Davison Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors bring joy to community members

Davison Hill Elementary, coordinator Leigh Anne Draper

Chloe Foss
I was at the Lapeer Rec Center and this lady dropped her yoga mat and it rolled away. I went to go get it and returned it to her. 

We were driving and we stopped at a red light and there was a guy on the roof with not that much. So, we decided to give him five dollars. I think he felt joyful. 

We were in the McDonalds drive through and we paid for the person behind us. I personally thought that the person was shocked, but also warm inside.

Drew Aagesen
Blueberry Moment 15771
For my first random act of kindness, I bought groceries with my own money for a family who can’t afford them. When I did it, it made me feel like those kids are going to have a great Christmas. It also made me feel like I put happiness into someone’s life.

Blueberry Moment 15772
For my second act of random kindness, I was playing in a basketball game and accidentally tripped one of my opponents and I picked him up and asked if he was okay. I then apologized and the referee said that I had good sportsmanship. It made me feel like I was a good friend.

Blueberry Moment 15770
For my last random act of kindness, I went to the store and bought a child who does not have father, presents that he wanted for Christmas that he could not afford. I bought, clothes, toiletries and snow boots   It made me feel like I put Christmas cheer into this boy’s life. This was a project called Angel Tree through our Church.

Emily Christian
The first random act of kindness I did was go through the McDonalds drive thru and payed for the person behind us. We also handed the cashier the Blueberry Card to hand the person. 

Next, I babysat Mrs. Campbell’s kid named Tate. He is so CUTE! I helped her because her other two kids had to go to the doctors and the appointment would have been to long for that kid. He is only one.

Finally, I helped my grandma by cleaning up her yard and I got and brought her garbage cans in from the end of the driveway. She said I was a big help!

Addison Fifield
I went to the gas station and a person there did not have enough money to pay for gas to get home. He had his wife and kids in the car and they had no other way to get home. Me and my mom went inside the gas station and paid ten dollars for him to get home. He was very happy and grateful we paid for his gas. Paying for his gas made me feel fantastic about myself.

I got several of my toys and games that I used once or twice or even not at all! I decided I would donate all of them to the Whaley Children’s Center. There were two big bags full of toys and games. On the way there, I called Whaley Children’s Center and told them who I was, where I was from and asked if they were accepting donations at that time. They have 40 kids ages 7 to 17. All the people there were very happy I donated the two bags full of stuff all the kids could use. I also felt amazing about donating to the kids who don’t have as much as me. 

My mom and I made four Christmas wreaths. We brought them into Brookdale senior center and a worker saw us come in. He took us to where a bunch of people were gathered. He took me around to meet some people there and I got to hand out all my wreaths. The people there were very appreciative. When we were about to leave, we overheard one of the ladies that works there explaining the Blueberry program. She said that it was not planned and we just came unexpectedly. It made me feel very good about myself. It was a fantastic experience.

Hailey Harris
Blueberry Moment 15750
At school, Chloe got out of the car and the wind blew. She had not noticed her bag was open and the papers were falling out of her bag. I started to pick up the papers. I helped because it is a nice thing to do and the right thing to do. Chloe reacted by saying thank you three times. It felt good to help and it made me feel happy inside.

Blueberry Moment 15751
While at Doogies shopping, an older lady was looking at Christmas decorations and had dropped one. I picked it up then asked if she was going to buy it. She said no, so I put it back. I helped her because it’s a nice and kind act. She had reacted by saying thank you. It made me feel joyful and helpful inside.

Blueberry Moment 15752
At the Advent workshop, there are ornaments we make. I made one for grandma because I thought she would love it. I gave it to her and she loved it. I did it because I wanted to make her happy. She kept saying thank you when I gave it to her. It made me feel happy inside.

Isaac Luna
Blueberry Moment 15708
I decided to take cookies down to my neighbor’s house. I knew her husband had passed away and thought she may like some cookies to cheer her up around the holidays. When I handed her the cookies with my Blueberry Card on top, she said “Oh, thank you so very much. These Blueberry things are really neat!” It made me feel happy that I could bring her some joy.

Blueberry Moment 15722
I was at church when I saw someone doing basketball evaluations. He was very busy and did not have anyone to help him. I went up to him and said, “I can help you,” and handed him a Blueberry Card. He smiled at me and said, “Thanks, man! I could really use your help.” He had me do rebounds and demonstrate the techniques to help keep the evaluations going on time. I was happy to help him out.

Blueberry Moment 15721
For my third Blueberry Moment, I was able to help my Grammy. My Papa passed away several years ago and my Grammy lives all alone. I asked her if I could help her by setting up her Christmas tree and decorations for her. She said yes and I put up the train under the Christmas tree. When I had finished, she asked me to help hang the stockings. She said, “Thanks for your help, kiddo!” I felt helpful and she felt happy that she had someone to help her.

Blaze Kuzmanovski
Blueberry Moment 15764
On Thanksgiving morning, my mom and I went to Meijer and bought eight poinsettias. We planned on taking them to a senior center. We decided to go to Charter Senior Living in Davison. We planned to hand them to actual people, but the workers at the center wanted us to place them in the common areas for all to enjoy. I did talk to the people at the center who told us it was nice and thoughtful. I felt happy that they liked them.

Blueberry Moment 15765
I placed a flower on my teacher’s desk. I didn’t want her to know it was me. I wanted it to be a random act of kindness that just made her happy. I was happy she didn’t know it was me.

Blueberry Moment 15766
We went to Meijer in early December and bought two big poinsettias. Our plan was to hand them out to people walking out of the store. We noticed two people loading their car parked in a handicap parking space and decided we should give to them and help load them to their car. One person told us that we made her day! The other lady said thank you. I was thrilled they were so surprised by our kindness.For two of my random acts of kindness, we actually made more than just one person happy. I like knowing they all get to look at the plants and remember that there are good people doing good things every day.

Colton Rich
Blueberry Moment 15735
One of my Blueberry Moments was when I took 100 pennies out of my bank and put them in a blue plastic cup. I made a poster and took both the cup and the poster to Meijer on Irish Rd. I introduced myself and explained what I was doing to the store manager, Cindy. She was very excited and gave me permission to continue with my act of kindness. I then stood by the horse ‘Sandy’ and waited for kids to come by and ride on ‘Sandy’. They took a penny out of my cup and rode ‘Sandy’ as many times as they chose. I decided to do this because I know parents don’t always have a penny available for kids to ride. It made me feel good to see so much joy and happiness on their faces. I know that this act of kindness was appreciated because a grandmother tried to offer me money for what I was doing. The store manager, parents, and children showed their appreciation by thanking me or hugging me. I would love to repeat this again someday.

Blueberry Moment 17536
I helped with moving my uncle from Grand Blanc to Lowell, MI. I tore down bed frames, packed clothes in boxes, wrapped dishes, glasses, and silverware. He had me wrap his television in bubble wrap. I carried all the small boxes and loaded them into the moving truck. Tearing down the 50-gallon fish aquarium was the hardest job I had to do. I had to catch all the different fish and put them in separate containers. I took more containers and drained 50 gallons of water from the aquarium. I cleaned the stones. I was getting tired, but I knew the moving truck had to be back in Lowell by 10:00 PM that night, so I loaded all the fish onto the truck. I knew that he appreciated the extra help. There were a few more boxes downstairs so I loaded them onto the truck too. I also helped my uncle put a tarp onto the trailer and helped him tie it down. My uncle told me that I was a great help and that he could not have done it without my help. It made me feel good that I made his work a little easier. I would be happy to help him again.

Blueberry Moment 17534
The day after Thanksgiving, I noticed that my dad’s elderly neighbor’s yard in Davison had not been raked yet. I went over with my dad and told Chuck about my Blueberry Act of Kindness project. I asked him if I could rake and bag his leaves for him. I knew that he was unable to do it so I thought I would do it for him. He sat by the window and watched as I raked his yard. The smile on his face showed me how much he appreciated what I was doing. When I got it all done, Chuck came out to look at it. He was so happy to see all the leaves gone from his yard. The smile on his face is something I won’t ever forget. It made me feel good knowing that I helped a senior citizen. It’s nice knowing that I helped in the community. He thanked me and shook my hand and said I did a very good job.

Alia Puzjak
Blueberry Moment 15717
My first Blueberry Moment was bringing a plate of cookies to my neighbor, Wendel. He had a very big surgery recently and had to go all the way to Ann Arbor for his surgery. It was such a serious surgery his recovery time in the hospital is expected to be at least one whole month. So, I decided to bring him and his favorite nurse each a little Halloween treat! My mom and I noticed that Wendel’s wife has not been home a lot since his surgery. We figured she must be at the hospital with Wendel. I have been neighbors with Wendel and his wife my whole life! We had noticed his more frequent coughing and wheezing throughout the summer. He is the type of neighbor to always be working outside. We have actually been concerned about his health. We wanted to show them we care.One day, I noticed that Wendel’s wife was home. So, my sister and I got really busy making pumpkin spice cookies. One plate for his favorite nurse that has been taking very good care of him and of course a plate for him and his family. Wendel’s wife was super exited to receive the plates of cookies. She said she would take it to him and the nurse. We put the Blueberry Card in with the cookies so the nurse could have it. Hopefully that kind and talented nurse will pay my kindness foreword. I made his day better just by bringing him in a plate of cookies!

Blueberry Moment 15719
For my second Blueberry Moment, I made homemade items and put them together into a gift bag for my peers, both friends and acquaintances at my dance school. I am going to be a soldier in the Nutcracker Ballet performed by the dance students of the FSPA. My mom and I thought it would be a good idea to give out nutcracker gift bags to all the people that are in the Nutcracker. Some of the things that will be in the bags are little Nutcracker ornaments, candy, necklaces with little charms and a card that says congratulations! These people have worked so hard on their part so I thought they deserved it. We auditioned the last week of September and have been working on our dances since the first week of October. We handed out nearly 50 goody bags at our pre-performance Nutcracker luncheon on Saturday.  I know that everyone liked their goody bags because I saw lots of smiles that day!

Blueberry Moment 15718 
I am bringing a box to a little two-year-old with some unused toys of my brothers. The little boy’s mom works at our local grocery store. For Christmas, the little boy asked his mom and dad for a plain box so he could sit and color in it. Then I thought about all the toys my brother doesn’t use anymore and asked my mom if I could give this mom the toys to her for the little boy for Christmas presents. We first asked the lady if she would like the toys and when she responded yes, we packaged them up nicely, wrapped them pretty and took them to the grocery store.My sisters and I also went through all of our pretty party dresses and have found friends or younger family to give the beautiful dresses and shoes we have outgrown. We have also put together two bags of clothing and new toys and donated it to Outreach East in Davison.

Connor Wickham
We were at Applebee’s for my mom’s birthday celebration dessert. When it was time to check out, the waiter told my mom that the desert was on the house! My mom had a ten-dollar gift card to use so I thought it would be a great idea to give it to our waiter since he did not charge us. I wanted to pay it forward. My mom thought it was a great idea!

While the leaves were falling, I had an idea to go to some neighbors houses and pick up the leaves and put them out to the road. So, I went to my gramps shed and get the tractor out. I saw one of my neighbors raking his leaves out to the road. I could tell he was getting tired. So, I asked him if I could help him by using the tractor crunching and blowing the leaves out of his yard. He was thrilled I finished his yard for him! I ended up doing two more of my neighbors’ yards, they were not home at the time but I’m sure they were happy! I am always happy to help!

I wanted to do something nice for a child for Christmas this year. My Grammy and I were talking about what I could do for a child in need. She gave me an idea, and I ended up choosing Operation Christmas Child. We were at JCPenney waiting for pictures to be taken. We had some time and I picked out a Hot Wheels a tail rattling action car, coloring book with crayons, M&Ms, hairbrush, and a toothbrush. My grammy took it to the post office for me. It makes me feel good that that little boy has something to open on Christmas day.

Tori Schumacher
First, I helped my mom rake the leaves. She was so happy for what I did. She had a smile on here face. 

Second, I helped her bring in the groceries every time we did shopping.  She was so happy for that one too. She said, “Thank you, Tori I appreciate it.” I was happy too. 

Third, I held the door open for my mom every day when we go outside or inside. She was happy for that one also.

Colton Bell
After church, I offered my Sunday school teacher some help with cleaning up after all the kids left. Mr. Tom was in the room while I picked up thumb tacks, markers, colored pencils, papers, and crayons. I decided to do this because I felt bad for them, they had to do this all by themselves, so that’s when I came in and did it for them. He was very happy he told his whole family about it right away and I felt happy.

After my sister’s choir concert at the high school, I offered Mrs. Duprey to help pick up all of the decorations. I decided to do this because there are usually a lot of decorations so I helped out. Her reaction to it was very happy she said, “Oh my gosh, I have never gotten one of these thank you so much.” I felt happy and good at the same time. 

Blueberry Moment 15724
I wrote thank you cards to active military members and mailed them to a military base. I included my Blueberry Card. Doing this act of kindness made me feel proud and happy to be bringing happiness to someone else.

Emilia Luna
Blueberry Moment 15779
My first Blueberry Moment was when we paid for the person behind us at McDonald’s. They seemed to be happy because they honked at us as we drove away. It made me feel good to spread kindness and make someone’s day.

Blueberry Moment 15780
My second Blueberry Moment is when I volunteered at the soup kitchen in Flint and made goodie bags for the homeless. They were very happy to get special treats because they can’t afford to buy themselves candy/chocolates. This made me feel awesome, probably one of my best Blueberry Moments yet.

Blueberry Moment 15781
My third Blueberry Moment was when I made slime for my cousin who is sick. He lives in Pennsylvania, so I don’t get to see him often. He has to go to the hospital for treatments, so I thought he could play with the slime while he waits. It made me feel good knowing that he loves to play with the slime that I made for him.

Emerson Hall
My first blueberry moment was when I made a little letter for the mail lady. I gave her two gift cards. I gave her a Tim Hortons gift card and a gift card to Subway. She even wrote back! It felt awesome.

My second blueberry moment is when I got a yellow paper star and taped on a quarter. I taped it to a bubble gum machine at Meijer. I hope that made somebody’s day.

My final Blueberry Moment is when I was at Meijer on the diaper changing table. I put a Tim Hortons gift card and a pack of wipes so that whoever changes their baby they could use some wipes and get some coffee.

William Latchana
Blueberry Moment 15713
For my first Blueberry Moment, I decided to use a buy one, get one free coupon for McDonald’s. After my soccer practice, my mom and I went to a McDonald’s right next to where my soccer practice was but no one was in line. So, then we went to the one on M-15. When we got there, we saw some people in line that were about to order so we got in there as fast as we could. Once we got in there, the man that I wanted to do the Blueberry Moment for said, “Go ahead and order,” but then my mom asked if I could talk to him for a second and that’s when I told them that I am a Blueberry Ambassador and what a Blueberry Ambassador does. Next, I said I wanted to get him anything they wanted off the value menu. He picked the Big Mac and that’s what we got him. Lastly, I handed the Blueberry Card to him. Doing that Blueberry Moment made me feel really good because he was very grateful and he had a big smile on his face.

Blueberry Moment 15714
For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided to buy hot chocolate for Custo Joe and the safety patrol. In the morning, my dad and I went to speedway to get hot chocolates. We filled them all up with hot chocolate and Custo Joe’s hot chocolate was a little bit bigger. When we got to Hill, I waited for Custo Joe to go out of the school and then my dad got out of the car with the hot chocolate. I went up to him and he thought the hot chocolate was for me but then I explained it was for him. He was very surprised and happy. I was also very happy because he was happy. When safety patrol was just about to go inside I said I had a surprise for them. Then my dad came out of his car again and handed them all hot chocolates. They all had smiles on their faces and they were very thankful because they were cold.

Blueberry Moment 15734
For my third Blueberry Moment, I decided to give cookies to my grandpa and a person that works at the assisted living home my grandpa lives at. My dad and I were on the way to soccer and we made a stop at the assisted living home. When we got to the assisted living home, we walked in and a person was sitting at the front desk. I grabbed the cookies, introduced myself, told her I am a Blueberry Ambassador. I told her that she deserved the cookies because she has done a lot of hard work around the assisted living home. She was very thankful and surprised. Then we went to my grandpa’s room and gave cookies. He was very happy also. Giving those cookies to them made them feel happy and that made me feel happy too.

Elliot Suciu-Ford
What I did for my first Blueberry Moment was during summer vacation. I found out my friend’s soccer teammate’s brother got in a motorcycle accident and needed money for some kind of testing. So, what I did was made a lemonade stand. My mom was having a garage sale at the time so I knew it would be perfect. My goal was to make at least $12. I ended up making $37! They were really happy when I gave it to them. So, I decided it would be a good time to pull out the Blueberry Card.

My second Blueberry Moment was when dad took me out on date night in his new car… When I tasted the coney island food steak and eggs they were delicious so I got a pen and wrote “Food was delicious, great job!” and I just so happened to have a Blueberry Card in my pocket so I stuck it out of the napkin and hoped they would like it.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I couldn’t exactly give them the Blueberry Card but it’s the moment and the thought that counts. Me and my mom were leaving and waiting for somebody to bring our car back while we were at a drumming concert. When I looked over, I saw that everyone had to push the door open for themselves and I thought about what we had talked about in our class so I went through and held the door open for everyone and said, “Have a great night!”

Ellerie Vickerman
My first random act of kindness started when I heard about an older man in the hospital recovering from a stroke. He had been a patient for quite some time and was feeling very sad. I decided to make several get well soon cards to cheer him up, silly fun cards that would make him laugh!After they were delivered, I had a message and photo sent to my house… the man was holding the cards smiling and cheerful.

Jake Ferguson
Blueberry Moment 15728
For my Blueberry Moment, I used my own money to give food to the poor. I earned the money by doing chores. I decided to do this because I have lots of food but other people can’t afford it. I know the Bible says you are supposed to give to others so I did this.  It made me feel really good. A few years ago, I volunteered at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan so I know where this food will go and how it will help people that can’t afford food.

Blueberry Moment 15729
For my Blueberry Moment, I helped at my sister’s school concert. I helped clean up stage decorations. I felt like if I helped clean up, the director of the concert could get home faster with her kids because it was late at night. The director smiled and said, “Thank you for helping me”. It made me feel really happy and helpful. 

Blueberry Moment 15730
For my Blueberry Moment, I gave a card to Norma Jean at my church. She is home bound which means she has to stay at home. It made me really happy knowing that she will be happy. In the card, I gave her a drawing and a magnet to put on her refrigerator. I think she will like it because I made it especially for her.

Camden Lobban
On my tenth birthday, I received a Lego set that I already had. I asked if I could take it back to Walmart and my mom said yes. So, I returned the set to Walmart and got the money for it. Instead of using all the money for just me, I let my brothers pick something out buy and I paid for it. 

A few Sundays later, after Sunday school was over, I noticed the Legos were still on the table. The teacher started cleaning the Legos to take to the big room. It looked like she needed help so I went over and helped her. We cleaned up all the Legos and moved them to the big room. My teacher was very thankful.

One Saturday when my dad and I were at my grandma’s house, we noticed her year was covered in leaves. We were supposed to have a snow storm the next day. So, I suggested that we rake her lawns for her. The next day, my family and I raked her front and back yard.

Avarry Bissett
I went to ABC 12 news station and donated five coats for coats for kids. I chose this act because I want kids like me to be warm when it gets cold out.

I made a candy cane wreath for my neighbor because they have been so nice these past years. She was SO happy. And I mean SUPER happy.

My mom picked an ornament off the giving tree at her work for a child that doesn’t have family so we can give him what he would like for Christmas. We wanted to put a smile on his/her face for Christmas. I know he/she will be thankful.

Everett Dean
Blueberry Moment 15761
I made cookies for my neighbor, Mrs. Bois. I decided to make them because she is very nice and friendly. When I went over to deliver the cookies, it was even more of a surprise to Mrs. Bois because apparently, it was also her birthday. She was so happy and thankful that I thought of her. It made me feel good.

Blueberry Moment 15762
My grandma was in town and I took her dog for a daily walk for the week she visited. She was really grateful for that because she has a hard time walking long distances. It made me feel good to help her out.I used my money to pay for someone’s coffee at the drive thru line. They were behind us in line and I said that I wanted to pay for the person behind us and I am sure it made them happy. Who doesn’t love free coffee? I felt good about being able to buy their coffee.

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