Clio Lacure Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors knock people’s socks off with their good deeds

Clio Lacure Elementary, coordinator Jeanine Strickert

The Lacure Blueberry Ambassadors, with the help of the school community, initiated the “Knock, Knock, Give a Sock,” campaign. The Blueberry Ambassadors designed flyers and posters to advertise their efforts. Together, students collected over 275 pairs of socks! The socks will be donated to local charities and will be distributed to both the homeless and those in need. Many thanks to those who helped us “March On” with new socks!

Jaylee Willey
I enjoy helping people with everyday tasks. For example, I helped a kindergartener tie her shoes and helped a kid when he fell down. I like helping teachers as well. I like helping Mrs. Frazier move some boxes. Outside of school, I hold doors for people and pick up money when someone drops it and return it to them. Helping people doesn’t end outside of my home, I help my mom with the dishes and by folding cloths.

Gavin Childs
Once when my brother was very sick, I did his chores. I also made certain that he had everything he might need, like water to drink and special food to eat to help him get better.

Brody Love
Saturday, my dad and I saw an older woman heading to her car in the parking lot. I asked my dad if I could help her and he said yes. I went over to the woman and asked if she needed any help loading her groceries into her car. She said she didn’t need any help but thank you for offering.

Today I saw that Ashlyn had spilled papers on the floor. I noticed that no one was helping her pick them up. I took the time to help her pick up all the papers. I also helped Ashlyn, Gracie, and Braelyn push in all the chairs in the library.

EJ Lane
I have done many good deeds inside my school. Ethan had broken his leg, and I would hand his crutches to him frequently.

Another example of my good deeds is when I helped a first grader get his pass down from a high wall in the bathroom after another older kid put it up there so the first grader couldn’t reach it. These are examples of things that other children could easily do to show kindness to others.

Kate Dufone
In the lunch room, someone had spilled her water and I helped her clean up the water. I also helped another student pick up a lot of pencils after he had knocked them off the desk. The student said thank you after I helped him.

Cruz Stratton
Last Friday, my friend Dominic and I decided to turn in our “Mustang Money.” We had decided to work together to save up our money to get a treat for our whole class. We finally had enough money to get an ice cream sundae party! It felt good to share our hard work with our class. 

Olivia Smithwick 
I have been working hard to be kind to others. For example, I enjoy running on the track at recess. One day I noticed that Gavin looked sad and alone. I waited for him to join me. We enjoyed recess together. I also like to help my family. When my mom had back surgery, I helped my dad with chores like packing my lunch box. Everyone needed to help in our family. In my classroom, I try to help other students too. One day, I helped Adrianna with her writing. Now, she is almost finished!

Devon Shaw
Last month, I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. As I was entering, I saw two older ladies entering too. I hurried and grabbed the door and opened it for them. They smiled and said thank you. That made me feel good!

Ayden Bailey
It was inside recess, and someone found a paper on her desk. She said it wasn’t hers, so she threw it on the ground. People noticed, but they just walked over it again and again. I saw it when I was putting Battle Ship away. I waited until no one was walking, and then I grabbed it and threw it in the trash. It feels good to do the right thing!

Lanie Reiff
I am proud of what I did I think. I helped Mrs. Lane put her Chrome Books away and clean her room.

When I was at McDonalds, the employee said that I was getting the last toy. I left the toy there for a kid who really wanted a toy, but could not get one.

I went to the nursing home and gave out Christmas cards to the elderly, so if they did not have someone coming for Christmas, they could still have something for Christmas.

On one of our snow days, my mom took me to Sky Zone. She bought tickets online and didn’t realize that it was buy one get one free tickets, so we have three extra tickets. Once we got there, my brother and I suggested to my mom that we give the extra tickets to the mother and two sons behind us in line. Mom said that was a good idea. My brother and I gave the tickets to the mother. She was very happy and said thank you a lot. I hope she does something nice for someone else!

Sophia Severn
I helped my teacher, Mrs. Boyse, one day. The other students in class were on their computers and I noticed Mrs. Boyse cleaning. I decided to help her clean and gave her one of our Blueberry Cards.

Another time my mom and I shopped for a needy family. We bought the Toilet Trouble game which was on the wish list. We wrapped the present and gave it to Mrs. Strickert so that the family could get it on time.

I also helped my brother when he dropped the remote to his TV. Then, I went under the bed to get it for him.

Olivia Collick
Last Saturday my mom and I went to the store. I was making a choice of candy bars but I noticed a woman that couldn’t pay for all her food. I asked mom if my candy bar money could help the woman pay for some of her food. I gave her my candy bar money to the woman and she said thank you. It made me feel good to help her.

Another day my mom could not find her money and it was making her very unhappy. We needed to leave soon so I helped look for the money. I found the money on her desk and told her where the money was, which made her very happy.

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