Davison Hahn Intermediate Blueberry Ambassadors feel a “warm and fuzzy feeling” while doing good in their community

Davison Hahn Intermediate, coordinators Cayla Dowdall and Becky Turkovics

Gavin Thompson 
In December, my mom and I went to Tim Horton’s to purchase a hot chocolate. I wanted to show my appreciation to my crossing guard. I picked her because in good or bad weather she is always there to keep us safe. When I cross in the morning, it is dark and there is lots of traffic. She makes us feel safe when we cross. I used my own money to purchase the hot chocolate. When I gave her the hot chocolate she was surprised. She said “Thank you” and I told her “You’re welcome,” and gave her a Blueberry Card. That made me feel good. 

For my second Blueberry Moment I wanted to send words of encouragement to people in my community. 

I printed off letters that said things like, “You matter,” “In a world where you can be anything, be kind,” “Never give up, never give in,” and “Be the reason people look forward to you. Make a difference to someone else’s life by inspiring them.” My mom drove me up to Davison High School and I placed these letters on random cars under their windshield wiper. I know it is hard sometimes and people have bad days. I wanted to let these people know that they are important and that they matter. I can imagine my letters brightened their day! It made me feel good to lift others up with kind words!

For my third Blueberry Moment, I went to Abernathy Park and picked up trash along the trail and playground. I picked this random of act of kindness because when the snow thaws I see lots of trash. It was nice to walk the trail and pick up trash. By just spending a small amount of time and picking up trash it really makes the park look much cleaner! I enjoyed spending time outdoors and cleaning up! 

Cheyenne Alexander
For my first act of kindness, I bought a bag of dog food and donated it to a rescue. The owner was very excited to have food for her rescued dogs. It made me happy to know they had food. 

My second Blueberry act, I baked a cake and took it the Davison Township police department along with a thank you card. I met two of the police officers that were there. They liked the cake and were excited to eat it. It made me feel amazing that I got to tell them thank you and show them they are appreciated. 

For my third Blueberry act, I bought a card and put money inside of it. I gave it to a woman who was shopping for diapers. I do not know how it made her feel as I just handed her the envelope and walked away, but it made me happy to know I helped someone. 

Sammi Beller 
I realized that there are some kids that don’t have hats and gloves when they go outside. If they don’t have what they need to stay warm outside then eventually they can get frost bite, personally I don’t know what it feels like to have frost bite because I have always have had what I need to stay warm while am outside. I decided to do something about it. I love to do crafts especially sewing. So I got some of my fabric and started to trace hat patterns and cut slits and tie them. Then I used some of the left over fabric and cut silts at the end and I had a scarf. Then me and my grandma went to like three different dollar stores to get pink and black mittens. By the end of that I had four girl’s hats, scarves and mittens, and four boy’s hats, scarves, and mittens and to top it off I tied it together with ribbon and put them in a box. Me and my mom went to Thompson to give them to the school. When my mom came home from work at Thompson, she told me that a kid brought his set in a bag every day and wears them every day, and that is one of the best feeling, that knowing that I did some good in my community.

I know that there are some third world countries in our world, so at our church we do this thing called M.A.G.I boxes. It is when people take a list that the church makes, and then they buy all of the items on the list. With these things the box is very hard to close, but then women at our church make little dresses to put in the box. They also put little bags in the box that they make, for the little girls to have a purse that matches their dresses. I was able to take part in making these dresses. My grandma took me her friend’s house to make these dresses to send to third world countries. We spent about an hour making the dress, but when we were done I took a look at the dress and thought a girl will be wearing that as a Christmas present, and that this box is all that the kids will get for Christmas most years. It just was a great feeling knowing I made a difference in a girl’s life.

My aunt works at this church shop and every month they throw a big party for the women’s shelter in Flint. This year I decided to help my aunt make little gifts for the kids. The gifts were troll head bands. So one day my grandma brought over a big box of troll head bands. I started by putting the tape on the head bands, and then peeling it off but the sticky stuff was still left, so then I put the hair strip on and then did it about twenty more times. 

Peyton Smuzeski 
For my first Blueberry Moment, I gave a thank you card and a cup of hot cocoa to our crossing guard. I made the card at home and my mom took me to Tim Horton’s to buy the cup of hot cocoa. When I gave her the card and hot cocoa, she repeatedly said, “thank you!”I wanted her to know I appreciated everything she does, including standing out in the cold and rainy weather to help kids cross the road safely. As we drove away, I saw her place the card in her car and start drinking the hot cocoa. It made me feel good that I was helping someone (who helps a lot of kids) stay warm.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I made a card and gave it to the people who live near Hahn (Rising St. & Genesee St.) for putting up all of their amazing Christmas decorations. I did this because they work so hard every year to put up decorations and they deserved a thank you. I made a nice Christmas card and when driving past their house with my parents, I got out and knocked on their door to give them the card. When they answered the door, they were so surprised and said, “thank you” several times over and over. It made me feel good to recognize someone that makes others feel good. I wanted them to know I appreciate what they do and how their decorations make others feel.

For my third and last Blueberry Moment, I gave away a card to my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Morgan saying, “Thank you for all that you do and being an amazing teacher! I hope you have a great day.” It made me happy to give it to her knowing that some of the kids in my class don’t fully appreciate her and I was probably the only kid in my class that thought of something nice for her. When I gave the card to Mrs. Morgan, she thanked me and immediately read the card. I think she really liked it by the smile on her face!

Josie Kish 
For my first Blueberry Moment, I decided to get a ten dollar gift card to Tim Horton’s and make a homemade card for the crossing guard by my school. Crossing guards do so much for students and without them we wouldn’t be safe crossing roads after school. Crossing guards stand in the freezing cold and super hot weather, just to keep us safe. Crossing guards should definitely get more appreciation. By the look on his face when I gave my gift to him, I could definitely tell he was very appreciated of my gift. He had a huge smile on his face and said “thank you” with a hug. This made me feel very good that I did something kind for someone who isn’t appreciated enough. I very much hope that he spreads the kindness with the Blueberry Ambassador Card.  

For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided to make three tie blankets and take them to the pediatric oncology unit at Hurley Medical Center. Sadly I didn’t get to go in and give the blankets directly to the kids. I just had to give them to the head nurse. The head nurse told me that three kids actually just got diagnosed with cancer in the same week. My dad had cancer a couple years ago and that was very hard on me, but being a kid and having cancer would be horrible. You wouldn’t be able to play sports or maybe even not be able to go to school and see your friends for a while. Giving blankets to kids who are fighting cancer made me feel very good and I bet when the kids get their blankets they will feel loved and more comfortable. No kid or anyone in this world deserves to go through a horrible thing like cancer.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I also decided to get a ten dollar Tim Horton’s gift card and make a homemade card, but this time I gave it to a State Trooper. My dad knows a State Trooper who also served in the Marine Corps, so I went to his house to give him my gift. All police do so much for everybody. They keep us safe and without them our world would be very dangerous. Police and military fight for our country and risk their lives for us. All the stuff that police do for us should definitely be appreciated, and that’s why I decided to use one of my Blueberry Moments on him. It made me feel very good doing just a little something for the State Trooper because troopers do so much for us. 

Natalie Smith
My first random act of kindness was called Operation Christmas Child. It’s an organization that my Church does. You get a shoe box and you fill it with toys, goodies, and MORE! Then, it gets shipped over seas and given to a child in need, as their Christmas gift. First, we had to pick the gender and age. The gender my family picked was a girl and the age was 6-8 years old. Then, we had to fill the box. We filled the box with a jump rope, bar of soap, a doll, toothbrush, toothpaste, and more. Last, we had to turn in the box with the Blueberry Card in it to our Church. Then, they shipped the box overseas. I loved doing this it made me feel so good and happy. It made me feel good because I know with that box a child in need will have a GREAT Christmas. 

My second random act of kindness I went around town and donated books to the Take a Book Leave a Book. I donated new books from my house. I did this because I LOVE reading and I wanting others to enjoy something I enjoy. Doing this made me feel amazing knowing that someone else can enjoy something I enjoy.      

My third random act of kindness was every month my mom’s office donates magazines to two hospitals to put in the waiting room. This random act of kindness made me feel nice knowing that I am not just helping the hospitals, but I am helping people at the hospital that are waiting for their family or friends. The magazines are being recycled instead of being thrown away.

Ryan Fox 
My first Blueberry Moment was for someone I have known for a long time. He is a role model for kindness to everyone he meets. I gave him flower seeds and a gift card for his garden. He was surprised and it make him feel good. It felt amazing for me because he was so happy that I thought of him. 

My second Blueberry Moment was to a family friend. I gave her a package of her favorite mints that she always shares with me and my family. It made me feel good because the mints always remind me of her. She was happy to get them and was excited to share them with her family and friends.

My last act of kindness was to a man ordering at McDonalds. I paid for his meal. It made me feel good because this is how the whole Blueberry Moment idea got started. He wasn’t sure why I wanted to pay for his food. I explained about the Blueberries and that anyone can do acts of kindness and you don’t even have to spend money. He thanked me and shook my hand. It make me feel good to shake his hand.

Zoey Bednarski
On one my free weekend, instead of sitting around doing nothing, I thought it wouldbe a good idea to do something for others. So, I picked out some toys and jewelry I don’t want anymore and we set off to a Suncrest in Lapeer! When I got there I wasso glad to see all the smiling faces. I met Josie in activities and she asked if I want tohelp with Bingo. And I said ”Of course.” Bingo didn’t start until later so I went to gopass out my little goodies, I had picked out to some of the residents who don’t havea lot of family to come and visit them. Everyone I saw was happy to see me andevery appreciative. When I went to bingo I helped wheel down some of theresidents. I helped a couple ladies with their cards who needed help. I think I hadmore fun then they did. I really enjoyed spending time with a special lady namedDorothy and I felt a connection with her. She asked if I would come back and visither again sometime and I told her yes.

A few weeks ago, my Aunt Paula asked if I wanted to go see our great-aunt Pat. Shehad recently gotten out of the hospital and was living in a assisted living home inDavison. They have a party every month but this time it was the Valentine’s daythemed party. They had a cakewalk for every resident’s and their family forsomething for them to do and look forward to. A cakewalk is where you sit down andyou have different desserts in front of you and you play music and have a toy andpass it around the room until the music stops, if it lands on you can to pick out adessert. It landed on me and I asked the lady next to me what dessert she wantedand she picked out a chocolate cake after she picked it out I gave it to her. She hadthe huge smile on her face and was so happy, she said she never wins anything!

I thought it would be a good idea if I went to my dad’s work over spring break andhelp clean up all the trash on the ball field and around the school. It took me a fewhours but I got it done. Baseball and softball season is almost here and the fields arenow ready. My dad really liked that I helped and we had a good time spending more time together being outside together and cracking jokes.

Josie Rogers 
For my first Blueberry Moment, I cut my hair and donated it. Now let me tell you my hair is my pride and joy (or at least was) and it was super hard to get rid of. To donate my hair, I had to cut my hair 8 inches. I did this because even though I loved my hair, I knew that someone else could use it. At first I was unsure if I could handle losing 8 inches of my hair but I just reminded myself that someone that has gone through a lot of pain and sickness would have it. It made me feel really good doing it because I knew that it would end up with someone who needed it. I’m so glad that I did this act of kindness because it lets me know that I can help people and that I have. So in the future I know how big or how small the act of kindness is I’m still going to do them even when I’m not a blueberry. When I gave the hairdresser the card she smiled, a really big smile, and that warmed my heart. I am so happy that I did it and I know that the hairdresser would follow through and give that card to someone else after doing an act of kindness. 

For my second Blueberry Moment, I sold bracelets to help my cousin. My little cousin has something called Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease. He was born with this so it’s really hard for his family. So my family and I really wanted to help out. So we wanted to make bracelets to sell and help support his family, and that’s what we did. My sisters and I sold bracelets to our friends and peers and we got our family to come help and pitch in and help us sell them. So far we have made over a thousand dollars! All the proceeds from the bracelets are going to my little cousins family to help support them and help with the medical bills. My family and I also plan to hold a fundraiser at a bowling alley to help raise money for my cousin too. There will be a fee to get in but all that money is going to go to my cousin. This act of kindness is a lot bigger than I’ve ever done and I’m glad I was able to do this and help my family. I just really wanted to help out and my family helped me do that. This really meant a lot to me because I love my family and I want them to know that if they’re struggling or going through a tough time that we will always be there for each other. I’m glad that the proceeds are going to help them and that they are going to make it through this tough time. I’m so happy that I was able to do this act of kindness and I’m super glad that I got to help. I know that once my cousins family gets through this that they’re going to carry on the kindness and help someone else someday and give them the same card I gave them.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I made kind notes and stuck them on everyone’s lockers. I did this because so many people get down because of others rude and unkind words and that has always made me upset. Just because someone is different than you doesn’t mean you should hurt them verbally or physically. Bullying happens a lot at my school whether people mean it or not. People are always down because of mean and harsh words, and I wanted to change that. Therefore, I got a bunch of sticky notes and put kind words that complimented the person whose locker the note was put on. Then later that day I went out to the lockers when everyone was in class and put the sticky notes on everyone’s lockers in my hall. I put especially kind notes on my links friends and they get bullied a lot and they’re reactions were amazing. Sure some people didn’t appreciate the act of kindness but the some that did appreciate it were worth it. I’m so glad that I did this act of kindness because I realized that you don’t need to go somewhere or do something extra special just for that to be an act of kindness. You have your words. If you use kind words that’s already an act of kindness and I feel that people should do that everyday. That’s why I did this act of kindness.

Emma MacDonald
For my Blueberry Moment, I made inspirational quotes for the kids in my school and slipped them inside lockers. I made them anonymous, even though a couple of the people in my class figured out that it was from me because of my handwriting. It made me feel really good to see them happy. I taped the Blueberry Card to one of the notes, so someone would receive it and hopefully pay it forward. I did this because I thought it would be a good way for some kids to start out their day especially if they were having a rough day. The couple kids who figured out that it was me thanked me all day for making them smile. I’m glad that I did it. I feel that we should all try to make others happy, even if we don’t know or like them. I am going to try to continue to do this from time to time. 

Race Eckles
One of the good things I did as a Blueberry Ambassador is, make someone a Get Well Soon card. I know it may sound like much, but it made a HUGE impact on the person I gave it to. My neighbor was constantly in rehab for what seemed to the couple as countless days, and was also in and out of the hospital constantly. On top of all that pain and misery, none of her family members made or got her a Get Well Soon card of some sort. The way my mom and I found out is her husband came over and told my mom that it was the only one she got and it made her very happy. I was unfortunately was not there to hear it, I was at a friend’s house. But I would have given up every second of fun I had at my friend’s house to hear and see him in person say that.

The second and final good thing I did was buy one of my friends a gift card. Again, it doesn’t sound like much, but it did to him. The card I bought him was a Xbox gift card. According to him his family, was going through hard times. So I personally felt bad, since just about everyone else who played the game had it. My birthday was soon coming up, and my dad usually lets me buy whatever I want (within a price range) from the store. So I bought a gift card for him, then the next day of school I told him “I felt bad” and then gave the card to him. He then drenched me with “Thank yous” and “thanks” for the rest of the week.

Anna Titsworth
For my first Blueberry Moment, my family and I donated all different types of things to the Humane Society. I know that donations mean a lot to the people that work at the Humane Society because money can be tight. There are a lot of animals that are in constant need of a home. Thankfully the Humane Society is there to help out. Unfortunately, the Humane Society does not have a lot of money. That is why we donate and I hope we continue to. 

For my second Blueberry Moment, my family and I went to Formar Nature Preserve and picked up trash. It felt good to pick up the trash so the habitats are not polluted. We picked up beer bottles, plastic bags and lots of other things. The Formar Nature worker was very thankful for what we had done and shocked at how much garbage we collected. I hope that we can continue to keep cleaning up around our parks.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I made Easter cards for the elderly at my church. It felt good to write the cards for my elders because they cannot leave their homes right now. I know that if I was not able to leave my home it would feel amazing if someone did this for me. I hope this brings a little Easter joy to their day. 

Ashlee Tune
Me and a few friends were walking to a food place after school and my friend she forgot her money so I told her I would pay for her and get whatever she wanted and told her not to pay me back because I wanted to be nice and it made me feel very happy that she got to eat because she told me she didn’t eat lunch that day. 

This is my second Blueberry Moments and I bought candy and wrote handmade letters to all the firefighters at Elba township fire dept. And I said how much that they do for us and gum was to stick together, life savers are for how many lives they saved, snickers are for laughter and fun, and so on and it made me feel good because I’m grateful for what they do for us and keep us safe

This is my last but third Blueberry Moment and what I did was I got snacks and drinks and gave them to the police station and I handed out some food to people that did not have that much and I made a lot of people happy that day and I love making people happy because I’m a blueberry and I want to show others and Hahn how much I care for this world and for the people.

Melina Decker
My first act of kindness is when I helped an elderly lady out of the public restroom. I walked into the bathroom and an elderly woman was washing her hands but as I started to walk past I realized she needed help out so I didn’t even hesitate about it, I offered to help her and she said she needed it so I had her grab my arm and I helped her walk out and get back to her cart. She told me, “God Bless You,” and to the looks of it she was very grateful. This made me feel as I was lucky to have made it there to help her. If I weren’t there I don’t think she would have been able to leave the restroom. 

My second act of kindness is when my mom and I stopped at a red light and it was raining and there was a homeless man on the side of the road and my mom and I felt like he needed someone to help him so my mom gave him 5 dollars to help him get anything he may have needed. He had a sign around his neck that said “Vet.” I feel it made that man very happy and realized that there is people in the world who will help. It made me feel happy that now he can get some food and water and make sure he is living a happy life.

My third act of kindness is when my cousin and I babysat her brother who is one for my aunt and uncle so they could have a break and have some fun with my parents. My cousin was over at my house too because I couldn’t watch him by myself and she had to stay so her parents could have fun with mine. When they got back from bowling they looked like they had a lot of fun and they were very grateful that we watched my baby cousin. It made me feel happy because I did something to make their day and take some stress away.

Lydia Beamer
I was at home one day and my mom was on her computer and she was online grocery shopping. I asked her if we could buy some items to donate to outreach east. She said yes, so she told me to look on their website and see what items they needed most. I found the list of most needed items and wrote down some of the food items and some of the health care items. I then had a list of 10 items. I gave my mom the list and she bought two of every item. We waited until Thursday when it was open at a time that we could go. We went home and got the donations. We drove to outreach east and when we went inside. When my mom and I went inside, there were two older ladies stocking the shelves and some older men in the back sitting at a table. We went to the older ladies and told them that we had donations. They seemed happy and told us that we could go and take them to the men in the back. So we took the grocery bags to the back and they took them from us and said “thank you!” We said “you’re welcome!” And they took the donations out of the bag and set them on the table. We then gave the card to the lady and we explained the process of the Blueberry Card. They said “thank you for your donation!” and we said “you’re welcome, have a great day!” Then we left. It felt really great knowing that I was helping people less fortunate that live in my town, or near me.  

I was at school and we were informed that we would have a Halloween celebration the next day. We were told that there would be a big trail mix and candy corn. Plus we would watch a movie while we ate the trail mix. But my two friends who were in my class were allergic to peanuts and gluten. So they could not have any of the trail mix or candy corn. I felt really bad for them. When I got home, me and some of my other friends in class planned that we were all going to put in a small amount of money and get them their own basket of candy so they could enjoy a snack too and not feel left out during the movie. So we found out what their favorite candy was and we went to the store and got them a Halloween basket and bought the candy to put in it. The next day we went to school and when we were all getting our trail mix and candy corn we went up to them and gave them their baskets. They were very surprised considering that the whole thing was a secret. They were really happy and appreciated the kind gesture. It also made me and my friends happy that they were happy and that they no longer felt left out.

I was at the dollar store a few months ago. The elderly lady in front of me in line was buying food and personal products that she needed. When the cashier scanned all the items she was buying. She was about $5 short. I felt bad that she couldn’t buy the things that she needed. So I gave her my $5 bill that I had so she could buy things that she needed. I then gave her the Blueberry Card and explained the process to her. It made me feel really good that I helped out an elderly lady that I didn’t know. I could tell that she was very grateful. 

Alex Knopf
For my first Blueberry Moment, I gave hot chocolate to the crossing guards Mrs. T and Mr. Mike at the busy morning intersessions. I also gave hot chocolate to the secretaries at our school, Hahn Intermediate. Both the crossing guards were very appreciative. But both of them had very different reactions. Mrs. T gave me a great big hug and thanked me very much. She was so happy and was very surprised. She was a lunch monitor at Siple so I knew her. Mr. Mike was so shocked, but very happy at the same time he also hugged me and when I did this I just had a big and warm and fuzzy feeling. When I did it to our four secretaries they seemed very grateful for their special morning surprise. They acted like this had never happened to them before. It was a cold morning and buying warm hot chocolate for the crossing guards and the secretaries was a perfect way to show them how respected their positions are in our schools and to warm them up! 

For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided to buy everybody popcorn in my classroom. It was popcorn day where people were able to buy popcorn for a fundraiser where all the money went to a good cause, the Special Olympics. This cause helps people with mental and physical disabilities participate in this special event. My grandma Knopf use to volunteer her time for this cause so it felt right to help out. When we were passing out popcorn some people who didn’t buy popcorn were confused and tried to give it back. At the very end, Mr.Clifford told everybody that I had bought the popcorn for everybody. They all thanked me and I just felt so happy and warm because I was not only doing something for my classmates but helping a special group of people.  

For my third Blueberry Moment, I decided to do it over spring break in California. My grandma knew the neighbors at our condo and they had an adorable goldendoodle. So I decided that for my last Blueberry Moment, I could walk their dog for them. The dog’s name was Lizzie and my grandma and I walked the dog for three days. I learned how to keep him on a harness and pick up his poop! Our neighbors were more elderly so they were not able to walk there dog as much and very much appreciated the extra help. We were in San Diego and it was much hotter than in Michigan. It was well worth it though because I met new people and bonded with a new dog. 

Cooper Austin 
I was at McDonalds with my brother Parker. For Christmas, we each got a McDonalds gift card. Parker had already used a lot of his card but I haven’t. We ordered our food but he didn’t have a lot on his card for desert. After we ate, we both wanted desert. But he was not sure if he should get some. Then, I said to him that I could pay for him. He was surprised. We both got our desserts. I know that a lot of siblings hate each other but I believe that me and Parker, will always be there for each other.

I was at school, lunch time. I am fortunate to have a family that can afford lunches. I came to the cafeteria, pulled out my lunch, and enjoyed. But I saw a girl who only had a Lunchable. That really isn’t a lot for a lunch. She kept on asking people for food but people usually said no. Then she asked me. I tried to put myself into her shoes. If I didn’t have a big lunch and always felt hungry, I would have a hard time. She told me how her lunch account is in the negatives and how she needed more to eat. I felt horrible. I looked at my lunch to see what I had left. I was able to give her some of my food. I was hungry at the end of lunch but seeing her happy, made it worth it. If you know someone needs help, help them. Don’t be afraid to help them out and be a good friend.

I needed one more act of kindness, me and my mom decided to go to Meijer’s, Big Boy, and a tire repair place by Central, we went to gum ball, drink, and crane machines and put money in them so people can have a treat or stuffed animal. I chose this one as my last one because I realized I didn’t just help one person, I might have made a lot of people’s days. Even if someone did take all the money, it would help them. I’m happy I did this and happy to know that I made a lot of peoples day just with three random acts of kindness.

Sydney Simmonds
For my third Blueberry Moment, I donated cookies to all the staff at my school. I know all the staff at my school work very hard and they deserved a little bit of kindness. Teachers work very hard to make sure that us as students, are going to have an amazing future. I decided to reward them with some delicious baked goods. My mother helped me make some peanut butter cookies and even some cupcakes. I stuck my Blueberry Card on the box, and when I returned at the end of the day, it was gone. It made me so happy knowing that I may have been the rainbow in someone’s clouds. This was my third Blueberry Moment.

For my first Blueberry Moment, my best friend, Brooklynn, who is also a Blueberry Ambassador and myself gave my teacher, Mrs. Cayla Dowdall, a new yoga ball for the classroom. She is an amazing teacher and she teaches and helps me every day. One of my peers accidentally popped a yoga ball while playing with his pencil. I could obviously tell that Mrs. Dowdall was bummed because she paid for it with her own money. Brooklynn and I took it upon ourselves by presenting a new yoga ball to our hardworking teacher and classmates. When we presented Mrs. Dowdall, with the little blue card she said, “thanks for thinking of me and making my day just a little brighter.” Her day wasn’t the only one changed because giving her that gift and the little card it made my day even better!

Gage McCann
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went to read with some first grade students during a Student Council meeting. The student that I read with was really cool and he liked me a lot. I promised him when we were done reading that I would wait outside for him and walk him to his bus. So, I walked him to his bus that day. After that, I asked his teacher if I could volunteer in his classroom. So, every Monday and Friday, I go into his classroom and read with him, sit next to him, and help him do his work. It has been really cool to help this student because his teacher says he can get into trouble and make bad choices sometimes and she likes that he has a positive role model.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I overheard my mother talking to another teacher about a student who didn’t have clothes that fit him. They were brainstorming how they could help this student. So, I asked my mom if we could donate mine and my brother’s clothes to him that we don’t wear anymore. That night, we went home and filled a huge bag full of really nice clothes for him. We took it to the office and they had his guardian pick up the bag of clothes. His grandma cried when she saw how many really nice clothes were in the bag.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I wanted to do something nice for someone who did something nice to me. I recently had surgery on my hand to correct a deformity that I was born with. I was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome that affected almost all of my fingers and toes. Some of my fingers are smaller than they should be. My ring finger was bent like a hook so I wouldn’t be able to wear a wedding ring on it. I knew that someday I wanted to get married and would want to wear a ring on that finger, so my amazing doctor at The Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Chicago did surgery in October to help make my finger straight and make my dreams of someday wearing a wedding ring just like everyone else come true. My doctor, Dr. Fishman, did an amazing job. She was able to make my finger straight enough to wear a ring on it. I know that it will never look like a normal finger but as long as I can get married and wear a ring I don’t care what it looks like. So, since Dr. Fishman did something so awesome for me I wanted to honor her. I had my mom help me design a sign for her office and I presented her with a Community Hero award for being so awesome and making a difference in so many kid’s lives. I am so grateful to Dr. Fishman for everything she has done for me and I hope she knows that. She can look at her sign and be just as proud of herself as I am of my new finger!

Milana Mataway
I shoppedand boughtAdidas tennisshoes fortwo girls.They are fifth Graders who go to Brownell Elementary school in Flint. They were in needof good shoesthat fit. Ifelt like theywould like theshoes because I likethem. I hope the girlsfeel happy andconfident about themselves. Hopefully theypass more kindness on to morekids like them. Maybe to their friends or evenadults. I reallyloved doing thiswith my familyand I feel like a good person. 

I went and bought some goods like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hair brush, tooth paste, tooth brush, scrunchie, body soap and feminine products. I then delivered them to Outreach East. Personal items cost a lot of money, so we got them ourselves to give to people who can’t afford these things. I had a lot of fun doing this because it made me feel like I was helping out these people who can’t get these things to help them for their everyday life. I hope these items help those people out and give them a new start.

Brooklynn Riley
For my first Blueberry Moment, my friend and I decided that we would give our amazing, wonderful teacher some yoga balls. My teacher had fun flexible seating and was very upset when some students in my class were being destructive and popped the old yoga balls. We were so excited and felt good to make her happy. The main reason why we decided to give here knew yoga balls was because she absolutely does so much for us and she is an amazing teacher.

For my second Blueberry Moment I wanted to send a bunch of coffee and hot chocolate to the workers at JAX KAR WASH. My mom works for the company and we were talking about how cold it was going to be for the employees who have to work out side. This was going to be the coldest day of the year. This made everybody so happy and definitely warmed them up!

My third Blueberry Moment was very special to me because it involved my great grandma. She had just lost her sister to cancer and was extremely sad and hurt. I decided to go to the store and pick out a beautiful garden stone that said;wanted her to know that me and my family loved her very much and that her sister is in a better place now. 

Peyton Rowe
For my first Blueberry act of kindness, I donated clothes and school supplies to a 10 year old girl who lives at The YWCA Safe House in Flint Michigan. If you didn’t know, the Safe House provides free, safe shelter that women and children can go to if they are in a dangerous situations or abuse. The Safe House also provides food, education, counseling, and help the women get jobs and a permanent housing. So I went to a few stores and bought a ten year old girl a few outfits for school, a backpack and a bunch of school supplies. This act of kindness made me feel great because I knew that the girl receiving these items will show up to school and fit in with the rest of the class with their new back to school clothes

For my next Blueberry act of kindness, I decided to just recognize my teacher and show her that I appreciate her and the stuff that she does for us. So I just bought her a few pens and some candy. You would never think that something that small would make someone’s day, but it does. Not only did it make her day, it also made me feel good because I got to spend my day knowing that I made someone happy. Teachers might get gifts for Christmas or any other holidays in fact, but they barely get any recognition in their actual job. I just wanted to let Mrs. Racette know that I appreciate her and what she does.        

For one of my random acts of kindness, I donated some of my clothes to Foster Closet in Genesee County. I had some clothes that didn’t fit me so I brought them to the foster closet so any kids who get put into foster care can come and pick out some clothes. During the process of donating he clothes the head of the foster closet showed us around and told us what they do or their main purpose, which is to provide clothes for children who got taken away from their parents and got put in foster care. The ages of the children could range from infants, to 18 year olds.But it made me really happy that I could do something so small, but so kind, and you can do that to.

Adison Hawley

For my first random act of kindness, I made brownies and brought them over to my new neighbors next door. I took them over as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. When I first did it, I was nervous but afterwards, I felt pretty good. The neighbors also seemed happy too, but also surprised.

For my next random act of kindness, I brought a package of popcorn with a letter taped on it telling about the Blueberry program and I taped it on the Redbox at Walgreens. We parked across from Redbox and watched people come and go for a while. Then, a little while after, we left because nobody took it. The next day, we drove past and it was gone. I assume that the person who took it was happy and surprised, I was happy too.

My third random act of kindness is me and my mom went to McDonalds and payed for the lady behind us. When we got our food, I watched and when the cashier gave her the Blueberry Card she was grinning ear to ear. I saw she was really happy and like all of them, surprised. I was proud and happy.

Addison Mathews 
My first Blueberry Moment is when me and my mom went out and got two hot chocolates and gave them both to two homeless people. They were so happy and to do that it filled my heart with joy and happiness. It also filled my mom’s heart with joy and happiness.

My second Blueberry Moment is when I saw a kid in the hallway trying to get all her stuff in her classroom but stuff kept falling I went over and helped her get all her stuff to her classroom she was so happy that I helped her and I was so happy I got to help someone that day. Just to help her, brightened my day up. 

My last Blueberry Moment was when me my mom and my step dad saw a man and his family’s car was out of gas and we went over and we had some extra gas in the trunk of are car and we gave it to them. They were so happy and relieved that we helped them out I was so happy they got to be warm and go to where they need to go. My mom and step dad were happy to help them out. 

Aaron Wesley
For my first Blueberry Moment, I bought food for a homeless person on the side of the road. I saw the person laying on the ground with a sign up against a pole saying “pleasehelp- will work for money” I immediately said, “mom can we go up to the Wendy’sahead so we can get him some food?” My mom said sure. We then ordered twoburgers a large fry, four waters and a soda. I opened my window and said excuse me sir.He looked up and had the biggest smile in the word and got up so fast and grabbed thefood and said “thank you so much and bless you.” That made me feel so good!

For my second Blueberry Moment, I set a goal to hold a door open for someone everyday and so far haven’t missed a day. Almost every reaction the person would have wasa smile and a thank you. This also makes me feel really good.

Madeline Marshick
My first act of kindness was when I donated supplies to a homeless shelter for Christmas. When I gave the homeless shelter worker the supplies she was very glad I could help someone else. This made me happy knowing that someone was going to benefit by receiving the supplies they need to better live. 

My second act of kindness was when I helped an elderly couple put away their Christmas decorations. I went over there house, knocked on the front door and they were so happy to know that someone cared enough for them and take the time to help them. This made me feel very glad that they did not have to go through all of the hassle.

The final act of kindness I did was go to a retirement facility and help set up tables and chairs. When I was done they were so happy and thankful that I came and helped them. This made me very proud of myself knowing that I went out there and actually helped someone. 

Wyatt McGinnis
The first thing I did was buy Mrs. Owens a McDonald’s drink. It made her feel good and then that made me feel good because I knew that she felt good.

The second thing I did was buy slushies for the team bowling to the left of me at my bowling league. We left it anonymous so they were surprised. When the slushies got delivered to their table they just smiled and looked around the bowling alley to see who sent them. This made me happy to see that they liked the slushies and were happy the entire game.

The third thing I did was donate cat food to the Genesee County Humane Society. This made the workers happy because we were donating food. This made the cats happy because they got food. This made us happy because we were helping the community. This made an impact on the community. 

Kaitlyn Henson

For my first Blueberry Moment, I colored Christmas pictures for the Taecken’s Terrace senior citizens living. I know that sometimes the elderly do not have people who come and visit them. So, I was hoping to spread some holiday cheer. I was very happy when I saw the manager’s face. I didn’t get to give the pictures to them directly but I had a picture of their faces in mind. I was very excited that my first ever Blueberry Moment had to do with helping the elderly. 

For my second Blueberry Moment, I wrote a note to our neighbors. The man behind us had been sick this year and hadn’t yet put up the Christmas tree on his back deck. The next day I came home from school and to my surprise the tree was up. That night, I wrote a letter saying that I was very happy that he had put up his Christmas tree on his back deck. I also thanked him for playing with our dog Molly whenever he had the chance. Then, I walked over to his mailbox and put the letter in. That very next day he sent my mom a message saying “Thank you very much for your kind note. We miss our dog very much and enjoy playing with Molly.” I was very happy that my second Blueberry Moment made someone happy.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I looked through my clothes and pulled out what I either didn’t need or didn’t fit me anymore. I was so excited to give my clothes to my friend who is seven. Her brother plays hockey with my brother. I couldn’t wait for the day to give them to her. When the day came I walked in with the bag and handed her it. She was so happy. She took out the tissue paper and rummaged through the clothes. She loved them. She gave me a big hug and said that I was her best friend. I am so glad to say that for my third Blueberry Moment I made one of my best friends happy. 

Chloe Vantine
I had been in line for lunch school when I thought of an idea. So I had given the lunch lady the card and paid for the girl behind me. It made me feel great!

I helped with my grandma who has Alzheimer’s I talked to her helped her recall simple things like to tie her shoes and who my mom was. It was a happy moment for me to help her and my aunt.

I had asked an old woman if she needed help with her groceries at the store. It made me happy that I had at least asked her even though she thanked me but said no.

Lena Velliquette
For my first act of kindness as a Blueberry Ambassador, I helped out a couple who were lost. We were going to a restaurant. A couple was lost and trying to get some were. They were asking people for help but no-one was stopping, so I asked my mom if we could help them. I gave mom my phone and she looked up where they were trying to go. They followed us as we drove them there. We got there but the place wasn’t there. We told them we were going to ask an eye doctor place to see where it was. When we walked to the place we asked one of the workers. He said, they got rid of the place. After we asked him, a person who was getting his eye examined told us he was trying to find the insurance place too he said, “they shut down the office there.” He told us the next closest one. After that we went out and told the couple. My mom gave them directions to the other one. The lady was so thankful that she tried to offer my mom money but my mom didn’t take it and told her about our Blueberry Ambassador program and that I wanted to do them a kindness that they could pass along to someone else. After that the couple said good bye and they were very thankful we helped them. It made me feel really thrilled and good that I got to give my time to help them.

For my second act of kindness as a Blueberry Ambassador, I had my mom look for parents who needed help getting presents for their kids for Christmas. I know that it is hard for a lot of parents to get presents and some kids aren’t able to have anything for Christmas so I really wanted to help. She looked on a Facebook site called Seeds of Love and found a mother who needed help getting wrapping paper and Christmas stocking gifts for her three kids. We put a box together and I picked out some toys for all of them. We got a big stuffed Octopus for her little boy, a Lego set for her little girl, a lotion set for her older girl and little things for all of their stockings. I went with my mom to drop them off to her and she was very grateful and said that her kids would be so happy on Christmas morning. I gave her my Blueberry Card and told her to keep spreading kindness. It made me feel thankful that we were able to make Christmas morning magical for her kids. 

For my last act of kindness as a Blueberry Ambassador, I donated cookies to the Flint Institute of Music for them to pass out at the Holiday Walk. I take music lessons here and when I saw that they needed people to donate cookies I asked my mom if we could sign up. When I signed up, the front office was very happy because they did not have a lot of people signing up to donate cookies. I gave them my Blueberry Card and told them to pass on an act of kindness to someone else. They sent me an email thanking me for my act of kindness and they told me that they really appreciated that I donated the cookies which they said everyone enjoyed. It made me feel grateful that I was able to do an act of kindness for such a great place. 

Riley Velliquette

For my first act of kindness as a Blueberry Ambassador, I donated cat litter and food to someone who feeds stray cats during the winter. I know that there are a lot of animals that don’t have homes and they have a hard time finding food and warm places to survive, so when I heard that there was someone who lived nearby that helped out these animals I wanted to give her something that would help her take care of them. She said that she also needed cat litter because they stay in a shelter that she made at the side of her house. I was grateful that there are people like her that help out animals during the winter and I was thankful to be able to give her something so she could keep helping them. She was grateful for my donations and told me that they would help a lot of animals. She wanted to give me something to thank me but I told her that she could thank me by passing on an act of kindness to someone else and I gave her the card to pass on. It made her happy when I told her that there were a lot of schools participating and said it made the world a better place.

For my second act of kindness as a Blueberry Ambassador, I donated toys to a local toy drive. My mom saw on Facebook that a group called Sparkle Girls was collecting toys for a Christmas party for kids in need. They had a lot of people respond but did not have enough toy donations to give to all the people who asked to come. I told my mom that I wanted to give my allowance money to her so she could buy toys to help them out. It made me feel sad when I heard that they would not have enough toys to hand out. When we dropped off some I was excited that I would be able to help out a few. When I dropped off the toys they were very happy and I gave them the card to pass on the kindness. They asked what school I went to and told me that they were grateful for my help and glad that schools were teaching kids the importance of spreading kindness. They told me that what I did was a blessing to kids in need.

For my third act of kindness as a Blueberry Ambassador, I donated hats, gloves and scarves to a group that collected things for the homeless. There was a sign at the place that I play soccer about it and I asked my mom if we could help them out. The lady who met us told us that they would help keep a lot of people warm this winter. She gave me a hug and I gave her my card to pass on the kindness. I told her that I was happy to help out a little and she said that a lot of people doing little things make a big difference.

Abigail Dunn

My first moment was on my birthday March 21st before school we were in line for McDonalds and this guy didn’t have enough money, but I got money for my birthday. So he was buying a coffee and a muffin he was like $1 short. So I gave him a $1 and it made me happy because I could tell he was grateful for it.

My second moment was my neighbor is getting a little old and when we had the snow days for the whole week, she was struggling with shoveling her driveway. So, I went inside got my boots, snow pants, hat and glove and went outside and shoved her driveway for her and she gave me $5.

My final moment I have done is my brother had to go to the hospital because he was sick. So my parents were in the hospital with him and I cleaned the whole house for them because I it would make them happy and they would help them out a lot so when they came home from the hospital after four days they were knew that all they had to do was help my brother instead of cleaning. 

Jayla Lee 

For my Blueberry Moment, here is what I did. This morning it was a normal morning. We Stopped to get breakfast at McDonald’s. I noticed there was a mother struggling to get her kids under control, and since I had some cash on me, I paid for half of her meal. That left her only around 10 dollars to pay. That made me feel good because that helped out the mom. I couldn’t get a picture together because I didn’t want to slow down her morning down. But by far. That made me feel the best out of all the good deeds I’ve done recently. 

Olivia Hicks 6th grade 

One random act of kindness I have done is I made arts a crafts for a couple of my neighbors like paintings and drawings. When I passed the Blueberry Card to them I told them to pass the card on and help spread kindness, then said have a wonderful day. One of the neighbors almost started to cry because she’s been lonely ever since her husband died.

My second random act of kindness is after my neighbors husband passed away, my sisters and I went and picked flowers for her out of our yard they were roses and daisies we put them in a vase and watered them. She appreciated it so much. I passed the car and told her to pass the card to help spread kindness.

My last random act of kindness I wrote kind words on sticky notes and put them on random peoples lockers so when they see them it cheers them up to be in a happy and good mood for the rest of the day. So they know that no matter what, they’re always beautiful, perfect, smart, awesome, and amazing! I saw the looks on the people’s faces when they saw the note on their lockers. Remember to always choose kind .

Ellie Paris

One random act of kindness is that I help one of my best friends out of bad time she did not have much so to get her mind off it I took her out to have a fun time in the mall we looked at puppies and got some food. Then, I got her so Biggby coffee and then she told me that that was the first time she has so much fun and laughing. 

Another random act of kindness I did was when me and my sis were getting cans for a soup kitchen right before thanksgiving and when my sis gave it to the school to give to the homeless we got 37 cans .

And the last random act of kindness I did was when one of my good friends, Lily got into an argument with her other friend. She lost that friend for a week but me and my friend, Izzy were there to support her and I helped make her happy and after a week they got back together so it all worked out in the end for all of us. 

Maesen Hall

For my Blueberry Moment, I put goodie bags with Hershey Kisses in them on my neighbors doors. I wrote a note in the bag saying Merry Christmas. I also reminded them to spread kindness. It made me feel good because I got to make someone happy over the Holidays. 

For my next Blueberry Moment, I put a bag of popcorn and hot chocolate in the Red Box at Walgreens. I also put a note asking them to spread kindness. It made me feel great because I knew I was going to make someone’s movie night a little better.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I put out a basket of drinks and snacks for the delivery men and women. I wrote a note to thank them for all they do. We put out Gatorade, pop, and water. Along with crackers, chips, and granola bars. It made me feel good doing it because I knew they could be getting thirsty or hungry delivering all those packages.

Nolan Turner

For my Blueberry Moment, I helped my teammate during my basketball game. He jammed his finger so I gave him my Gatorade. It had ice in it, so I let him use it for his finger. So it would feel better. When we were done with the game we all shook hands and said good game. We won 17 to 14. It made my teammate feel happy and good, so it made me feel that way too. 

Taylor Adams

For my first Blueberry Moment, I raked my neighbors front and back yard for her. Since she was older, she was not able to do it herself. So, in the fall, I went to her house for a couple hours and raked her leafs and put them to the road. Since she was on a call, I put the Blueberry Card on her porch with a rock over it since it was really windy. A couple hours later, I went to go see if she found it. And thankfully, she did. She was so thrilled after I explained to her what the card meant.

My second Blueberry Moment was when I went and gave food to Life Challenge Of Michigan. I went to a funeral and we didn’t know what to do with the extra food. So, I said that we should give it to a place that needed it. So, we took the food to the Life Challenge. Once we got there, the people there were so happy and shocked that we came to give them food. And once I gave the people the card and explained to them what it meant, they promised that they would pass it on.

My third and final Blueberry Moment was I donated some of my old clothes to Salvation Army. And since my house is so close to Hahn, it wasn’t a far drive. Once we got there, the person who helped us immediately realized what we were doing. They were very grateful that we were giving our clothes to them. 

Izzy Chorley 

This year being a Blueberry was even better than the last! I worked hard to achieve my goals! 

For my first Blueberry Moment, I made bookmarks for my mom’s classroom. She works with special needs children and every day after school I go in and play with the little ones. When I became a Blueberry Ambassador, I wanted to give back to these kids in my mom’s classroom. I made the bookmarks look like pumpkins. It was Halloween time. It took me two weeks to make the bookmarks from scratch. When I gave the bookmarks to the students, they were SO happy! I have grown so much closer with these kids. It makes me so happy too!

For my second Blueberry Moment, I donated my old clothes. I had held onto some of the clothes since I was five, so I donated them to Goodwill. I am happy that someone in need may find what they need in the clothes that I donated. 

For my last Blueberry Moment I wanted to donate to an Animal Shelter. I did this last year, because animals mean so much to me. This year, I donated to cats. Last year, I donated items for dogs. I bought kitty litter, cat toys, and cat food. I love animals and donating to Animal Shelters. When we went to the Animal Shelter the owners were very nice. I am very hopeful that all of the animals will find a loving home. 

Ella Aagesen 

One day, my family and I went to the grocery Store and Bought food for families that did not have enough money at Christmas time to buy it, then we took the food to are church and they found Families who need it! I felt really great to do that cause I need to remember some families don’t always have a meal on the table but I just know there will be one. So I felt I should help people who need it.

My class was having a Halloween party and one of our friends were allergic to peanuts and could not having anything so me and my friends went out and bought her favorite candy and popcorn she could have. I felt good to do that because I would not like to be the only person

Who could not have it. And it’s tough to have an allergy!
My mom and me and my friend and her mom all went to Chicago and we went to a restaurant and on are way back to our hotel, there was this old man sitting on the street with a sign that read “Starving anything helps.” So, we all have him our leftovers and he said thank you 100 times and as we were walking away. We looked back and he was scarfing the food down! I felt amazing to help him because he does not anything and I have a roof over my head and food to eat! So I am super happy I could help him!

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