Davison Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors strive to make hearts happy

Davison Hill Elementary, coordinator Jodi Halverson

Mikey Kellaway          
At Christmas time, my grandpa and one of our friends had surgery. To help them out while they recovered, my mom and I made dinners for them. We put together lasagna, homemade coleslaw, and garlic bread; and I made them get-well cards. The only work they had to do was bake it in the oven for an hour whenever they were ready to eat. We got the idea of making dinners for people from our friends at church. Some of them made dinners for us when me and my brother where born, and recently when my dad had surgery. It’s fun to cook, and even more fun to cook for friends and family when they need a little help in life.

The day after Christmas, I went to the movies with my family. When we walked up to the door, I held it open for two elderly ladies, and they thanked me. Holding the door open is an easy task for people like myself. So, I enjoy helping other people do things that are not so easy for them. It makes me feel good about myself whenever I can offer a helping hand.

My family and I like to spend our time volunteering with our church at The Franklin Avenue Mission. So instead of one specific time there, I want to describe what a normal trip there looks like for me. At the Mission, I help serve dinners to the residents of Flint’s East Side. When dinner is over, I help clean up the tables and reset them for the next day. Once the floors are swept and the kitchen is clean, our evening is complete, and all the volunteers and diners start to go home. We like going because we like to lend a helping hand. In addition to that, it is great to hear the people tell us how thankful they are for what we do.

Amber Hatchel
For my first Blueberry Moment, we had a 90th Birthday for my Grandma at Trinity Church. I volunteered to pass out cake and ice cream to the guests there were a lot of people! I was really busy! Then after I helped clean up and I felt really good. 

We have a friend who owns Star Bros Coney Island. We go there once a month for dinner and he always gives me a dollar! So, for Christmas I made him a card and took it into him. He was so happy. He even put it up in his restaurant.

My friend who owned the Star Bros Coney Island gave me five dollars for Christmas! So, I took the five dollars and bought bags of candy bars. I took them to my mothers work at Charter Senior Living and I met the residents and talked with them and gave them all candy bars! 

Ellie Rogers
It was a beautiful fall day and I look out of the car window to see lots and lots of leaves in my grandma’s yard. She has a really hard time seeing. I felt so bad. So, I decided to rake leaves for her and to my surprise she was so happy! She was very glad for me to help. It made me happy for doing something kind.

It was a cold winter day and snow was falling. It was almost Christmas Eve and it was a traditional with our neighbors to give out Christmas cookies. Every single time I do cookies, I love the most to see the joy on people’s faces when we make them the cookies. Even though I love cookies, I still enjoy giving them away!

My friends and I had no idea what to do at recess. Then I got an idea. Let’s do a random acts of kindness! So, the first thing I did was look at the buddy bench to see one person was sitting there. Then, before we knew it, she had a smile on her face because we sat down to talk to her. 

Amber Rogers
I helped rake leaves and then making and delivering cookies to neighbors.

Desmond Harwell
I was playing basketball when someone ran by me and pushed my friend Zach into the snow. So, I helped Zach up and took him to the office to get new clothes and change. Then I took him back to recess and walked around and around the track with him. When recess was over, we lined up and went inside to go to the library. That afternoon in library someone pushed him again and I helped by telling who it was and it was the same person who pushed him at recess!

We went to Aldi’s and I had a quarter to get a cart. When I went to stick the quarter in the slot, someone had already left one in, so I took that cart and used it. When we left, we put that cart back where we found it and left the quarter in the slot and I put my quarter in another cart so someone can use that cart too. I felt good about that and we left and went home. 

We went to my brother’s swim meet and they were short on people to help. My mom and I volunteered to stand at the door and collect money for tickets. I helped my mom make change. 

Payton Moore
For my first random act of kindness, I helped make meals for people who are starving. We made 40,000 meals that will feed 117 people for a whole year! After making the meals we learned about a little boy who couldn’t stand up at the age of 2, but with proper care and plenty of food he is now healthy enough to go to school like you and me.

For my second random act of kindness, I made a Heath bar pie for an elder at my church. His name is Mr. Wally and he’s always giving us candy so we wanted to return the favor. After service we gave Mr. Wally the pie and said “thank you” for all the candy you have given us. The next time we went to church Mr. Wally said there was only one problem – that he had to share it with his wife.

For my last random act of kindness, I helped my grandma and grandpa. I dusted their furniture and exercise equipment then swept the kitchen floor. I even helped make the salad for lunch by drying the lettuce and adding the mandarin oranges. I’m really glad I got to spend time with my grandparents and for the opportunity to help them.

Logan Walsh
My first Blueberry Moment was raking my neighbor’s leaves. One October day, I was going to play outside and then I remembered by elderly neighbor who is always outside doing yard work and I wanted to help her out. I wanted to rake her leaves. My dad and I used the leaf blower and rakes and I thought it was very hard work! She really appreciated the work we did for her!

My second Blueberry Moment was not very big, but it could have made a difference in someone’s day. I went to Tim Horton’s and saw an elderly lady behind me. At first, I thought she was too far away for me to hold the door, but then I thought that it might make her feel good if I did hold the door for her. So, I stayed and held the door. It made me feel very good because I probably made her feel really happy. 

For my third Blueberry Moment, I helped out at VG’s Grocery Store. I asked customers if they needed help bagging, pushing their carts to their cars or pushing their carts back to the store. I helped out for one hour and was able to help about 28 customers. My favorite part was riding an Amigo back to the store after a customer was done with it. A few people tried to give me tips, but I donated them to the Habitat for Humanity fund. I had a lot of fun being a Blueberry this year, especially at the Kickoff Ceremony and working at VG’s!

Aiden Weiss
I helped a family have a Christmas. I gave a lot of toys to them and gave them $200 for Christmas. I hope it made them feel happy, blessed and grateful. Giving back to a family in need made me feel like a good person. I felt good about making their hearts happy.

I gave Valentine’s Day goodie bags to Whaley’s Children for the kids. I hope it made them feel happy, blessed and grateful. When I gave them the goodie bags to the children, it made me feel happy and excited for them. I felt good about making their hearts happy. 

I helped my sister unload the dishwasher. It was really fun! I think it made her feel happy and appreciated. It made me feel like a helpful person and it made me feel like it’s helping another in need. 

I took the garbage out without being asked to do so. wanted to place a box on the front porch for all of the people delivering packages to my House We made cookies and took them to our neighbors.

Madison Cole
For my first act of kindness, I went with my aunt and we donated dog food and blankets to the humane society. I felt really bad for all the animals that were there in the cages. I was really excited that I was able to do this for them. 

For my second random act of kindness I surprised my mom with breakfast in bed. I made waffles and fruit for her. She was so surprised and happy that I did this for her. I had fun doing this for her.

My third act of kindness was cleaning everyone’s desks in my class at school. I stayed in from recess and used my time to do this. I still had fun and it felt good to do something like this for my classmates.

Leah Hensley
My first Blueberry Moment is that I set out a basket with all kinds of snacks and drinks for the ups and the mail people. It made me feel awesome. I just love it when the mail people or the ups come and picks up a snack or drink. I just know it made them feel grateful. I love it when I get to share my stuff with other people.

My second Blueberry Moment is I handed out homemade Valentines cards at my mom’s work. My mom works at Pace of Genesee county. She works with elderly people and they don’t get a lot of stuff or might not have any family. So, I went and I handed out the homemade valentines. I was a little nervous but when I did it, it was VERY fun! They were super happy! They gave me LOTS of hugs! I just wanted them to feel like they were at home.

My third and final Blueberry Moment is I helped leader dog puppies with their exercises. It made me feel grateful that I got to it at all! The breeder was really happy that she didn’t have to do it because she had to do it 13 more other days. I loved that I got to help out!

Faith Smith
I put a box with snacks and drinks for the delivery drivers. We did it close to the holidays when we received a lot of packages. I did it because they might get tired and hungry after they carry a lot of heavy boxes. When it’s close to Christmas it’s really busy because a lot of presents have to be delivered. They deliver stuff to us, so we give them snacks to thank them for delivering are stuff.

On MLK Day, my Girl Scout troop and I packed food for local charity organization through United Way at a big event at the Dort Event Center. I felt happy because we helped serve to those in our community who need food. I learned that people around us do not have a lot of food and it is important for us to help. I plan to do this again with my family.

I decided to clean out our family bookshelf and found many books I could share with kids who do not have books or many books. The books can teach other kid’s new information. Having a lot of books helped me love to read and I want others to love books too.   

Alexis Flynn
For my first Blueberry Moment, I helped my grandma cook dinner. I thought she liked the help and I did to. Every week I help to carry up clean clothes from the laundry. 

For my second moment, I am helping my little sister with her sight words after school. She is practicing very hard.

Finally, I helped my uncle take care of my baby cousin with my sister. Our cousin was happy and so was I. The best way to be a blueberry is just to be helpful and kind to people.

Addyson Kondel
On October 12, 2020 our friend’s baby named Norah had her first birthday party. Her mom asked us if we could make Norah’s cake for her and we said yes! The cake was all pink and a lot of work, but I had a lot of fun decorating it. The best part was watching Norah smash the cake all over her face. 

On January 12th, 2020 my Aunt Whitney had this event called Sisterhood Sunday. She needed help so she called my mom and asked if we could help. We said yes! She then asked some friends to help her too. There were three different stations. I helped at one of the stations. The station I helped at had a picture frame and words. You picked out words that describe you and glued them to the picture frame. Every picture frame was different. On January 20th, 2020 I volunteered at the United Way and I packed meals for homeless people. Some of our friends came too. The meal that we packed was a soup that had noodles, sauce, vegetables and rice in it. My job was to put this packet filled with sauce into the bag. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to give back to those in need.

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