Davison Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors take random acts of kindness to global lengths

Davison Hill Elementary, coordinator Jodi HalversonAlia Puzjak

My first Blueberry Moment was going to dance at Richfield Academy’s brand new after school club. We got to bring traditional Mexican treats in for all the boys and girls. There were 20 boys and girls in all. My sister, Isla, and I got to say our Blueberry introduction speeches and inspire people to do things for others and join the Blueberry Ambassador tradition. We helped the girls learn their dances and we learned how to be good peer mentors.

Blueberry Moment 12913
My second Blueberry Moment was making food for homeless people. My big sister and I, with some other people went to a sheep farm and made sandwiches and sack lunches to give to people. We also delivered these 150 lunches to the homeless people in downtown Flint. I spent the afternoon with my favorite Great Auntie, fulfilling a good deed. I love to see a smile! It makes me feel special to know that the food we prepared and delivered will help people be a little healthier.

On my last Blueberry Moment, I went to a church hosting The South Flint soup kitchen with my friend Emilia, who is also a Blueberry Ambassador at my school. My cousin Gaby, a second grader at Siple Elementary helped too. The three of us, with the help of my Aunt, decided to make nice valentine bags. Inside were a couple of friendly Valentine’s cards to remind those troubled and lonely people there are others who care. One of my fondest memories will always be, when one man came to ask, “Which one of these bags has the good candy in it” then I held up a big chocolate heart and suddenly his face went blank; he was speechless for a second. Then he said, “I will take it!” I love helping in my community. When his face went blank, I knew I had just made someone’s day and also blew his mind at the same time! I had a great time and I have realized that community service is much more fun with friends and family!

Colton Bell
My first Blueberry Moment was when my sisters and I gave every teacher in our school some bleach bottles because it was flu season and they could spray everyone’s desk or table. We told them that when their bottles were empty, they could give them back to us and we would refill them. I gave the Blueberry Card to Mrs. Buzzell. I think that all the teachers in Hill school liked my act of kindness. I was very happy to know that I was helping to fight sickness at my school.

My second Blueberry Moment was at my church. I was planning to ask one of the adults to stay after church to help, I asked Mrs. Micky and she said yes. I thought it would be nice to clean up after church that’s why I wanted to do it. After church, I was cleaning up. I put away scissors and markers and threw away scraps. To finish my job, I brought her walkie-talkie to the front desk and I was done. This made me feel good to help out the adults at church.

My third Blueberry Moment was cleaning my mom and dad’s car. I was cleaning the car with my sisters. I was vacuuming the car floor, my little sister was cleaning the car seats, and my older sister was cleaning the car mats with a sponge. I decided to do this because our car was very dirty and we were about to go to Florida. My mom and dad were happy and I was happy to know that I helped clean our car for our upcoming vacation.

Emilia Luna
Blueberry Moment 12195
My first random act of kindness was sending clothes to Puerto Rico. A good friend has family that lives there and they need clothes. My whole family gathered clothes for them and I put a Blueberry Card in the box. I felt really good that I did something nice I hope they spread the kindness in Puerto Rico and not only in Davison.

Blueberry Moment 12196
My second act of kindness was when someone I knew had a house fire. I gave her some clothes, a backpack and lunch box to use. I also brought my friend a popsicle to make her feel better. I was sad that her house burnt down and hope everything will be okay.

Blueberry Moment 12197
For my third act of kindness, I volunteered at a soup kitchen in Flint with my family and friends. We served free breakfast to people in need. I helped with putting together Valentine goodie bags and then helped to serve drinks. The people who came there were very grateful to have a warm meal. There was a man with a guitar that was singing for us and then we gave him a bag with musical instruments on it. The man was very thankful for his gift and played a song on his guitar for us called Stray Cats. I felt amazing being able to help at the soup kitchen because I know they were able to eat at least one warm meal that day.

Emma Stokes
Blueberry Moment 12146
On November 11, 2017 I helped my mom unload the groceries. I realized she was doing it all by herself and may like the help. It made me feel like an important part of the family to help her and she told me she was so happy to have the help!

Blueberry Moment 12147
On December 5, 2017 I was in the drive through at McDonald’s with my mom. I asked her if I could use my money to pay for the person’s lunch behind us in line. She said yes and we did. We gave the Blueberry Card to the cashier and asked them to give it to the person we bought lunch for. It was kind of exciting knowing we did something nice for somebody else, even though we didn’t stay for them to see us.

Blueberry Moment 12148
On March 5, I put a funny card in my neighbor’s mailbox. She has been very sick and I thought it would cheer her up. 

Greyson Bellinger
I secretly gave another student a dime that was given to me just to be nice.

I held the door for adults at restaurants and stores.

I walked over and introduced myself to my new neighbors. Also, I asked Jude who was the new neighbor to come over and play ball with me and my brother.

Nick Anderson
My first Blueberry Moment was buying the person behind us at Tim Horton’s their breakfast. I decided to do this because one time someone did that for me and I thought it was really nice of them. I used my own money to do this random act of kindness and plan on doing something like this again soon.

My second Blueberry Moment was buying a tin of muffins for the office staff at my school. They work so hard and I wanted to say thank you. I wrote a thank you card for them and taped it to a tin of mini muffins that I bought with my own money.

My third Blueberry Moment was making a penny hockey game for my classroom. Every year my cub-scout den makes games. This year I make a wooden penny hockey game. I made two extra games to give to my teacher to use during indoor recess time. This was really cool because my friends get to enjoy the games when it is raining outside and we can’t go outside to play.

Taylor Usewick
When I was in Florida at Christmas I was upset with how people were littering all around the pool area. I decided to go throughout the entire pool area and clean up after everyone. I threw away their trash and cleaned their messes. I felt proud and accomplished. I did this because it was the right thing to do.

I helped a classmate out. I noticed that she was too busy helping another classmate out with class work to get the daily information into her planner. I decided to write the information into her planner for her. I didn’t want her to lose any credit for not having it done and I saw that she was too busy helping another classmate out. I was happy that he could help her and have her back just as she was by helping another classmate out.

William Latchana
Blueberry Moment 12165

My dad and I took back a lot of pop cans and one of the receipts was for $5.00. I knew that I wanted to give the receipt to someone at Meijer for my first Blueberry Moment. I was really nervous, but I still did it. We were in Meijer for almost two hours shopping and looking for someone to give the receipt to. My dad was encouraging me because I was nervous. I finally found someone who was in a wheelchair and I knew she was the one. I introduced myself and said I was in the third grade. I told her my dad and I were returning cans and I decided I wanted to give the money to her. I gave her my Blueberry Card and told her that I was in the Blueberry program and we do random acts of kindness. I asked that she do something nice to someone and then give the card them. She was so happy, and I was happy too. She told me that she had just let another shopper take the last large cart as she didn’t have much to buy and it made her feel good. She said that doing nice things for others makes the world go round. We both smiled. I was so happy that when I got back in the car I jumped up in excitement.

Blueberry Moment 12164

For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided to make my sisters breakfast. I wanted to make them eggs. So, I got up at 6:00 AM and my dad helped make the eggs. My dad and I went into the kitchen, got the eggs out, then got some bacon out, and put the bacon in the microwave. Then I cracked the egg in the pan and let it cook for a while. While that was cooking, I went upstairs to get my sisters. I woke Abby up first then went to Eva’s room but she was not there. I checked on the couch and there she was lying on the couch asleep. Abby woke her up and I told her I wanted her to come in the kitchen and I had a surprise for Abby and her. Then they ate their eggs and bacon and were so happy that I made them breakfast. I gave them the Blueberry Card but didn’t have to explain it as they both have been Blueberries. It made me feel so good to make my sisters happy.

Blueberry Moment 12166

For my third Blueberry Moment, my dad and I were going to the gas station to get a drink and we saw a police officer in the gas station so I decided I would give him a banana and a coffee. My dad and I went in the gas station and bought the banana and coffee. We gave it to him and he had a big smile on his face after I gave it to him. I gave him the card and explained the Blueberries. He said he would help others and give the card to them too. We both were happy. My dad knew him so they talked a while, and the police officer asked me about skiing, so I told him I was ranked 14 out of 589 boys who are 8-9 year olds. And I showed him a video of me skiing. Then my dad and he talked for a long time. After that, the police officer showed me his police car. It had a computer inside of the car.

Isaac Luna
I decided to shovel my neighbor’s driveway when we had a big snowstorm. I knew her husband had passed away, and thought she may like help. When I finished with her driveway, I gave her the Blueberry Card. She said “Oh, you are the Blueberry guy!” It made me feel happy that I could help her out.

I was walking in to church when I saw Mr. Mayer trying to carry in a lot of groceries. I asked him, “Would you like some help?” He said, “Sure, thank you!” I knew that he really appreciated my help so he didn’t have to make so many trips. I was glad to help out a friend who needed it.

I decided to make cookies for my neighbor. I knew that he had had surgery and wasn’t feeling well. I walked up to his house and said, “I am a Blueberry Ambassador, and I know you are going through some rough times, so I thought cookies might cheer you up”. He said, “Oh, thank you, I really appreciate it.” I felt happy because he needed someone to cheer him up and it felt good to be that person. 

Drew Aaegesen

For my first random act of kindness, I pumped up all the balls in the shed and the gym. When I did it, my pump broke and on the following Monday, I finished the job. If felt very nice to spread kindness to all.

For one of my Blueberry Ambassador Moments, I plowed my cul-de-sac when we had a snow day so everyone could get out safely. I gave my Blueberry Card to the neighbor and I told him what to do with it. I felt really happy to spread kindness.

For my last random act of kindness, I woke up and went to Tim Hortons with my dad. I brought my own hard earned money and paid for the person behind me. When we left, I was smiling because I knew had put a smile on someone else’s face.

Caitlin Powell
I helped my mom without her asking when our dishwasher was broke and did all the dishes. She was so happy when she got home from work and saw that all the dishes were done. It made me feel good to see my mom so happy.

While I was at breakfast I wanted to pay for the person behind me. I did this because I wanted to be nice and I was inspired by my sister. I was at Tim Horton’s, the people I paid for were very happy. It made me feel very happy too.

My sister sent a care package to members of the military and I thought this would be a good thing to do. I sent some treats and personal products to someone in the army. I did not get a response back but I am hoping that they liked it. It made me feel good that I could give to someone that helps protect our country every day.

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