Davison Hahn Intermediate Blueberry Ambassadors discover fulfillment in the act of giving

Davison Hahn Intermediate School, coordinator Keri Collins

Isabelle Mckimmy
I was coming inside to lay down and do nothing at all until I paused and saw the sidewalk and yard at my neighbor’s house covered with at least a foot of leaves. So, I said “mom I am going to stay outside for an extra 30 minutes today after school.” She said ok with a questioning look on her face because I was just whining about how frigid it was. So, I explained to my mom that I was going to do one of my Blueberry Moments. It was even better because at the time my neighbor was not there. I was 10 minutes into the project when they pulled around the corner! I was a little upset because I wanted to be able to get it all done before she got home and then it could surprise her, but it still turned out fine even with her getting home while I was doing it. It made me feel so happy to see the look on her face. Once she pulled her car into her garage, she came and told me I didn’t have to rake her yard. I gave her a big hug and got back to work. She was even nice enough to stay outside to keep me company. At the end of raking I gave her a big chocolate chip cookie and of course the Blueberry Card. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside when she told me that this was big help.

I helped one of my dad’s students. My dad is a teacher in Flushing and a little girl in

his first grade class had just lost her mother. After her mother passed away, she had to move back to Texas to live with her dad. I thought about how she would feel having to move back with her father and it made me feel worried and nervous for her. Mainly because he was not planning on this happening and it was almost Christmas. I thought how it would be very easy for us to help. So, my dad and I sat down and he told me some of the stuff he thought she would like. We then narrowed it down to the top things she would like. After that we sent them to her. We were unable to get her reaction but I am sure she loved it. This made me feel happy although it made me sad that she had just lost her mom.

My last Blueberry Moment was when the other night when it was below zero outside. So, I brought hot chocolate, doughnuts and a Christmas card to a Salvation Army bell ringer at Walgreens. When I gave the man the treats, a lady walked by and said that I was so sweet. Then, the man started laughing and said “thanks.” Then we told him how I was a Blueberry Ambassador from Hahn School and he thought that was really cool. Then we said bye and we walked off. As we walked away, I realized that what I just did probably just turned that man’s whole day around and I felt great about it.

Dustin White
Blueberry Moment 10799
I was packing up in Mrs. Morgan’s class and I noticed that the student who sits in front of me had stuff all over the floor. As a Blueberry Ambassador, I thought that I could help her. So, I got on my knees and helped her grab all her stuff and go to our lockers. After that I felt very good about myself.

Blueberry Moment 10800
I jumped in the pool with a splash as a woman and her son came into the pool area. “Where did my hair tie go?” the woman asked. I looked around for the hair tie. I dove down, found it, and gave it to the lady. I felt as if I found something that someone needed.

Blueberry Moment 10801    
”You are released.” Dave, our youth pastor said. Everyone left, but my friend and I stayed behind to help with chairs. Dave said take a candy, but I declined. I helped because it needed to be done, not because I needed a reward. I was later than normal, but I still felt good about myself.

Charlie Armstead
Blueberry Moment 10814
My first Blueberry Moment I helped two older friends of ours that have trouble putting up their Christmas lights. We decided to go over to their home and put up their lights for them because they cannot do it themselves. They are getting older and do not want to get up on the ladder so we helped them with it. My dad and I helped them because we didn’t want them to get hurt. They were very happy and it made me happy they didn’t get hurt.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I went to Doogie’s and set up a donation table with boxes. I handed out cards that asked for personal care items as people walked in. I said “Hi can you purchase a personal care item? If you can, you can put it in our donation box and we will deliver to Outreach East.” This made me feel good because I was able to collect items for people that need help.

My third Blueberry Moment is when I went to Outreach East and helped the volunteers separate items like dog food, cat food and toiletries. I did it so I could volunteer so they could get items to the people. It made me feel good to help the volunteers and I know I am working for a good cause. They received a lot of items from Cool to Care and they need help getting it all sorted.

Preston Mata
Blueberry Moment 10833
My first Blueberry Moment was helping make my friend and neighbor feel happy. She

had a major surgery in New York and had been out of school healing for quite a while. I knew she missed her friends and needed something to cheer her up. I made a huge card for all of her friends at school to sign. I met up with a couple of her friends so this could happen. They passed it around school to get a lot of nice messages. I made up a get-well package of goodies along with the card, and delivered it to her that night. Her smile was priceless and I think this helped her a lot! If I were in her shoes I would want the same nice gesture to happen to me.

Blueberry Moment 10832
My second random act of kindness was “Koins for Kids”. This is my second time doing this fundraiser. I knew right away I wanted to do this again to help children at a local hospital. I organized “Koins for Kids” to raise money/coins to help fund my toy and book drive for Hurley Hospital children. I went to all my friends and family for support. I was able to raise over $150.00 for these wonderful kids. I purchased new books, toys, and stuffed animals and delivered them on Friday December 16th to Hurley Hospital. I could pick where I would like these items to go. I chose all pediatric departments. I didn’t want any child to be left out. My favorite item I took was a Michigan Pillow Pet. The director said she would make sure this item was given on Christmas day! Knowing that made me feel happy and proud. There were plenty of other books and toys to be given out on birthdays or simply because they were having a rough day. It did make me feel a little bit sad knowing some kids may be in the hospital for a long time. But I felt extremely happy knowing I could help make those hard days a little bit better. I am grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to doing something like this again so every child will take away something special.

Blueberry Moment 10834
My third random act of kindness involved my local garbage men. I decided to make their job at our house a little easier. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I got up at 6:00 a.m. and went to purchase doughnuts. I also made coffee and hot chocolate. We only waited 5 minutes in our car for the men. They were right on time as usual. They work so hard that I wanted them to know I appreciate them. They couldn’t believe that I did this for them. They kindly took all of the goodies and put them in the truck. I wanted to help load the truck for them but they had to do it. They were so kind and I’m glad I was able to do this for them. I felt proud and hope this made their day better.

Emelia Murphy
Blueberry Moment 10823
For my first random act of kindness, I decided to make a Smile Jar for the police. A Smile Jar is a big, glass jar with (in my case, 60) handwritten compliments/jokes on small pieces of paper, Hershey Hugs, and a sign that says ‘Take One!’ So, when a policeman needs a smile, or something to make them feel better on a rough day, they can go to my jar. I took my jar to the Davison Township Police Department, and Chief Freeman happened to walk by and I told him about the Blueberry Ambassadors, the jar, and the card. He said he was touched and that he loved our program. I made the jar because I wanted to affect more than one person at a time, I wanted to spread happiness and kindness. I wanted to affect them long after I gave it to them, and I wanted to thank them for all they do in a special way. The experience impacted me because what I did for the police really made Chief Freeman feel good. My afterthoughts were things like ‘Oh my gosh! I just made several of our heroes feel good! What if I could make the world a better place? What if I could do this for more people?’ Later on, I got a card from Chief Freeman on behalf of all the staff, saying that it honestly lifted their spirits. In the card, it also said “In fact, I just learned that one of our officers goes to the jar each day before his shift, draws out one of the slips of paper, and keeps it with him throughout the rest of his shift that day. Thanks for brightening our days!” After I read this, I felt so–inspired! I wanted to do more!

Blueberry Moment 10824
For my second random act of kindness, I decided to give baskets full of toys to Hurley Medical Center for the sick kids. In the baskets, there were bendy flowers, reptile figurines, and caterpillar stuffed animals. On each toy, I wrote a note that said ‘Sending you a smile!’ and signed my name. It took a couple days, and I wrote 30 notes for 30 sick or hurt kids. So, when a kid is down or hurting, a hospital worker can give them one to help them to feel better. I took them to Hurley, and I told a woman named Kathleen about the Blueberry Ambassadors, the baskets, and the card. I made the baskets because I wanted to help those in need and to help more than 1 person at a time. I know many kids really, truly, need these things. The experience impacted me because I just helped 30 children. I could just imagine their faces when they get one! It feels good to know that I made a bad experience a little better.

Blueberry Moment 10825
My third random act of kindness, I decided to make a Smile Jar for the Davison Township Fire Department. A Smile Jar is a big, glass jar, which has about 60 handwritten compliments in it, with Hershey hugs at the bottom, and a sign that says “Take One!” so when a firefighter wants a smile or needs something to make them feel better, they can just take a compliment or piece of candy from the jar. I took the Smile Jar to the Davison Township Fire Department, and I told them about the Blueberry Ambassadors, the card, and the jar. The people there were so happy to see what I gave them. I made the jar because I wanted to affect more than one person at a time. I wanted to spread kindness. I wanted my gift to affect them long after I gave it to them and I wanted to thank them for all they do in a special way. The experience impacted me because what I did for the firefighters would probably affect their spirits. My afterthoughts were things like “I wonder how they’re going to react when they pull one out! Will one of the firefighters tell someone else one of my compliments? Could I do this for more people? Could I make the world a better place?

Alex Martinex

Blueberry Moment 10813
For my first Blueberry Moment, I shoveled out the snow of my driveway without being asked. I did this just because I wanted to, I also did it because my mom’s car can’t get out of the driveway well with high snow in the way.

Blueberry Moment 10812
For my second Blueberry Moment, I gave my church teacher a present. She really liked it and she thought the Blueberry Card was really nice too. I really enjoyed doing this moment and it made me feel really good.

Blueberry Moment 10811
As my third Blueberry Moment, I gave a bag of candy to my neighbor. She was not home but I left it on her door step and I made sure she got it. Doing these Blueberry Moments are a really great thing and I like doing them. Even though I don’t have any more cards, I will definitely keep doing them.

Abby Latchana
For my first Blueberry Moment, I decided to bake cookies for my neighbor because they take care of my dog when we are on trips. When I handed her the Blueberry Card and cookies I saw her face light up with a smile. She said ” thank you”. Then I explained the Blueberry program so she can do something nice to another person. My heart was filled with joy when I handed her the cookies.

Blueberry Moment 10819
For my second Blueberry Moment, I wanted to make sure that children would have warm clothes and coats since it will be cold soon. I know other kids do not have coats and boots like I do. My 10th birthday party was coming up and I thought that asking for hats, boots, coats, and gloves instead of birthday presents would be a good idea. My mom planned my party and 22 girls came! They brought 238 items including 19 winter coats, 40 pairs of gloves, 46 hats, and $95! I took the money and bought Meijer Simply Giving cards so it doubled to $180 for Outreach East. Then we packaged all the donations up and my dad and I took them to Outreach East. I also made dessert and gave it to Ms. Jan as she does so much for other people who need it. The people at Outreach East were so happy and Ms. Jan loved her cookies. I told her what I did for my birthday, gave her my Blueberry Card, and asked that she help someone and pass on the card so we can keep random acts of kindness going. I really loved doing that, and I am sure that the kids will be really happy with what we were able to give.

Blueberry Moment 10810
For my third Blueberry Moment, I made an ornament for my Sunday school teacher at church. She always does such great things for us and I wanted to do something nice for her too. I put green and red glitter in the clear ball ornament and then put fake snow in a bag to cover it all up. I also put a nice cookie in there. When I gave it to her after Sunday school I could see a big smile on her face. She thanked me. I gave her the Blueberry Card and she said she knew all about the Blueberries and would give the card to someone else. It made me feel very good to make her happy.

Breeanna Bell
Blueberry Moment 10820
Breeanna and her mom did a Mom to Mom sale to sell Breeanna’s clothes and toys that she had outgrown in fall of 2016. They then took that money and went shopping for toys so Breeanna could donate them to Toys for Tots. Breeanna wanted to give to other kids as she could not imagine what it would be like to not get a new toy for Christmas, so she wanted to make sure she did her part to make sure as many kids as possible would have a Merry Christmas.

Blueberry Moment 10821
Breeanna has two Grandpas that served in two different wars, WWII and Vietnam. She made sure to send out Veterans day cards to both of her grandpas and included a special handwritten note where she thanked them both for their service to our country. She has done this for a number of years and they both tell her every year how much it means to them to get her letter. They both feel very special that their service is recognized by their granddaughter.

Blueberry Card 10822 
Breeanna and her father took Christmas goodies over to a neighbor who had lost her husband earlier in the year. Breeanna and her grandmother made the goodies and wanted to share some Christmas fellowship and goodies and let her know that we were thinking about her.

Cole Lindsay
After Wednesday night church, I ran to youth group finally and I finally had the chocolate bar. All I needed to do now was give it to him. I walked up to him, gave him the candy bar and said, “Mr. Shane I am part of Blueberry Ambassadors and we do random acts of kindness…” after that I felt good that I did a random act of kindness.

For my second moment, I put a card in my pocket and when we were at the checkout line I grabbed some candy and bought it for the people behind me. My heart was pumping she was looking at me smiling I spilled the words out of my mouth. “I’m part of the Blueberry Ambassadors and we do random acts of kindness for people.” She thanked me.

For my last moment, I decided to write a nice note to the bus driver. I wrote it as fast as I could on the push. I pulled my folder out, grabbed the note, and gave it to him as I was getting off. I saw him through the window smile.

Sarah Murawski
I was walking in Tim Hortons with my mom, brothers, and my friend. I saw an older couple let us through to get inside and no one else let us go. Only they did so, I thought it would be kind to buy them breakfast. So, when they were going through the drive through I told one of the waitresses to give the Blueberry Card to them. So, when they drive past the window they were smiling and surprised and it made me feel awesome.

When I was outside and I saw someone struggling with shoveling her driveway. So, I went up to them and gave her my card and told her about who I am and asked if it was okay if I could do her driveway and sidewalk. She said yes, so I did it and she thanked me and tried to give me money but I said no I didn’t need anything I just wanted to be a Blueberry Ambassador and when I was walking away I saw the smile on her face and that was fun.

My bus driver doesn’t have much money, so I gave him a dozen cookies that I made and also a Blueberry Card. He thanked me that whole bus ride back home. He works as a construction guy he says he like that job a lot. But when I gave him the cookies his face lit up and I told him I was a Blueberry and he congratulated me and it was fun to see him enjoy the cookies I made and I felt good.

Abby Siekierski

My first moment was raking my neighbor’s yard and giving my neighbor a note. In the note, I said I am a Blueberry Ambassador and as one of my random acts of kindness I raked your yard. Thanks for being a good neighbor.

My second one was I went to a church and fed the elderly people food for Thanksgiving dinner. It made me happy seeing them smile and saying thank you.

My third on was using my gift card from Tropical Smoothie to buy my friends smoothies. They said thank you and I said thanks for being my friend. I learned that doing random acts of kindness is fun and enjoyable. It is a good way to make people smile. I had fun and I will definitely do more random acts of kindness. I will not stop at just there.

Jaxon Clark
Blueberry Moment 10836
Today, Charlie and I went up to Doogie’s in Davison and collected personal care items for Outreach East. We collected items from 12:00 to 3:00. When I did this, it made me feel really special and good inside knowing that I helped someone in need of help.

Today, me and another Blueberry Ambassador, Charlie went up to Outreach East to pack items to be sold for people in need. We packed dog food and cat food also toilet paper and bar soap to be sold for low prices. When doing this act I felt really good and felt that it was kind of me to do this for people in need.

Brooklyn Woughter
I gave a nice letter and a chocolate bar to my neighbor. She was so happy. She was crying because she was glad that there are people like me.

I raked my grandma’s leaves with her. I also gave her skates for her grandkids. She was so pleased for the help.

I sent a Christmas gift to a girl overseas. I couldn’t see her reaction, but I be it was good. Her family couldn’t afford a present, but I could and I bet I put the biggest smile on her face.

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