Clio Lacure Blueberry Ambassadors believe that even the smallest of acts can make a difference

Clio Lacure Elementary, coordinator Jeannine Strickert

Lacure Blueberry Ambassadors have been busy completing random acts of kindness in our homes, school, and community. We believe that even the smallest acts make a difference. In our school, we have been busy helping with a canned food drive by collecting, sorting and counting. In addition, we have been helping our younger students at our Santa’s Crafters event by helping them shop for and wrap their holiday treasures. We will continue our efforts through the year, and have great activities planned. 

Lydia Bond
Every couple of months, my mom and dad drive an hour away to drop me off at my papa and nana’s house. They have a small farm near the lake. During my stay, I help with different tasks.First thing in the morning, I feed the dog and let her outside. Then I get a bucket of chicken feed and head to the chicken coop, where I feed the chickens and collect the eggs.The most important job is to take care of Great Grandma Alice. Grandma Alice has Alzheimer’s. I help get her drinks, find her slippers and change movies for her. I love helping my family.

Aiden Miller
In the last month, I have been attending a new church. I go to both services, 9:30-10:30 and 11:00 – 12:00. The second service is the same as the first, but I stay so I can volunteer to help. I help with the younger kids by passing out snacks and papers. I like to be helpful!

Penny McBryde
One day, my mom’s friend, Lisa got a puppy named Lola. When Lisa works, we puppy-sit Lola. We puppy sat in November. The things we do with Lola are play with her and take her outside. Sometimes Lola gets out of the kitchen, where she is supposed to stay. When she does, I watch her and get her back in the kitchen. It makes me feel good to help Lisa.  

Riley Keeler
One day, while I was at the grocery store, I was giving people shopping carts as they came in the store. When I was giving a gentleman a cart, I gave him a Blueberry Card. He said, “Thank you!” He also told me he was proud of me. I was happy to help.

I’ve been helping watch and take care of the dog. I have been putting him on the tie outside and getting stuff away from him that he is not supposed to have. I have also been playing with him so that he won’t bite. Also, I helped put him in get in and out of his crate.  

Maximus Usrey
Savannah and I were sweeping the driveway. My neighbor Brenda asked me if I could help her. This tarp had blown over the fence. I quickly got the tarp for my neighbor. Helping neighbors is important.

Brayden Mitchell
Blueberry Moment 3581
On Saturday, November 24th, I went to the movies with Mom, Easton, and Ashton.  We went to see the Grinch. The movie was good. It was about spreading kindness, just like we do as Blueberries. After the movie, we bought $5.00 gift cards. I gave cards to 10 different people who were coming to the movie theater. I got three hugs from people I didn’t know. It made me feel good. I am excited to do my next random act of kindness.

Alaina Gliniecki
At Girl Scouts, there is a giving tree. My mom took an ornament, and someone wanted a puzzle. So, we got a puzzle from the store. I took it home and wrapped it. We, then took it back to the school. Christmas is a great time to give.

When my grandma, brother and I went to church we saw that they had a food pantry. The next time my grandma and I went to the store, we bought a bunch of food. The following Sunday, we had the back of the car filled with groceries! We took them in after church was over.

My sister just had a baby girl. My older sister and I are helping to take care of the new baby since she already has a two-year-old. I like to help my sister, and I love the new baby!

Wylie Cross
Last weekend, I asked my mom if I could clean off her car from ice and snow. Of course, she said yes! It took a lot longer than I expected! I actually liked doing it. I was thankful that I could help!

Austin Williams
This morning, my mom and I went to the gas station, and it was cold outside. My mom didn’t want to go outside to pump the gas. The cold didn’t bother me. I wanted my mom to stay warm, so I offered to pump her gas. She gave me the money for the gas. I paid for the gas, and I pumped it. It made me feel good to help my mom to stay warm.

Molly Craft
One day, my mom was napping with my brother. She asked me to do the laundry. I did the laundry and took the pizza out of the oven. I did both of those things to help out my mom. My mom was tired and she needed help. I was glad to help my mom.  

When I went to the store the other day, there was a dip my dad and I thought looked good. We asked the worker if we could get it. She said we wouldn’t want it because she messed up when making it. My dad I said we would take it anyway. She felt much better. I was glad to try to make her happy.

Irelyn Curtis
My family is important to me and I try to help them whenever I can. One time, my mom was frustrated because my little brother was getting into stuff. I knew she needed help, so I watched my brother and tried to keep him busy. Another time, my little sister was having trouble with her homework. She didn’t understand the math. I explained it to her. My little sister also needed help learning to draw a dress.  I helped her learn to draw a dress just the way she wanted! When I help my family, I feel good. 

Devin Rogers
I was playing with my friend, Jackson. Two girls came over and kicked snow at him. Jackson told them to stop, but they wouldn’t I spoke up for him, and the girls stopped. It gave me a good feeling to stand up for a friend.  

I went to Sunday School today. My teacher is Miss Lisa. I was her helper. I picked up the room and cleaned the tables when we were done. Miss Lisa really appreciated my help. 

Lexi is a four-year-old little girl. We wait for the bus together in the morning. I always make sure she gets across the street safely.  

Eli Crow
One time, my grandpa had surgery on his hand. While I was watching T.V. at my Grandma and Grandpa Crow’s house, I spotted that my grandpa was having trouble getting something from the cabinets, so I climbed on the counter and got the item he needed. My grandpa needed help, and it felt good to give it to him.

Nick Johnson
My family is busy! We all need to help each other. I started helping my mom make her shake because she didn’t have enough time to do it. The same morning, my little brother needed help getting dressed because my grandma cannot dress him. I’ve been doing lots of chores lately. My mom also asked if I could get all the kids inside in time for school. I also helped my brother by starting the car. My mom says I should be on the Nice List by now for all my good work!  

Kason Lehr
I took care of my mom’s friend’s dog. When she offered to pay me, I said, “No, I’m good.” Then I handed him my Blueberry Card. 

Elena Schriner

Blueberry Moment 3799
I helped my grandpa rake the leaves. I will never forget the day I got some in my mouth. I could hear the leaves crunch. I could see how many leaves we raked. The leaves were rough when I touched them. It smelled like grass. Most importantly, I felt my heart grow in love and kindness.

Blueberry Moment 3800
One day, I helped in the Lacure Kitchen. It food smelled and tasted really good. I really enjoyed helping my school.  

Molly Perez
I helped a student from Mrs. Mink’s class. His name was Landon. I helped him with shopping at Santa’s Crafters. He needed help to pick out gifts for his family. I was happy to help.

One day, I was riding bikes with my Uncle Owen, Uncle Elliott and my Grandpa Mark. At the end of the ride, we went to the Clio Park to play. While we played near the bridge and creek, we started cleaning the area by picking up trash. It looked better when we left.

This week, I was going to the bus when my cousin, Rileigh brought my little brother, Paulie to me, and he was crying. Rileigh told me he said his ear hurts so I asked him (because she’s not always honest,) then he said yes so then he started crying again. Then we got on the bus and then my mom (the bus driver) told Paulie to lay down. After that, he went to sleep. He was asleep for most of the time and then he woke up and started crying, so then I came up to the front seat and I let Paulie lay on my lap. He needed me. I love my brother!

Rileigh Sibley
One time, I noticed that everyone left their things all over the locker room. No one claimed them, and no one would pick them up. My friend and I decided to help out by taking the items to the lost and found.  We were glad to help and leave the locker room clean.

Chase Pulley
My grandpa is not well and he came over for Thanksgiving. I helped him get out of his walker and helped him get into his chair. Then he told me what he wanted to drink. I was happy to get him an icy cold Coke.  

Last week, I helped my family move some furniture. I was watching YouTube on my tablet and I noticed that my mom and dad were having trouble with it. I turned off my tablet and went over to help my parents. My family works together!One evening, I was going to bed. At like 2:00 in the morning, my brother was crying. When I asked him why he was crying, he made hand motions and I knew his throat was hurting. He had strep throat, and he didn’t have any more water left. It had spilled all over him and his bed. I gave him my water to him and brought him a towel.

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