Davison Gates Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors spread joy, find happiness

Davison Gates Elementary, coordinator Cynthia McCollum

Zechiah Bryant

Blueberry Card 8431
I was thinking about Blueberry Moments and I couldn’t think of anything, but mom said, “I could do a chore for free. So, that’s what I did. I dusted the house for free. My mom was happy. I liked helping her. I decided to dust the house, because that was the biggest chore. I liked making my mom feel happy.

Blueberry Card 8432
Some of my clothes didn’t fit. I told my mom that we will donate them because my mom wanted to sell them in the summer at a garage sale. We ended up donating them to a church. I hope who picks them out is happy. Donating the clothes to a church made me feel good. Some kids will now have clothes to wear for school.

Blueberry Card 8433
I volunteered for the North End Soup Kitchen (or N.E.S.K for short). This is a place where homeless people get a meal. I handed out apples to people for one hour. I also bagged doughnuts, croissants, and bagels. I was glad I helped someone get a meal. It made me feel good for the homeless people that come there.

Matteo Cecchini

Blueberry Card 8434
My first Blueberry Moment was when I decided to pay for another student’s popcorn at my school on popcorn day. I don’t think it’s fair that people get to sit down without anything to eat for a snack. I brought in extra money to pay for people that don’t have money. I gave the money to the office and asked them to use it for someone who needed it. This made me feel happy.

Blueberry Card 8435
On a cold rainy day, I took up a neighbor’s trash bin from the curb to their garage without them knowing. I did this because their mom wasn’t home and they couldn’t go outside to bring the bins in and I wanted to be nice.

Blueberry Card 8436
I went to Tim Hortons with my mom and when we were inside I decided to pay for the person at the drive through with some of my own money. I decided I wanted to do this so they wouldn’t have to use their money. I could pay for two people with my money and the worker told me they said “thank you” and were very happy. This made me happy too!

Justin Elder
Blueberry Card 8437
My Aunt Suzanne works for a bank called, Fifth Third, and she told my Grandma, that her work adopted 2 families who were in need, to collect Christmas presents for. I thought it would helpful to do something nice for them. So, me and my Grandma Joyce, went to the store and bought stuff to make them blankets. We made 2 blankets, one for each family. My mom helped me make one, and my Grandma helped me make the other. They were easy and fun to make, and I think they will be very warm. I didn’t get to meet these families, but I hope they like their new blankets!

Blueberry Card 8438
My Dad works for a company called Dee Cramer, and they were sponsoring the Coats for Kids Drive this year. My Dad and I thought it would be a great idea for us to help collect coats. Many kids can’t afford nice coats and we wanted to help keep them warm. We could collect 25 coats. We collected more coats than anyone my Dad works with collected! My Dad said everyone at work smiled and was very happy about every coat we collected. I think we will also make a lot of kids very happy. I’m glad they won’t have to be cold this winter.

Blueberry Card 8439
I wanted to do something nice for someone I care very much about. My Great Uncle, Bill Voakes, was a very nice and caring person. He came to my football games, always made me laugh, and was always very nice to me. A little over a year ago, my uncle had a bad heart attack, which caused him to suffer severe brain damage. Now he has to live in a place, where people have to take care of him. He cannot walk or talk very good. He also needs help eating and can’t do anything on his own. My uncle can still see and hear me so, I decided I was going to read him one of my favorite books about pirates. I think my Uncle Bill liked pirates. When I went to see him, he seemed very happy to see me. He also seemed to like the book I was reading and I think he listened to the whole thing, which made me feel good because I don’t think many people read to him.

Ashlyn Hahn

Blueberry Card 8440
I cleaned my brothers room and made his bed. I decided to do this because his room was messy and he didn’t want to do it. I was at home in my brother’s room. He was happy and excited. It impacted me in a good way and made me feel like a helpful person.

Blueberry Card 8441
I washed the dishes for my mom. I decided to do this because she does not like to the dishes at all. I was at home in the kitchen. She was surprised. It impacted me in a good way and made me feel like a helpful person.

Blueberry Card 8442
I helped my grandma put up Christmas decorations. I decided to do it because she is old and can’t do it by herself. I was at my grandma’s house in her living room. She was happy. It impacted me in a good way and made me feel like a good person.

Eden Jarell
Blueberry Card 8443
My first Blueberry Moment was when my mommy works at a place where other Mommy’s and their kids go when it isn’t safe to love at home. I thought it would be a good idea to donate toys to the little girls that lice where my mommy works. They loved the toys.

Blueberry Card 8444
I babysat my grandma. She needs help cleaning her house because she can’t see good. I dusted, swept her kitchen and after I did all of that she gave me a popsicle! This made me feel happy because I could help my grandma.

Blueberry Card 8445
I saw a man digging through the garbage looking for pop cans. So, my mom and I decided to give him our extra bag of pop cans. He was so happy and grateful. He even had tears in his eyes. That made me feel amazing.

Gracelynn Lash
Blueberry Card 8446
For the first Blueberry Moment, I shoveled a stranger’s driveway. It made me feel happy because she could not do it on her own.

Blueberry Card 8447
For the second Blueberry Moment, I helped two children build a snow castle. They tried and tried but they could not get it. So, I walked over to them and said “I will help you.” I saw the children struggling and I felt bad for them, so I ran over and helped.

Blueberry Card 8448
For the third Blueberry Moment, I donated some of my clothes to the homeless. I did this because I feel bad for the homeless. I hope that these clothes can help someone stay warm during Christmas. 

Piper Maygar
Blueberry Card 8449

My first Blueberry Moment was when I helped my sister from getting hypothermia. My sister and I just got out of a warm bath and she was cold. I grabbed warm pants and a house coat for her to keep warm with. I turned on the television for her because I didn’t want her to get out of bed and get cold again. I did this because it makes me feel like I am helping and becoming a mini doctor.

Blueberry Card 8450
It was popcorn Friday at school. I decided to buy an extra bag for someone else. I gave my teacher an extra 50 cents so I could randomly pick someone who wanted popcorn, but didn’t have money. I decided to give it to one of my best friends. This made me feel happy because I like making other people happy.

Blueberry Card 8451
My last Blueberry Moment I helped my friend Eden feel better when she flipped her card to yellow. I got up and moved by her and gave her a hug. I could tell she was upset and needed a hug. I did this because I don’t want to see my friends cry. This made me feel happy because I helped a friend and thought of the twelve days of being nice.

Aryana McCain
Blueberry Card 8452

For the first Blueberry Moment, I went to the Genesee District Library and my mom forgot her library card. I saved the day and let mom my use mine. I did this so she wouldn’t have to leave and go home and get it. This saved her time and allowed her to get a book for my bother. This random act of kindness made me feel generous because I never thought about doing it and just out of the clear blue decided I should.

Blueberry Card 8453
I made a giant card for someone in the Army. I created this card at school and had all my classmates sign it. I attached the Blueberry Card to the card that I made and gave it to my friend’s uncle Jamie who was in the Army. This made me feel proud because I thought of it on my own and thought it would be nice.

Blueberry Card 8454
I asked my brother, mom, and step dad to gather clothes for Salvation Army. We ended up with two garbage bags full. We took them to Salvation Army the next day. I did this because noticed Salvation Army was running out of clothes and wanted to help.

Destiny Miller
Blueberry Card 8455
My first random act of kindness was when my mom and I went to the hospital and I helped my mom wash a patient’s hair because she could not do it on her own. When we were doing this, it made me feel proud, it made my heart smile. The patient was very thankful because her hair had not been washed in two weeks and she even gave me a hug before we left.

Blueberry Card 8456
My second random act of kindness was when I read a book to the elderly. Doing this made me feel special because everyone kept telling me thank you and telling me how nice it was to have someone like me doing this. The people I read to were very grateful and excited to have me there, they asked me to come back again.

Blueberry Card 8457
My third random act of kindness was when I went through my family’s old coats so I could donate them. I decided to donate the kids’ coats to the charity; Coats for Kids, and the adult coats I donated to a church. I also asked the rest of my family to donate their old coats to this organization and church. I felt so happy to be helping those in need, especially around the holidays. The places I donated to were very happy and appreciative.

Rick Smith
Blueberry Card 8458

My first Blueberry Moment was to ask my Mom if she would crochet some hats for people that are out in the cold and don’t have one to keep them warm outside. She said yes that she would. We went to the store and I picked out the yarn she was going to use. After she made the hats and we printed out some tags for them, we took them to a couple bus stops and left them there for whoever needed a warm hat. We will be making more and dropping them off again.

Blueberry Card 8459
My second Blueberry Moment was to take my own money and pick out a few gifts to donate to Toys for Tots, because there are kids that don’t get much for Christmas. Every kid deserves to have a nice Christmas.

Blueberry Card 8460
My third Blueberry Moment was to get a card and a few small things to give to my bus driver. He is always so nice, every morning he says “Good Morning Rick” and he always gets us to school and home safe. I felt like he deserved to know how much he is appreciated for all he does. My Mom helped me write a nice note to put in the card to let him know just how much we care. He had such a big smile on his face when I gave him the gift bag. I hope it made his day great! 

Hannah Titus
Blueberry Card 8461
On Tuesday December 6 my mom and I went to McDonald’s to buy a hot coca for the cart boy working at Meijer it was rainy and cold outside so I thought he would like a hot coca to keep him warm. jarred said it made his day so I think it made him happy. it made me feel good inside to make someone’s day.

Blueberry Card 8462
I thought it would be a good idea to do something nice for the firemen in Davison since they are always doing things to help other people. My mom helped me bake homemade brownies to take to them I also wrote a special letter to them and wished them a Merry Christmas. They were very excited to have some treats to eat. I felt very excited to do something special for them.

Blueberry Card 8463
One Night during the week My dad and I went out to get some dinner for my family and we thought it would be a good idea to pay for the person’s meal that was behind us in line in the drive-thru we gave the cashier the Blueberry Card to pass on to the person we paid for their meal. I hope that it made them feel good especially during this time of year when it can be hard on others. It makes me feel good about myself to be able to help others.

Adelynn Wilcox
Blueberry Card 8464
I helped make bags for the homeless in downtown Flint. We packed sandwiches, chips, socks, water bottles, and granola bars in the bags. We passed out 75 bags to the homeless on a Sunday morning with Greater Things Ministries.  It made me feel happy to make sure the homeless could eat. They were so happy to get the bags of food and new socks to keep their feet warm.

Blueberry Card 8465
I packed a box of snacks and a card and sent it to a soldier in the military. This soldier was in my mom’s math class when he was in high school. We sent him Snickers, Sour Patch Kids, Cheez-Its, and Reese’s. It makes feel happy to send him a package because he can’t be home at Christmas to see his family. I am thankful that he serves in the military for us.

Blueberry Card 8466
I took cookies and a card to the fire department to thank them for all their hard work. I am thankful that they keep our community safe from fires. It makes me feel so happy because they deserve treats for keeping us safe.

Jaxsyn Wilson
Blueberry Card 8467
My first Blueberry Moment was when I decided to pick up garbage for animals at Ms. Julie’s house. Ms. Julie has dogs, alpacas, goats, cows, and cats. I did this so the animals wouldn’t eat the garbage or die from it. This made me feel proud of myself, because my mom said I couldn’t do it. I decided to go back to Ms. Julie’s house and help her feed her goats. I feed them every day over the weekend. I feed them hay and oatmeal pieces. This made me feel happy, because I always wanted to help and fed goats.

Blueberry Card 8468
My second Blueberry Moment was picking up garbage off the floor in the cafeteria with Ms. Renee after lunch one day. I chose to pick up garbage because I like do it. This made me feel happy. I’ve always wanted to pick up garbage after lunch and was excited to get the opportunity to do so.

Blueberry Card 8469
My last Blueberry Moment was feeding baby Blake. He is my baby brother, if he gets adopted by my mom. I feed him a bottle and then mom burped him. This made me feel happy, because I like feeding baby Blake’s bottle to him.

Mrs. McCollum
Blueberry Card 8470
My first random act of kindness was I decided to pay off two of my student’s library balances for damaged/lost books. Both balances were from first grade. These students were unable to check out library books each week and it just broke my heart. The look on their faces after they found out was priceless. They were so happy and couldn’t wait to go to library. This made me feel good, knowing they could check out books once more.

Blueberry Card 8471
My next random act of kindness was when I left a $5 Tim Horton card in the mailbox of one of our recess monitors. She is always going out of her way for others. She constantly brings in goodies for the staff, donates games for inside recess, and takes care of each child outside at recess. She is truly a special person and I wanted to do something small to show her how appreciated she is. Thank you, Mrs. Schlack, for all your hard work, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Blueberry Card 8472
My last random act of kindness was purchasing a hat, gloves, and clothing for a student in my classroom. I noticed that this student didn’t have warm clothing for winter. So, I decided to get him some warmer clothes. I love every single one of my students and will do anything to help in times of need. This small gesture made this child feel special and loved. I am so grateful to provide extra needs to my students.

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