moment 16623 
I helped my dad shovel the driveway and clean the yard. I also helped my mom clean up the house and helped her with my little brother.

Blueberry Moment 18114
On Saturday, I went to Golden Corral. It was good. Then we got more food. When we were leaving, we saw veterans raising money, so I gave them $2.00.

Reyna Ramiller
Blueberry Moment 16637
One of my Blueberry Moments was when someone was struggling with their work so I decided to help. They had a good day after that. 

My teacher needed a favor and I told him I would do the favor. I imagine it made his day.

When I was outside, I saw someone at the Buddy Bench. I said, “Hey let’s play a game together!” I think I made their day when I played with them. 

Blueberry Moment 16624
When my little brother said he needed help, no one helped him so I did. It made my day and his. 

My step-dad needed help with house cleaning so I helped out. It made his day. 

I helped my dad clean his room because it was messy. It made my day and made him happy.

Blueberry Moment 18116
Someone was trying to leave and they could not get out of the driveway because there was too much snow. So, I shoveled it for them. I also picked up trash in the snow and on the road and sidewalk. 

One time someone was selling treats. They looked sad because no one was buying them so I came to them and bought a cookie.

Olivia Herr
Blueberry Moment 16651
I went to Mrs. Roark’s Class. I wiped down people’s desks and put things in their desks that were on their desks. Then I gave Mrs. Roark my Blueberry Card. 

Blueberry Moment 16625
I took care of my mother when she was sick. I washed the dishes and I did the laundry.

Blueberry Moment 17813 
I wiped down the floor at a dance studio. Then I gave the person that owns the dance studio my Blueberry Card.

Isabelle Dixon
Blueberry Moment 16648
I gave this card to a lonely kindergartener. So, I was playing with my friends when I saw a little girl named Lilly. She was crying because her friend ditched her. Me and my family were going to help her find someone to play with. She was sad. We got her friend to get her another friend to play with her. She was not crying anymore and she was happy.

Blueberry Moment 16626
So me and my mom were shopping. I helped her so much. I got a treat. She said I could not help, but I asked her, and she said, “ok, but help me, but if you don’t, no, got it?” “Got it mom,” I said. So, I did. Then I got an award. It felt right.

Blueberry Moment 18109
So I made cookies for my neighbor because he fixed our mailbox. He is shy to us, so we made him cookies. He was so happy. He said, “Thank you,” and smiled. 

Aubreana Garcia
Blueberry Moment 16634
I gave the gym teacher my Blueberry Card with a piece of candy and wished her a good day.

I held the door for Mrs. Householder when her son was sick and I said, “I hope your son is ok.”

Blueberry Moment 17805
I held the door open for a woman at the dollar store. I was at the store with my family. It made me feel good to help another person. 

Blueberry Moment 16627
I gave my Blueberry Card to my mom because I helped her bring groceries in and put them away. It made me feel good.

Aurora Williams
Blueberry Moment 16633
I gave me Blueberry Card to Mrs. Householder. I gave her a note that said, “You are a really nice teacher, I will remember you when I am in high school. You always look fantastic.” I asked her if she had a good weekend and she said, “Yes.”

Blueberry Moment 16628
I gave my Blueberry Card to my parents. I helped my dad feed my dog Luna. I cleaned my room without my parents asking. I cleaned the dishes I made. They smiled and it made me smile. 

Blueberry Moment 18118 
What I did is I went to a fast food place and payed for the person behind us. My mom said to the people to give the Blueberry Card to the people behind us. It made him smile and it made me smile. 

Brynleigh Thompson
Blueberry Moment 16649 
This morning I gave Mrs. Lupina some gum and made her a Blueberry Card. It made her day. She was so happy.

Blueberry Moment 16629 
One day after school, my mom did not feel well. I brought her flowers and candy and I folded the laundry. It made me happy to see my mom happy about her surprise.

Blueberry Moment 17806
One time, a girl gave me a toy and I said, “Thank you,” and she smiled at me and I smiled back. When I left, I saw her again and I said, “Goodbye,” and she said, “Goodbye.”

Vera Brown
Blueberry Moment 16650
I went over to Mrs. Roark’s Room and asked her, “Do you need help?” She said, “Well I didn’t wipe down the desks yet.” So, I grabbed a Clorox Wipe and wiped down most of the desks and put some things back in the desks. After, I handed her the Blueberry Card. She smiled and said, “Thank you.” “You’re welcome. That’s my Blueberry Card,” I said.

Blueberry Moment 16630 
I helped my grandma by helping her clean up. It was the end of a church fair. I picked up a lot of tape covering a gym floor and helped her pick up crafts and scraps on the floor. I also helped her pick up books covering the bleachers. 

Blueberry Moment 18108
I helped the cart lady at Kroger by gathering the lose carts in the parking lot so she didn’t have to go to every spot, get the carts and the take the carts into the store. She thanked me and took the carts in the store.

Josiah Smithwick
Blueberry Moment 16635
I was at the carpet, then I offered my Pokemon Card to someone. They said they would like to collect some, so I gave them the Blueberry Card and Pokemon Card. Then the person smiled. I smiled back. He said, “Thank you.” After that, I told him where to get Pokemon Cards.

Blueberry Moment 18115
I was walking into a building when I saw an elderly woman and she was scared that she might slip on the ice, so I walked her to the door then held the door for her. I could feel her smile inside. Then she waved and said, “Thank you kind sir.”

Layla Smarah
Blueberry Moment 16636
My Blueberry Moment was with William Marsh by asking him if he wanted to play with me. He said, “Yes” and turned out to be very nice. I taught him how to play Dominoes the game. At recess I realized he was pretty nice and thought of playing with him more often. When we got inside, I handed him the Blueberry Card. I never knew it was that easy to make a friend and make a difference at the same time

Blueberry Moment 13632
My family that I chose were my great-grandma and grandpa. They both have a cold and are not doing well. My act of kindness was sending them a get-well card. I made two and gave one to each of them. They had a picture of me holding hands with them and they loved it. I felt good about being kind to my family and will do it often.

Blueberry Moment 18107
May Blueberry Moment was when I held the door for someone at play rehearsal. I didn’t have my card then, but I decided to be kind anyways. I remember them smiling and thanking me for my act of kindness. I told them to spread the word about the Blueberry Ambassadors as she walked away. 

Evan Yancey
Blueberry Moment 16647
Today, I walked in the hall and I saw the janitor and said, “Hi” and she smiled and said, “Hi”. I replied and said, “Good afternoon.” I felt good and I bet she did too. 

Blueberry Moment 17814
Today, I made breakfast for my family and I went to church and that made my Oma and Papa happy and proud. I really like Sunday school. I learned about Goliath. My dad paid me back and helped me make a YouTube channel. 

Blueberry Moment 18122
What I did for my Blueberry Moment was go to my grandma’s work and helped my grandma’s customer, Marj, to her car. Then I ran to my mom’s car and grabbed the Blueberry Card and gave it to her. Marj knew about the Blueberry Ambassadors. 

Gabe Hale
Blueberry Moment 16652
I liked someone’s shirt. He said, “Thank you.” It made me feel happy.

Blueberry Moment 17815
I helped my grandma with groceries. I carried them a lot for her. She is happy I helped her. It made my heart warm to see her smile.

Blueberry Moment 18104
I was at Walmart. There was a woman standing that needed help with putting an item in her cart. I asked her if I could help her. I put a box in her cart. She said, “Thank you.” I was happy I was there to help her.

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