Davison High School Blueberry Ambassadors spread positivity as they complete their Blueberry Moments

Davison High School, coordinator Darcey Kondel

Ethan Gruenberg

Blueberry Moment 18674
For my first act, I helped someone in the hall when they dropped their books and papers. I decided to do this because I enjoy helping people who are in need. Although it was a small act, I could tell she was grateful, which in return made me feel good as well.

Blueberry Moment 18678
For my second act, I found a lost dog in my neighborhood and brought it back home. I did this because it was very cold outside and the snow was deep. I also considered how scared the owner must have felt knowing their dog is out in the cold. When I eventually helped it get back, the owner was very happy. This made me feel good because I brightened someone’s day and helped them out.

Blueberry Moment 18679
Finally for my last act, I helped my neighbor out by shoveling their driveway for them. I wanted to help them because they have done things for me and my family in the past so I wanted to return the favor. This made me feel good, along with them feeling grateful.

Jackson Bunyak
I bought someone a donut. I did this because they forgot their money and I decided to buy them one. They were glad to get a donut and enjoyed it a lot. It made me feel good buying them a donut. 

I helped my grandpa build a shed. I did this because he needed help and no one would help him. This made him feel really happy. I felt good for helping him. 

I picked up another student’s books for him. He dropped them and looked upset. It helped him not to be late for class that day so he was glad. I felt good for helping him out. 

Jenna MacDonald
I went to Tim Hortons and I bought the person behind me food and drinks. I felt really good doing it because I had never done something like that before and I remember when people do that for me it makes me really happy. 

I wrote positivity cards that said I hope you have a wonderful day, I am thinking of you, etc. and I left them in people’s mailboxes. Doing this made me really happy because it is something positive that is being spread around and I think everyone could use more positivity in their lives. 

I went to the grocery store and I saw an elderly lady looking like she needed help getting the bags to her car. So, I helped take them to her car and helped her put them in. Doing this made me feel good because I felt like the senior citizens of our community don’t get help as often as they deserve.

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