Clio Garner Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors realize random acts of kindness can be heroic

Clio Garner Elementary School, coordinator David Griffel

The Garner Blueberry Ambassadors, with the help of the school community, have participated in several community projects over the course of this school year. In the fall around Thanksgiving, we held a can food drive and were able to collect over 2,000 items for the Clio area. Thanks to everyone’s generous donations, we made sure our community could have a happy Thanksgiving.

At Christmas, the Blueberry Ambassadors had a bake sale to raise money to buy Christmas presents for families in our community. The Blueberry Ambassadors advertised and promoted their fundraiser by designing flyers and posters and through their hard work, students raised over $160. This allowed them to go shopping at the local Walmart and buy Christmas presents so a local family could have a Merry Christmas.

The Garner Blueberry Ambassadors donated stuffed Easter Eggs to the Foster Closet of Genesee County. Every year, they have an Easter Egg hunt for children in foster care and their families. Our Ambassadors wanted to help these children to enjoy themselves on Easter with a great scavenger hunt. Many thanks to those who helped us with these community service projects and showing that we are concerned about the Blueberries!

Emily Windt
I bought doughnuts for the police. I thought it would be nice to give them a treat. It felt good to do something for someone.

I helped someone with their homework. I did not tell them the answers. I knew I could help.

I shared my snack with someone that did not have one. They were very hungry and I wanted to help. I felt like I did the right thing.

Ivory Briggs
I have been out on the quest of my Blueberry Ambassador promise. My first Blueberry Ambassador moment was when I brought my best friend Holly Cooke to my church.

The next Blueberry Moment was when I bought popcorn for a kid in my class that never gets popcorn. I also put an encouraging note the said, “You rock keep up the good work.”

For my last Blueberry Moment, I went around my church and gave ten people compliments. It was a lot of fun complimenting people and seeing the smile on their faces.

Bella Emerson
When I went to the Bavarian Inn, I saw a girl who was all alone. So I said, “Would you like to play?” She said yes, so we went down the slide four times together.

When I was at Splash Village, I was letting people cut in line because I saw people with little kids that were four years old. It was their first time down the slide, and I wanted them to go before me.

When my friend was crying and was upset, I went over and asked what was wrong? I did this because I do not like it when people are sad. She did not answer me, so I sat with her and made a joke to try to cheer her up. She started to laugh and it made me feel good to help her feel better.

Alyssa Harris
I helped my friend up off the ground when she was hurt. I found a lunch lady and had her come over to help my friend. The reason I did this was because it was nice and I wanted her to get bandaged up. I felt good about this act of kindness.

I helped my dad by starting the car. My dad said we are going somewhere, so without asking my dad, I grabbed the keys and started the car. I think my dad was happy that I warmed the car up. I felt good to help.

I helped my sister with selling lemonade. I went where my mom and dad told us where we could go around the park and sell the lemonade. I did that and my sister had a big smile on her face. I felt good when I helped her.

Ryan Kean
I saw someone alone at the playground. I felt bad, so I invited them to play.

I saw someone who had a broken arm and had difficulty opening the door. So, I held the door open for them. I felt good because I did the right thing.

I held the door open for my mom. I did this because she was holding too many groceries and she was frustrated. I was glad I could help her out.

Luna Kirby
My friend felt sick but she was afraid to speak up. I said, “I will be by your side, my friend.” She was in need and seeing her not feeling well made me think. I said, “Come on you can do it.” She went home and the next day she felt better than ever.

This girl in my class was scared to talk to anyone. My friends and I helped her to speak up more and not be so afraid to talk to the teacher. Look at her now, we are laughing about everything.

There was a funeral down my street. I am not just a Blueberry Ambassador, I am also a girl scout. I gave away some of the top selling Girl Scout Cookies to the people attending the funeral down my street. I felt good giving the cookie away for free. Also, my mom and I paid for the cookie.

Colton Hines

The first Blueberry Card that I gave out was to a woman at Walmart. My mom had three bags of cans and she was putting them in the machine that takes cans and returns dimes.I noticed a lady next to mom, and I asked if her if she wanted help. She said “Yes, please.” I helped her put her cans in. When we were both done, I gave her the receipt, and a Blueberry Card with it. She asked what the card was, and I told her the basics, and if she had any other questions, to check the back of the card.

The second Blueberry Card I handed out was to my very own brother. Him and I were building a marble track when I had to go downstairs and get my folder out, and all that stuff. Meanwhile, my brother realized there was a mess upstairs, and he decided to start cleaning up. When I went to give my mom the stuff, I told him he could stop. He didn’t wait another second, he just ran downstairs, and watched TV. I cleaned up the mess, and when I was done, I went downstairs, and gave him a Blueberry Card. He didn’t ask what it was, but I told him the basics, and read him the back. He said, “Okay,” and put it in his coat pocket.

The third and final deed I did was buying a classmate a bag of popcorn. I brought a dollar to school for cotton candy, but I had the wrong day, so I just did it with popcorn. I went to my locker to give him a Blueberry Card. He didn’t ask any questions, so I just handed him the card, and went back to my seat.

Chloe Ford
I was in the drive thru at Burger King and I paid for the man order behind us and him a Blueberry Ambassador Card.

I shoveled my great grandmas driveway and wrote a note and put the Blueberry Card inside. I taped the note and card on her door.

Austin Lyons
At the end of the school day, I wrote a note and put it in someone’s locker because they are struggling in math. I wrote, “You are good at math, keep working hard.” I felt good the next day when I saw her reading the card.

At my brothers wrestling tournament, a kid dropped all his stuff, so I helped him pick it all up. I slipped a Blueberry Ambassador Card in some of his stuff.

When me and my mom were buying coffee, we also bought the person behind us food and drinks. We asked the cashier to give the person behind us the Blueberry Ambassador Card.

Ethan Ward
I sent someone a letter when I was up north. I said that he was a good man and he has done lots of good things. I think he was an older person and when he was younger he did lots of good things. I hope this made his day when he read the letter.

The second act of kindness was when a lady at the store was checking out, she said she forgot to buy some grapes. I asked her what kind and she said, “Green grapes in a purple bag.” I went into the store and got them for her.

Addison Findlay 
For my first act of kindness, I bought someone a popcorn because they were sad that they didn’t have one. So, when I gave them the Blueberry Card I told them to look on the back. After I did it I felt happy and good I chose to do that because they were sad.

For my second act of kindness, I bought my friend a book from the book fair. It was Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Getaway. I did that because they also showed kindness to me.

For my third act of kindness, I gave someone a gift from the book fair. It was a giant pencil. They were happy and thankful and so was I.

Kaden Boggs

I bought someone breakfast for three dollars. To pay for it, I think it made her happy, and it made me feel good in side.

I bought someone Tim Hortons for breakfast and it cost a little under six dollars. I think it made the person happy, and made me feel good.

I bought someone lunch at a restaurant at a buffet. It made me feel good and happy. I think it made him feel cared for.

Jordan Kelley
I got pizza for my mom because my aunt just died. She didn’t feel like going in because she was to sad.

I held the door for my mom at parent teacher conferences.

Kiley Smith
I helped my mom carry groceries into the house because there were a lot of groceries that will take her forever to carry in so I helped her.

I helped my sister clean her room because it was really messy and she had a lot of other chores that she had to get done.

I watched my baby cousins while my aunt was getting ready for work because it was hard for her to watch a one year old and a three year old. So I figured I could help her out.

Madison Henry
So, when I got out of school my dad picked me up and took me and my brother and my sister to Dairy Queen to pick up my brothers birthday cake. Well we were waiting in line I grabbed three Blueberry Cards out of my bag.My dad asked what I was doing so I told him. My first act of kindness made me feel so good. So, what I did I held the door for a group of elderly people. The next thing I did made me feel happy because I helped an elderly man that could not see very well by holding the door for him.

My last act of kindness was I cleaned my sisters half of the room and mine. When I was done, I felt like a big hero. I felt so good! I am glad I could help someone!

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