Clio Edgerton Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors ‘inspire classmates to be charitable’

Clio Edgerton Elementary, coordinator Jeannine Strickert

Brooklyn Hawley
I gave my Blueberry Card to some of our family friends, the Pontossos. Barb just had a baby girl named Lilliana. We call her Lilly. We take care of her. We also help Madison, her sister. Madison has been an only child for 9 years. She is having a hard time. So, we normally have them at our house each month. It makes it easier for Barb and Rick. Rick is the dad. My mom and dad take care of Lilliana, so my brother, Devon, and I can play with Madison. Madison feels great because she gets all the attention like she used to. Madison feels great and so do I because I’m helping a really good friend. We’re making it easier for the Pontosso family.

Devon Hawley
I helped my school, Edgerton Elementary donate money to help a student who has cancer. I gave about $65 because I want him to keep walking on this Earth. I made a poster to remind other students to donate to the cause.

Over winter break, my sister, Brooklyn, got a lot of new things for her bedroom. She needed help cleaning and organizing her room. First, I helped her clean her room and take out everything she didn’t want anymore. Then I helped her put everything together. The lamps were the hardest things. The other things were easier. I liked putting stickers on the wall. That is one of the things I did to help someone else.

Dreydon Gatica
My friends and I decided to complete our first good deed together, raking the leaves on the playground at our school, Edgerton Elementary. It took a long time, but we finished. Ethan, Peyton, Isaiah and I did it all with our parents. It was hard work, but we did this for our school. It was very hard work. It was when the school day was done. We started working in the afternoon and worked until the night. It was very tiring. When we finished, we had to move all of the bags with leaves in it so we could go home and sleep. It was hard work, but very helpful for our school.

My mom and I saw something on Facebook and we thought that we should do it. We made a sign that said UPS, USPS, and FEDEX take some goodies to brighten up your day. We used our Halloween bin to fill with drinks and snacks. My mom and I put it on our front porch so they could see it. I did not get a chance to use my Blueberry Card, but it was helping others.

One day my friends, Peyton, Ethan and I went with our families to the North End Soup Kitchen. We helped make food for people who need it. Peyton and I had donut duty. Ethan had banana duty. It felt good to help others.

Ethan Edwards
Peyton, Dreydon and I went to Flint and we went to the soup kitchen. We made food and served it to the homeless. We cleaned up too. Peyton and Dreydon served the donuts. I handed out bananas and our parents served the meat, gravy and corn. Dreydon’s little sister handed out the salt and pepper. We were there for about an hour and thirty minutes. After they all ate, we cleaned up and ate too. It was super fun and when they got their food, we would say, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Isaiah Jacob
It all started at the Santa Breakfast. We were eating pancakes and having a great time until we had to leave. We hopped in the car and headed off to see a movie. We saw a homeless lady on the curb carrying a sign asking for help. My grandma, cousins and I decided to pull up and give her a five dollar bill and a Blueberry Card. We said that we wished her well and asked her to pay it forward. She said she would. It made me feel good inside. It was the first time doing something really good with my family. I will continue to pay it forward.

Jade Marie Burnett
Along with all Edgerton’s Blueberry Ambassadors, I participated in my school’s Christmas service project. Edgerton Elementary collected socks and personal care items for the needy. This program was called, “Socks of Love.” We designed collection boxes and posters to advertise in our school. We also packaged the items inside the socks like Christmas stockings. The items were donated to Carriage House Ministries in Flint. Our goal was not only to provide holiday cheer, but to inspire our classmates to be charitable.

Logan Skellet
I skip school every December to go to My Brother’s Keeper in Flint. I was serving food to the homeless. I brought my Blueberry Card as well. There was a man who came to an empty table. No one came to sit with him, so I decided to sit by him and talk. When I game him more food, I also gave him my Blueberry Card. He gave me a hug and thanked me.

Peyton Shaw
Ethan, Dreydon and I went to the soup kitchen. All of us helped on the patties, then Dreydon and I helped with the donuts. Ethan worked on the bananas. We were there for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. When we got home, we were all SUPER Tired. I recommend everyone goes there! It will be a good meal and a good deed.

Tegyn Reynolds
I did a lot of things that were good, but here’s one of the good things I have done.  Once I was at Walmart getting groceries and I saw someone ringing a bell for the Salvation Army.  They were collecting money for charity.  I asked my mom for five dollars, and when we were walking out, I gave him the five dollars.  He said, “Thank you,” and smiled.  When I got in the car, I felt good about myself.  If you do a “good thing,” it’s a Blueberry Ambassador thing.” 

Logan Brookins
My mom had surgery this year. She was in the hospital for two days. It was hard for my brother, sister and me. We missed her very much. When we visited her, she wasn’t feeling herself. Finally, she came home. Then we helped my mom by cooking dinner for the family on the day that she came home. The next morning, my brother made my mom some eggs for breakfast. Then we helped her until she was well. My mom was happy.

Next I helped my Aunt Kim get ready to move. First, we cleaned her room. Then we helped her pack her clothes in boxes. My Aunt Kim was happy to get the help. Also, I was happy to help her!  My Aunt Kim has helped me before, and I now I am helping her.

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