Clio Lacure Blueberry Ambassadors believe ‘even the smallest acts of kindness make a difference’

Clio Lacure Elementary, coordinator Jeannine Strickert
Lacure Blueberry Ambassadors have been busy completing random acts of kindness in our homes, school, and community. We believe that even the smallest acts make a difference. In our school, we have been busy collecting personal hygiene and care items to be donated to Genesee County shelters. Students designed posters and flyers to promote giving. During the holiday season, we worked hard to help our younger students at our annual Santa’s Crafters event by helping them shop for and wrap their holiday treasures. The Lacure Blueberry Ambassadors also spread holiday cheer in the community by participating in the Clio Candle-Lite Walk. We are far from finished, and will continue our efforts through the year, and have several great activities planned. 

Ava Walker
Blueberry Moment 18140
Blueberry Moments can happen anywhere. In fact, I saw one at Meijer. I was at Meijer looking for my cousin’s birthday presents. My sister wanted to ride the horse. I had my purse on me, and I looked to see if I had a penny. I did, so I let her ride. Then I left some pennies under the horse so other people could ride it. It feels good to help. 

Blueberry Moment 18137
I try to be on the lookout for Blueberry Opportunities. One day I was walking out of my house and saw trash. I decided that it was a good Blueberry Moment. I took out the trash and then got into the car. We drove down to the bus stop. When we got there, I gave the Blueberry Card to my mom. From that day on, I take out the trash every day. 

Blueberry Moment 18136
One day while I was going to the bus, I saw a girl who looked like she needed help. She didn’t know what bus she rode. I helped her. Her teacher was Ms Roth. I helped the little girl find the right bus. 

Riley Keeler
Blueberry Moment 18134
One day when my grandma dropped me off from play practice, my mom had a lot of stuff for her. I carried all of it and also held the door open. Before she left, I ran inside and grabbed a Blueberry Card to give to her. She read it and told me, “Yes, I will.” I knew she was talking about showing kindness.

A Blueberry Moment that I did was helping a friend. One day when I was at my play, one of the kids couldn’t find his hat. Everyone was looking for it, but no one could find it. He went on stage without it. When we got back, I handed it to him. He was super happy. I was so happy to help.

Last weekend, I was in Ohio. I was at my grandma’s and grandpa’s house. My sister, Aubrey lost her earbuds! Everybody was helping her find them. She couldn’t find them. We were getting ready to leave. She was super sad, but then I found them! She was so happy. I was happy to help her. I love to help people. 

Karsyn Hill and Kaedyn Hill
Blueberry Moment 18133
Over the holiday season, I worked to fill trash bags with straw. I know what you are thinking. How is that an act of kindness? Well, it was for homeless animals. The straw was used to keep animals warm in the cold weather. We filled 38, and I hope the animals stayed warm over the winter. The place we did it at was Concept Hope.

Blueberry Moment 18132
My mom, my brother and I went to Concept Hope. We wanted to help cold pets to say warm in the winter. We stuffed 38 bags of straw. People call them for free to help keep their pets warm.

Blueberry Moment 18139
My brother and I took our neighbor’s garbage can up to their house. We left a Blueberry Card on the can. They said thank you and they had big smiles on their faces.

Blueberry Moment 18138
On a cold winter day, I thought my neighbors needed help with their trash cans. Then I got out of the car door and took the trash can up to the house and put a Blueberry Card on it. 

Blueberry Moments can happen anywhere. Yesterday one happened at my school. At the end of the day, we went outside and picked up the balls. This helped our lunch ladies. The best part is my friend’s mom is one of the lunch ladies. 

Here was a Blueberry Moment at my school. Outside at the end of school, there were some balls. About 24 kids went out there. We all grabbed a few and then the lunch ladies said we did a good job. Now they didn’t need to collect the balls anymore. 

Maximus Usrey
One day, my mom brought me to school early. I was going to my class to put my stuff away. After I did that, I looked inside the library and I saw that Mrs. Smithwick was putting the chairs down. I saw that she needed help, so I went to help her. Right when we finished the bell rang. This made me feel good that I helped somebody who has a lot of stress.   

Another act of kindness I did was I helped a friend. I was about to leave at the end of the day and saw that my friend was trying to get ready. I told him I would help him put his chair away and take care of his computer. He was very happy when he came back from getting his backpack and coat. It made me feel good that I helped somebody who could have missed the bus.

My third act of kindness was when my friend and I helped a kid outside. We were playing tag like we usually do. Then a kid asked us if he could play with us. We said yes because we always like new people to play with. It was kind to him because we didn’t want him to feel left out. It made me feel happy because we had someone else to tag, and he was happy because he felt like he fit in.

Brodyn Learst
I saw someone who needed help. I was walking down the hall to leave school. I noticed someone had dropped their stuff. I helped them pick up their things. I zipped his backpack to keep it from happening again. 

I had a Blueberry Moment when I saw my friend’s lunch box. I didn’t know for sure if it was his, so I looked inside it and saw his name. I went to his house and dropped it off to him. I gave him my Blueberry Card and then went home. 

I saw someone who needed help. My brother needed help because he was bleeding. I helped him out and put peroxide on him and bandaged him up. Then he wasn’t scared. It felt good to help him.

Jenna Simer
One day in a blink of an eye, a Blueberry Moment happened right in front of me. I was so excited to help. A friend really needed help on a paper. I was happy to help her out when no one else would.

One day my brother was sick. I was the only one who went to school. When I was walking home, I saw that the mail had to be checked, so I did it. Even though it was a simple thing, I was so happy to help. 

I’m always looking for people who could use some assistance. Out of nowhere in a blink of an eye, there was an opportunity to help. I was on the bus with my friend. At the time, I got off at her house every day. She had a lot of stuff. The bus took a sharp turn and she fell out of her seat. I grabbed all of her stuff and took it inside for her.

Izabella Smith
Blueberry Moment 18539
My Blueberry Moment came when I helped a friend with her math. She needed my assistance to understand the assignment. She was very thankful, and I was glad to help.

Blueberry Moment 19378 
I gave a Blueberry Card to my grandma after helping her. While she went outside, I did the dishes for her. Surprise! She was very happy, and I felt good too.

All of sudden, there was a Blueberry Moment. I helped my mom carry in the groceries. No one else would help her because they were playing. Then one of the bags broke and everything went everywhere. So, then they finally came out to help. She did not have to carry anything in the house. 

Caiden Sowerwine
I saw a Blueberry Moment flash right before my very eyes. At Walmart, an elderly woman was having trouble putting her groceries in the car, so I helped her put them away. Afterward, I helped my mom put hers away. At the end of the day, I felt pretty good. I hope other people have the chance to be kind. 

Blueberry Moments can happen anywhere, and today was one of those days. My neighbor was having trouble getting her groceries in the house, so I helped her. 

Molly Perez
I always try to find Blueberry Moments around me everywhere I go. One day, while I was at Walmart we were shopping, and one fell right in my lap. I saw an employee drop some groceries after bumping into a shelf. I ran quickly across the aisle and I helped pick it all up. It felt really good to help someone.

It was time to see who got into PRIDE Council. Jenna really wanted to get in, but when the time came, she didn’t get in. So, when she was crying, I went over to her. When I came over, I was trying to make her feel better, and I did. It made me feel good about myself too.

I always look for Blueberry Moments and one day while looking, I found one. One day, Jenna and I were riding the bus and she and I were talking. She showed me a little purse and then she put it in her pocket. The school day went on. At the end of the day, I saw the purse and I thought someone may take it, so I picked it up and gave it back to Jenna. She said, “Thank you. I’ve been looking everywhere for this.” That made me feel really good. 

Harmony Bell
My grandma and I went to the store. She has a lot of back pain, so I carried her purse for her. That made a difference for my grandma.

Later, I helped my grandma when she walked too much, which was causing her to be light-headed. I sat there next to her with Vernors, making sure she was alright. When we got home, I held the door and carried her groceries and purse in the house for her. My grandma needed my help, and I was happy to give it!

Joshua Hamacher
Blueberry Moments can happen anywhere. Yesterday, one happened at my school. After school, my friends and I noticed that the playground balls were left out. We had a great idea. We got the idea to help the lunch ladies. The best part is my mom is one of our lunch ladies. It feels so good to help!

When I went to a wrestling tournament, I had a chance to help people. I helped by holding the door for at least 40 people. It was a small thing, but I was glad to help.

When I went to the store, a Blueberry Moment happened. There was an older lady that needed help getting some cans. I got the cans and put them in her cart. They were heavy for her, but not for me. I was glad I helped someone out.

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