Clio Garner Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors collect over 2000 food items for community members

Clio Garner Elementary, coordinator David Griffel

The Garner Blueberry Ambassadors, with the help of the school community, have participated in several community projects over the course of this school year. In the fall around Thanksgiving, we held a can food drive and were able to collect over 2,000 items for the Clio area. Thanks to everyone’s generous donations, we made sure our community could have a happy Thanksgiving.

In November, the Student Council and the Blueberry Ambassadors held our first annual free clothes swap. We had a great response from the Garner family with lots of donated clothes for families to come and take. Only a handful of families participated in swap, however if was an overall success and hope to do another free clothes swap this spring.

At Christmas, the Blueberry Ambassadors had a bake sale to raise money to buy Christmas presents for families in our community. The Blueberry Ambassadors advertised and promoted their fundraiser by designing flyers and posters and through their hard work, students raised over $200. This allowed them to go shopping at the local Walmart and buy Christmas presents so a local family could have a Merry Christmas.

The Garner Blueberry Ambassadors donated stuffed Easter Eggs to the Foster Closet of Genesee County. Every year, they have an Easter Egg hunt for children in foster care and their families. Our Ambassadors wanted to help these children to enjoy themselves on Easter with a great scavenger hunt. Many thanks to those who helped us with these community service projects and showing that we are concerned about the Blueberries!

Dominic Raspolic
One day, I was at McDonald’s I got a medium fry but the McDonald’s fry container had a sticker on in it and I pulled it back and I won a medium fry so I gave it to the family that was sitting next to us.

One night, it was really cold outside and my mom and I were at a gas station and my mom went in but I stayed outside and held the door for some people that were cold.

One time, I bought my friend some popcorn because they did a lot of nice things for me and was a really nice close friend.I like being a Blueberry Ambassador because I like to do nice things for people and my friends in Blueberry Ambassadors make me laugh and we get to have fun and I think it is fun searching for people to help and give things to people that they need more than me.

Justin Kern-Smith
For my first Blueberry Moment, I brought a dollar to school to get two popcorns. So, I decided I would buy my friend a popcorn because he did have money for popcorn. He was so surprised.

For my second Blueberry Moment, my mom gave me money for doing chores I decided to buy my sister a toy crown. She was happy and excited to get it. I gave my sister the crown when I visited her at their house.

For my third Blueberry Moment, with the leftover money I bought my little brother a toy gun. At first I only gave my sister the present and then a day later, I surprised my brother with his toy. He was so surprised to get. He hugged me and I did not expect him to be so excited. I felt nice about myself because I brought happiness to other people. Being nice to others makes me feel happy.

Layla Hutchinson
For my first Blueberry Ambassador Moment, I bought popcorn for a kid in my class because I noticed that he never bought popcorn or cotton candy and other kids did buy popcorn. When I bought popcorn for a kid in my class, it made me feel good because they never get popcorn.

For my second Blueberry Ambassador Moment, I brought cupcakes and cookies to the Clio Fire Department. Even though they were out on a call, it felt good to know that they would enjoy it! 

For my third Blueberry Ambassador Moment, I went to the Clio Police Department and dropped off stuffed animals. When I was there, I met Sargent Sam. He was very SURPRISED how many stuffed animals I brought in. While I was there, he gave me a tour of the department, including the lockup area, the finger printing area, and where they do the mug shots. He also gave me a certificate. Sargent Sam said that they will use the stuffed animals for younger children when they are out on calls. It made me feel good knowing that I am helping other kids when they need a little friend to hug.My favorite act of kindness was the Clio Police Department because I got to interact with Sargent Sam and see all of his cool gadgets! 

Ellie Frazier

For my first Blueberry Moment, I was at Dave & Buster’s over spring break. I swiped my card to play the game and I started to play my game when a little boy came up and started to play. I was about to say what are you doing but I didn’t want to be rude so I just left the game and let him play because I knew that would be the right thing to do!  

For my second Blueberry Moment, I put away my family’s laundry away so they wouldn’t haven’t to.  

Marrissa Bierlein

For my first Blueberry Moment, I shoveled the driveway for the neighbor across the street from me as a surprise. When I shoveled my neighbor’s yard it was fun but also I felt like It was nice to do that for her because sometimes she’ll say that her back hurts. When she parked her car in the driveway she didn’t get stuck in the snow. When she walked on the sidewalk and up on the porch she didn’t get her shoes all that snowy.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I volunteered my time in a play called African Tales. The play raised money for orphans in Africa. The play raised $2,575! This will cover six months of bulk food for children in the children’s home and widows in the community. I was so happy for the people to have food because they don’t get everything that we get. Doing things for others is fun and when we did the Blueberry moments I felt good inside because I knew I was doing the right thing.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I bought packs of gum and decorated them. I gave them to adults in my school. They said, “Thank you for being extra kind!”

Eliza Wells
My first Blueberry Moment was originally for a different reason but the person I did it for would prefer if I didn’t mention it. Instead of turning in that moment, I will write about a different act of kindness. This act was directed to my sister Elena I was hoping that since she goes to school at Birch Run schools it would spread to other communities. My moment is that my sister was sick so she couldn’t go to church with us. I went to my church class and at the end I got a sucker from my teacher. When I got home I gave my sucker to my sister and told her to get better soon. The smile on her face when I gave her the sucker made my day. I later realized it could be considered a blueberry moment!

My second act of kindness was to my siblings. It was by supporting them in their Flint Regional Science Fair projects. The first project was about radioactive decay, and the second was about spit. It took up a lot of our family’s time. Instead of complaining about this I supported them wholeheartedly. On one of the nights where we stayed up super late on the science fair and we were going to do a Wii competition but we didn’t set it up in time to still be able to play before bedtime. Me and my mom snuck the Wii equipment from the basement upstairs to the TV so we didn’t get anyone’s hopes up if we weren’t able to play. It may have the rush of giddy excitement as I snuck up the stairs with my pockets stuffed. But I knew that it was the right thing to do.

The third way I have been kind is that I found out that my school Blueberry leader hadn’t gotten a Blueberry Card in all his service for the Blueberry Ambassadors. I decided that it needed to change. I made a thank you card and had as many of the Blueberry members that I could sign it.

Tesslynn Ogle
My first Blueberry Moment was during Christmas. I bought a coffee cup and a chocolate bar for the janitor for at night because I thought that she got sleepy when she worked at night so that is why I bought her a coffee cup and a chocolate bar. 

For my second Blueberry Moment, I wrote positive notes to my family because I felt like everyone was felt down because everyone in the house was busy.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I made a note that was for my pastor because I wanted to thank her for teaching us Bible stories.I felt good that I did something nice for nine different people because I like doing nice things for other people and that is why I am a Blueberry Ambassador and I love being a Blueberry every day.

Raylyn Kennedy
I gave my first Blueberry Card to a schoolmate. I saw and heard some of the other kids being mean to this schoolmate. They were calling this student names and telling others not to play with this classmate. I went and reported this to the adults. I also made sure this student knew that they had a friend. I have been there to help them deal with this issue. We are still trying to stop the actions of the mean kids. I have also brought this issue to my mom’s attention. My mom has also let my friend’s mom know what is going on. We also have been working with the lunch staff, my teacher and other adults at school to get these mean classmates to stop being mean to my friend. My friend knows I am always there for them. I felt great for helping my friend. Being a Blueberry Ambassador feels great to help my classmates in need. 

I gave my second Blueberry Card to the librarian at the Montrose Public Library. My family goes to the library at least once a week. We think it is an amazing place to go. So, I decided I wanted to help show people it is an amazing place to go. I noticed that once the snow melted and it warmed up a bit that the parking lot and yard around the building was a mess. I took the time to pick up all the trash around these areas. So, even though I gave the ticket to the librarian, I actually helped the entire community by making it a cleaner place. I felt awesome for helping clean the environment.  It felt awesome to be a Blueberry Ambassador because the librarian did not have to clean the area around the library.

My third and last Blueberry Moment was given to my grandpa. I noticed after the weather changed from cold to warm and after these storms we have had lately had thrown sticks, twigs, and branches down from the trees. I wanted to help my grandpa because he is getting older and it is much easier for me to clean up his yard than it is for him. I felt good for helping because he did not have to clean up the yard. 

Addisyn Atkinson
For my first Blueberry Moment, I was playing football and girl was in the pool alone. I felt so bad, I asked her to play, and she said sure. We played football all night.

For the next Blueberry Moment, I bought the people behind me a milkshake because they did not have enough money to one.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I helped a new student find her way to her classroom. Apparently, we are in the same classroom! We became friends!I feel good to be a Blueberry Ambassador because I like to help people.

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