Davison Hahn Intermediate Blueberry Ambassadors provide comfort to those in need

Davison Hahn Intermediate, coordinator Cayla Dowdall

Ellie Hartwell
My first random act of kindness was giving clothes to a girl named Ava, whose mom is in the Beloved Treatment Center. I felt that Ava was in need of clothes because she is staying with her mom while she gets over an addiction. I sent a card with the Blueberry Card in it and explained what it is for. I felt so accomplished and happy inside, doing a good deed.

My second random act of kindness was helping pick up a dirty tarp at my church. Every week, my pastor makes up fun games that tend to get really messy! So, I offered to pick up a tarp with squashed bananas on it. Even though the task was kind of gross, I felt good helping. My pastor was very thankful and said he would definitely pass on a random act of kindness.

My third random act of kindness was hanging scarves on a tree in downtown Flint, for anyone who got cold or just wanted to take one. The Blueberry Cards were pinned to the scarves for whoever took them to take with the scarves. I felt happy serving for the community. I love helping people who are in need.

Calliandra Scura
Blueberry Moment 10890
For my Blueberry Moment, I made blueberry muffins and some other homemade treats and candies and put them together as a thank you bin for some very important people. I wrote a note thanking my teachers, Mrs. Streu and Mrs. Root, as well as my school’s office staff for all they do to help us kids every day. They do so much for students, I wanted to let them know they are appreciated for what they do. They were all so happy to receive their tins, they told me how good it smells, how excited they were to enjoy them, and how thankful they were for them.

Blueberry Moment 10891
It was so awesome I decided to put together a few more treat filled gifts and handed them out to more of the amazing teachers and staff we have at Hahn, even without a Blueberry Card. We are lucky kids to have such great people looking out for us every day what better way to thank them then with a Blueberry Moment!

Eva Latchana
Blueberry Moment 9642     
There is a girl in my class that I have been concerned about. She has been talking to me and she is going through some hard family problems. I thought about how I could help, so I decided for my last Blueberry Moment that I would give her one of

my worry dolls. The doll is supposed to help get rid of your worries. The doll came from Guatemala which is where I was adopted from. You tell the doll your worries and put it under your pillow before you go to sleep. Your worries disappear the next day when you wake up. I told her this when I gave her the doll and she thought it was really cool. I gave her the Blueberry Card and she knew all about the Blueberries. It made me feel good to try and help her.

Blueberry Moment 9643
I like doing nice things for people, so I decided it would be good to thank people who usually don’t get thanked a lot. I picked police officers. My dad and I went to the Flint Jail and took doughnuts to the deputies. I told them all about the Blueberries and what we do. I gave the card to Deputy Sanchez and asked her to do something nice for someone else and to give them the card. She thanked me and said she would. They were all very happy and it made me feel good seeing them all smile.

My mom knows of another mom who is going through some very hard times. She has cancer. We have prayed for her. She is very religious and I thought maybe a phrase or saying about faith might help her. My dad and I searched for a good saying and I put it in a frame that I bought with my own money. I thought she might be at my brother’s school concert and she was. I walked up to her and handed her the quote with the frame. I told her that I know she is going through hard times. She smiled, hugged me and thanked me for it. I gave her my card and told her about the Blueberries. I am sure she sees many other people who need help when she goes to the doctor. I felt really good that night because I tried to make her feel better and let her know I cared.

Maicey Curtis
I love helping, that’s why I want to be a teacher when I grow up. My first-grade teacher is my favorite teacher of all time, her name is Ms. Long. She has been a first-grade teacher at Central for a while now. Last year I would go to her class and help. I wanted to do it again, so I volunteered to do it again. But this time, I do it every Thursday. I love these first graders who have hearts of gold and are super kind. I will tell you the relationship me and the first graders have. One day, this little boy named Ethan (who I’m very close with) wanted me to help him name his elf on the shelf. We were brainstorming names and he wanted to name his elf Santa Claus. He said that he should name his elf that because that’s his boss’s name. Well I thought, “What about Buddy? From the movie Elf?” “OH YEAH!!!” he exclaimed, “That’s a good name. That’s what I’m going to name him.” Another day, I got to the class and Olivia was crying a lot. It was because her mom was going to pick her up early to take her to her new daycare. She normally would ride her bus to Cardinals Nest but she doesn’t go there anymore, so she couldn’t ride the bus. She could not stop crying and I felt really bad. I calmed her down, took her out to the hallway and was explaining to her that she just has to ride the bus unless she got a note. She finally stopped crying and I had to leave. I was outside, waiting for my mom, when I see her walk out with her mom, still sniffling. I waved goodbye and she walked to her car. I tried to comfort her as best as I could, to make her feel better. I love that class to pieces and I really enjoy helping that class. I help grade papers, cut things out, and I help the kids with any problems they’re having. Here is a picture of my and the class. I gave Mrs. Long a Blueberry Card and she was excited to pass it on.

Abbie Britton
My first Blueberry Moment is before my grandma had back surgery my mom and I went over to my grandma’s house in Ludington to help clean and do things around

the house like decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving and help my grandpa make dinner. Then, when my grandma was in the hospital after her procedure, we went to Muskegon for our surprise visit and brought her a shake to cheer her up, and when we walked in the room she was shocked that we came all this way to surprise her. Once we left she wanted us to stay the whole weekend but we had school the next day so we couldn’t she was sad about that but we told her we were coming next Wednesday for thanksgiving and that made her happy.

My second Blueberry Moment is I gave some of my old dress up clothes and dress up heels to my mom’s friend’s little girls. When we arrived to give the clothes my mom’s friend told the girls to come and see the clothes and the girls came out of their rooms and their faces lit up they were so excited to have the clothes to play with, and of course the first thing they wanted to do was try them on. I helped them put the clothes on and we had a fashion show to show the parents their brothers even watched it they loved every moment they were so happy that I gave the clothes to them they didn’t want me to leave.

Courtnie Church
Blueberry Moment 10899
One thing I did as my Blueberry Moments was giving the bell ringer for Salvation Army hot chocolate. My mom picked me up from dance class and we went past Walgreens. There was a bell ringer standing out in the cold. “Why don’t we give that bell ringer some hot chocolate” I said. We went up to the bell ringer and I explained that I was part of the Hahn Blueberry program. I also explained how to “‘pass it on.” Right after we got in the car, he was already drinking the hot chocolate. This just goes to show that something very little can make a big change in someone’s attitude or their day. I love feeling like you’ve made someone’s day even better.

Blueberry Moment 10900
The second Blueberry Moment I did was that I gave a person at Speedway a gift card for gas. We were going past Speedway and I asked my mom if we could buy a gift card for gas. She said yes. We waited for someone to come and pump gas.  There was a lady who we knew would be gracious of anything we had for her. She was so surprised and so curious. She didn’t know how to react at first. She was kind of scared when I went up to her, but she listened, took the card, and went in to pay for her gas with her gift card. I love making people happy by doing random acts of kindness for them!

Blueberry Moment 10901
The third thing I did as a Blueberry Moment was that I went to the grocery store and gave someone a gift card. We wanted to give the gift card to a young family in the baby aisle. Sure enough, a Mom with three kids looking for food for their baby. I went up to their Mom and said, “excuse me”. She turned around with a confused look. I told her that I was part of the Blueberry program and gave her a gift card. I asked her to pass the Blueberry Card on when she does a random act of kindness for someone else. She gave me a hug because she was so pleased. When we got our picture, she said, “thank you” again. I love the way random acts of kindness not only impact the person you help, but it also makes you feel fabulous inside. I know that I really helped this family!

Ava Wolschleger
Blueberry Moment 10913
For my first act of kindness, I read a book to my neighbor’s Grandson. Her Grandson

is , and often comes to visit her. One day when I was over there dropping something off to her I asked her if she would like me to help watch him for her. I mentioned that I could read with him when I watched him for her. The second I asked her, her face lit up with delight. I read to him a few days later and it was so fun to watch him enjoy the book that I read to him, and allow Grandma to have some time.

Blueberry Moment 10912
For my second act of kindness, I gave my great grandma a picture that I made. My great grandma lives in a nursing home so we only see her a few times a year. On Thanksgiving weekend, I brought her a picture of a moon that I drew. She looked up at me and gave me a huge hug, it made me feel good to see her so happy.

Blueberry Moment 10911
For my last Blueberry Moment, I asked my mom if I could put notes in my little sister and brother’s lunches for school. My mom usually packs my siblings’ lunches but I wanted to do something to help her out. I wrote them notes telling them to have a good day at school. They were both surprised and happy to get the notes. They gave me big hugs when they got home from school that day. I really hope I can be a Blueberry until I graduate from High School!

Brianna Churchill
For my first moment, me and my friend Rylee and her brother Dylan were getting suited up to go out caroling. We baked cookies for everyone. Everyone seemed to enjoy our caroling. Elder people said that we made there day. Some people started recording us and took pictures of us. Everyone enjoyed the delicious cookies we made. I am glad I made there day and I had fun doing it to. I gave a Blueberry Card and told them to pass it on next time they do something kind.

For my second moment, me and my family walked to the soup kitchen. We got serving right away. There was a lot of people who looked like they didn’t have much. When I handed the people their food they kept looking back at me with huge grins on their faces. I enjoyed helping people who were less fortunate. It feels good to do something good. Before I left, I handed the man a card and said next time you do something good pass this on give them the Blueberry Card. It feels great to do something good for somebody.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I walked into my grandparent’s church. I got to work right away. I was helping my grandpa with finished with church, they all came out to enjoy their coffee and donuts. I went by tables when coffee hour was over and asked anyone if they were finished so I could throw away their trash the coffee hour. I helped him by making coffee, setting the tables, etc. When everyone was for them. When everyone left, I helped my grandpa clean the tables and put everything away. When me and my grandpa got back to the house I gave my grandpa a Blueberry Card and he thanked me for helping him.

Grace Webb
Blueberry Moment 9636
One day I decided to bake my wonderful secretaries cookies because of the great job

they do every single day making us happy. When I walked into their office they asked me what I needed, I handed them the plate of cookies and they asked “Is it my birthday?” I said no these are for you and the other secretaries because you guys do such a good job. She smiled and said “Thank you so much.” I felt good inside when she said that. I left the office knowing I did a good deed today.

Blueberry Moment 9637
My mom said I could get all the cans in the garage and bring them to the store. So, I did. Then we ran into an older lady and I decided to give the slip to her because she looked like she could use a little extra money for to use towards her bill. She said thank you. After that I felt good that I gave something to someone else.

Blueberry Moment 9638
On the way to my brother’s hockey, we stopped at Tim Horton’s. We all ordered a drink, then we decided to pay for the person behind us. We told the cashier to give them this card. I could not see this person’s reaction, but I hope it was a good. After that I felt happy I did a good deed.

Makayla McArthur
Blueberry Moment 10909
On the way home from school, my bus monitor looked like she had a bad day. Some other kids asked her what was wrong and she said she was just tired. But to me it looked like something was wrong. So, I got out my notebook and marker and wrote her an encouraging note and when it was my stop I gave it to her and got off. It made me feel good to give someone some happiness in their day.

Blueberry Moment 10910
At my grandma’s funeral I wrote a nice note that I knew that would cheer someone else up that was going through a hard time. In the note I wrote what I would want someone to tell me. I told them what helps me when I am sad or having a hard time, like writing in a journal and listening to music. I also told them that I know it’s hard, but you’re going to get through this. I gave the note to the funeral director and asked him if he would give it to someone else that is sad because they lost someone they love. He told me that was very nice and that he would definitely pass it along to someone else. It made me feel good knowing that I would be able to make someone else feel good during a sad time in their life. It also made me feel good on a very sad day.

Blueberry Moment 10908
My grandma had Glioblastoma, brain cancer, and was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. She told me that while she was at radiation another patient told her that they really liked her fleece blanket and asked if she would want to sell it. She said no because her granddaughters and daughter-in-law made it for her so it was special and brought her comfort during her treatments. The patient said to tell us that they would buy a blanket from us if we wanted to make more. When my grandma told me about it I came up with an idea. I decided to make several fleece blankets and donate them to the cancer centers. I wanted to donate to the one in Petoskey – where my grandma went – and the local ones near me. I asked friends and family if anyone had any fleece they wanted to donate to my project. They were very generous and I received a lot of fleece and money donations to help fund my project. Before I could make my first delivery, my grandma passed away. I included with my blankets a note that said they were in memory of my grandma and hoped the blanket would provide them comfort during their treatment as it did my grandma. My first delivery was to the Oncology department at McLaren. The nurse was very thankful and said that the patients would be very appreciative to receive them. I plan on continuing to make more blankets and donate them. This is important to me because I want other people going through this to know that someone cares about them and to provide some comfort during their hard time.

Madison Graham
So, it all happened when I was on the bus. There was this high schooler. It was a few stops before mine and she was sleeping, so I kindly patted her and said “Hey isn’t your stop in a few minutes?” so she said “Yes!! Thank you so much.” Then, by the time I said “You’re welcome,” she had to get off the bus. But, before she did I had one more ticket so I said “One more thing I’m a Blueberry Ambassador, so here’s a Blueberry Card.” She said “Thank you” and got off the bus. After that I feel good because I did something good for her and my school I will never forget this moment and I hope she doesn’t either.

Emjae Jensen
Blueberry Moment 10897
For my first Blueberry Moment, I went to the store and bought two hats, two pairs of gloves, and two scarves. Then, I put them in two Ziploc baggies with a quote I hand wrote on a piece of paper and attached the Blueberry Card on the back. I gave directions saying, “Take this quote and whatever you need out of this bag to keep you warm.” I also wrote “Hi! I hope that this random act of kindness was able to put a smile on your face and also inspire you to do something kind for someone else. Stay warm this cold winter and be kind to others.” We then drove to Downtown Lapeer and tied both of them around a lamp post with the Ziploc bags saying “Please take me if needed!” After two days, one bag was gone. Then after a few more days, so was the second one. It felt so good to know that I helped someone who was in need and probably made their day. It would be so exiting if someday I saw someone wearing an item I had put in the bag. I can’t wait to do more random acts of kindness for others and put a smile on their face!

Blueberry Moment 10898
For my second Blueberry Moment, I got two red and green bins and printed off

individual Christmas coloring books for 25 children.  I put each coloring book inside a Ziploc baggie with a brand-new box of crayons, markers or colored pencils. I also included a note about how being sick or sitting in a hospital waiting room was no fun. I dropped one bag off at the McClaren emergency room in Lapeer and another bag off at the Hurley after hour clinic. When I went to the Hurley after hour clinic I explained what the bag was for and they were so thankful for the bag and told us we could set it in the waiting room. When I went into the McClaren hospital I also explained the bags to them, then I set it in the emergency waiting room. It felt so good to know that now because of me, a kid in the emergency room or someone who is just sick will feel a little bit happier.

Blueberry Moment 10896
For my third Blueberry Moment, two kids in my class had been feeling down. One student just had been feeling depressed lately. The other student was new to the district and was also struggling from some financial problems at home; he also was having kids not treat him respectfully or very nice. I felt bad for the two students and wanted to do something little that might lift their spirits. So, I decided that I was going to make them a card and have it signed by our whole class giving them compliments about their personality. After a couple of days, I gave the girl the card and the Blueberry Card. When I gave her the card she smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen her smile before. She looked like she lit up with just real genuine happiness. She said “Thank you so much, this literally made my day!” It felt so, so good to know that I was the reason someone smiled that hard and made someone’s day better. I then gave the boy the card; he seemed a little shocked at first that someone had done this for him but then seemed happy and for once just acted happy. This was a change because he usually doesn’t act, super happy. I loved doing these random acts of kindness for others and making them feel better.

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