Davison Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors volunteer at donation centers while inspiring others to pay it forward

Davison Hill Elementary, coordinator Debbie Alderson and Leigh Anne Draper

Addison Dunning

My first Blueberry Moment I did was for my mom. I shoveled our driveway without being asked. She was really happy I did that because she did not want snow.

My second Blueberry Moment I did was at lunch Calie dropped her lunch and I helped her pick it up.

My last Blueberry Moment I did was for Autumn. She needed help with her poster so I helped her.

Autumn Bell
My first act of kindness was when we went to go see the movie Wonder. I paid for my grandma’s ticket. I decided to do this because I felt bad that I invited her but she would have to pay for her ticket. My grandma was very surprised and thought it was very nice.

My second act of kindness was when I filled bottles of bleach cleaner and gave them to all of the teachers in Hill Elementary. I did it because it is flu season and I wanted to help kill the flu germs. All of teachers thought it was a great idea for us to bring in bottles of bleach cleaner.

My third act of kindness was helping Paisley finish an art project. She really appreciated what I did. I did it because we only had a few more minutes to finish the project and I knew she wouldn’t finish on time.

Ava Burton
My first random act of kindness is when I was up north in Petoskey. We were getting dinner at the Noggin Room. We left a 40 dollar tip because of their great service.

My second act of kindness was in my neighborhood I went around and shoveled their sidewalk and driveway for free.

My last act of kindness was at Dunkin Donuts when we paid the order for the person behind us.

Brooklynn Riley
For my first random act of kindness as a Blueberry Ambassador, I decided to take Donuts to my uncle’s work. My uncle works at the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department as a 911 Dispatcher. I decided to do this because if you think about it Dispatchers have a lot of work to do and a lot of stress. They have to answer calls from people who call 911 for an emergency. They often don’t know the outcome. When we went into the Dispatch Center, we had to be very quiet. Everyone was very grateful for the donuts. This made me feel thankful that we have these people to be there for when we are in an emergency.

My second random act of kindness was when I brought cookies into our church for our choir members. This was around Christmas time and they were working really hard to prepare for our Christmas program. Everyone was very excited because who doesn’t love cookies?! It made me happy to see them happy!

For my third act of kindness, I sent a care package to a lady at our church who is recovering from an illness. She is always so nice to me and my family and we wanted to do something to put a smile on her face. We decided to do this without them knowing it was from us. This is because we just wanted it to be an extra blessing for them. This made me feel happy to do something nice for someone who is struggling.

Cheyanne Alexander
For my Blueberry Moment, I found out about a girl who was hospitalized. She was really scared and sad. I went to the store and bought her a craft kit and stress ball to make her feel better. I left them on her doorstep for her parents to take back to her to make her feel better.

Chloe Wheaton
First, I helped Darby with the outreach east project, it felt really good to be able to help out the kids in needs.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I gave my dad a thank you card and that made me feel very good.

For my third Blueberry Moment, I played with my little brother and it made us both happy because no one wanted to play with him. Those are all three of my Blueberry Moments.

Darby Crystal
For my first Blueberry Moment, I brought money to treat my whole class to popcorn on a Friday. I did this because at the end of the day, when we eat popcorn, some people sit there with no snack. I wanted my entire class to at least have one popcorn for the year.

As one of our school Blueberry projects, we did a winter gear drive to donate to Outreach East, a donation center for families in need. To help make this more successful and for my second Blueberry Moment, we decided to do a can drive to save up more money to buy some extra winter gear to donate. Since the can drive was my idea Mrs. Halverson asked Chloe Wheaton and me to go around a talk to all the classes about the drive and asked my friends and I to collect the cans every week. We would count them up and then I would take them back to the store every weekend. With all the money I collected at the end I went shopping and bought some more really cool winter gear to donate to kids that needed it. This made me feel really good to help kids that don’t have the winter gear they need to stay warm and play outside.

For my third Blueberry project, I taught my younger brother, Greer, how to tie his shoes. He did not know how and I remembered when I was in kindergarten leaning how to do it with bunny ears so my mom and I thought that might help him too. One morning before school I asked him if I could show him a special trick so I showed him one shoe step by step and then had him practice on the other. We had to redo it once, but then he got the hang of it. Now he can do it and it’s pretty special that I helped him learn that. Before we went to basketball a couple days later, he asked me how to double knot so I showed him it was just one more loop. Now he can do that too and he is very proud of himself which makes me happy and proud too. My mom is really proud of me too.

Ian Murawski
Blueberry Moment 12174
My first Blueberry Moment was when I decorated my nana and papa’s house for Christmas. I chose to decorate my nana and papa’s house because I saw in their neighborhood that people decorated their house for Christmas. So, I decided to decorate their house for Christmas.

Blueberry Moment 12173
My second Blueberry Card was I drove through Tim Hortons and bought someone’s food behind me. The reason I chose to go to Tim Hortons drive through is because I felt like doing something kind that day and I wanted to start that person’s day off great. To me, I could tell I started that person’s day off great.

Blueberry Moment 12175
My third Blueberry Card was that I donated my old clothes to charity. The reason I chose to do this was because I wanted to do something that could help someone, so I started thinking of what I could and then this idea popped in my head. So, I looked at clothes that didn’t fit me. I bagged up my clothes and that was my Blueberry Moment.

Liam Ward
Blueberry Moment 12163
My first act of kindness was to make care packages for the homeless. My mom and I came up with the idea when we were brainstorming and remembered how many homeless families came into the soup kitchen we volunteered at. We added different things like soap, shampoo and baby wipes, also hand and foot warmers for when they’re out in the cold and some first aid items. We put in granola bars and small bottles of water and some small toys for the kids. We haven’t actually had a chance to hand them out yet but we’re on the schedule to volunteer later this month and will do it then. I’m hoping that they will be happy about our care packages and that they will be very useful to them.

Blueberry Moment 12162
My next act of kindness was for both my little sister and our military overseas. This is my sister’s first year as a Girl Scout and her troop was selling cookies. They each had a goal to sell at least 100 boxes, we could also buy boxes to be sent to military serving overseas. I decided that I could help my sister reach her goal and do a good deed for our military if I bought $20 worth of cookies to be sent overseas. My mom said it would be ok to use some of my birthday money I had saved and my sister and her troop were very happy when I made my donation to them. It made me happy too!

Blueberry Moment 12161
My last act of kindness was to make a blanket for a child who is going through chemo for the first time. My mom has a friend who started a charity where people make blankets for other people who have cancer and are going through their first round of chemo. My mom’s friends name is Lindsey and she started her charity when she had breast cancer and was going through chemo and someone had made her a blanket to keep her warm when she went for treatment. It made her so happy that she decided to pay it forward and has handed out hundreds of blankets and I wanted to help her charity and hopefully make someone’s day better who is going through a very scary and hard time. Lindsey was super thankful for the blanket which made me want to make more! 

Natalie Harris 
One day, my mom came home from work and told me about the Whaley House and the kids there. A couple weeks later I was sorting through my old books. I was going to give them away and I decided that I wanted to give them to the kids there. When I went there to drop off the books I also learned about the kids and some of the reasons why they are in the center. I saw the school, the house where most of them live, and the main office. They were very glad to have all those books and it showed me that I want to do more to help people in need.

One night, my sister was very sad because she left her blanket at daycare. This meant she was going to have to go to bed without it. I still have my childhood blanket and felt very sad for her. So, I asked her if she wanted to sleep with my blanket. I decided to do this because I love my little sister and when I’m sad she always cheers me up. When I gave her the blanket, Rylee said, “You saved the day!” I will never forget how happy she was.

For my last act, I decided I would give bagels to the teachers at my school. I wanted to do this because the teachers at my school are so awesome and they work so hard. They all said thank you and I thought that was pretty cool.

Natalie Smith
There is giving tree at church for a family in need that just had a new baby. I went to the store with my mom and bought diapers, wipes and pacifiers to took them to church. It was fun shopping for the gifts.

When we came home from church today, it was snowing really hard. I decided to go outside and shovel our snow and our neighbors snow. Our neighbor’s sidewalk and porch. She was so happy that I did it for them.

I volunteered at Carriage Town Ministry with some of my friends. We went to the women and children shelter, this is where people go when they are homeless children that were staying there. I had a lot of fun and so did the kids.

Ryan Fox
Blueberry Moment 3479
For my first Blueberry adventure, I paid for someone’s breakfast at McDonald’s. I wanted to do this because this is where the whole Blueberry project started. She was very surprised and thanked me. It made me feel happy to start my random acts of kindness the same way the founder of the Blueberry Ambassador did.

Blueberry Moment 3480
I gave water to people and dogs at the Davison Dog Park. I did this because everyone should have water. Everyone said thank you and that it was kind thing to do. The people were being kind to their pets by playing with them outside. It was fun to be around other dog owners.

Blueberry Moment 3481
I gave an American flag to a family friend. His wife’s family has served in the military since before the Civil War and his son is in the military right now. On Flag Day, he taught me about the history of our flag and how to treat it with honor and respect. He was surprised and thankful. It felt good to give back to someone who I think is a real patriot.

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