Davison Hill Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors find happiness in the smallest acts of kindness

Davison Hill Elementary, coordinator Jodi Halverson

Maisie Ferguson
Blueberry Moment 16760
I colored a Christmas picture and Christmas card and sent it to someone at my church that is home bound. I had to learn that home bound means it is hard for a person to leave their house. I think it will make her happy to get this in the mail. I also included a magnet in the card so she can hang her picture on the refrigerator. I know my great grandparents put pictures on their refrigerator and it makes them happy so I think this will make her happy too.

Blueberry Moment 16759
I left a card for the mailman because he is working a lot during Christmas time. I thought if he got the card he would be happy. I put a gift card for Tim Hortons in the card so he can get coffee and a donut. When I was doing this, it made me feel happy. I did not see him get the card but I think he was surprised and happy to get it. 

Blueberry Moment 16761
After school, I went to Tim Hortons and there was someone behind us in the drive through line. When we were done ordering and paying for our food we asked if we could pay for the person behind us. I chose to do this because one time someone paid for our family’s’ dinner and it made my parents very happy. I think the person in the drive through line will also be very happy. I hope she is able to do something kind and pass on the Blueberry Card. 

Ethan Houser
My first Blueberry Moment was making cards for the kids who are sick with cancer and in thehospital during the holidays. Each card had a special message like, ‘You rock!’ We also made cool drawings. The cards also said things like ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Have a Happy New Year.’ We put cool decorations on and cut out pictures. Stickers were also placed all over the cards. We did not only make a couple; we made tons and tons of cards. We made a total of 58. When we were done, Caroline and I took the cards to the post office to send them to the “Cards for Hospitalized Kids” organization. I put one Blueberry Ambassador card in with the pile to tell the people in charge why we sent these cards. I felt very happy and sad. Sad because the kids were in the hospital for Christmas. I was happy because we were making other people happy.

For my second Blueberry Moment, I made Blessing Bags. Blessing Bags are bags that are forthe homeless. They have toothbrushes, gum, gloves, hand warmers, toothpaste, socks, granola bars, beef jerky and scarfs. We made 12 Blessing Bags which is a lot for how many things were in the bags. When I was done with all the bags, my mom and I took the them to my church where the director brought them to outreach centers. We put one Blueberry Card in each bag to let the people know why we donated our service. It was a good feeling. Mrs. Miles sent me a nice card thanking me for our time and donations during the holiday season.

For my last Blueberry Moment, I thought I should do something kind for someone closer to me. My neighbor she can’t see very well. She doesn’t go outside very much because she lives alone a lot of the time and can’t see enough to walk around by herself. She always remembers me and my brother and sister at Halloween and makes us special treat bags because she doesn’t pass out candy. I think that is very kind of her so I decided to pay it forward to her. I got her a card that sings. Because it is hard for her to read the printing I knew she could hear the music in the card and know someone was thinking about her. She did not have anyone to come over for Christmas. I felt proud because I gave her some cheer.

Kipton Henney
Blueberry Moment 16767
I bought an elderly man a hot chocolate at Tim Horton’s. I did thisbecause I thought it would be nice. He was happy and surprised when I saidI am going to buy you whatever you want today. It made me feel happy.

Blueberry Moment 16766
I gave a brand new Mercedes Car Lego Set to the Salvation Army. I did this because I thought it would be nice. The ladies that greeted me were touched by my kindness. They were happy and said more kids should do this.I was also very happy in doing this.

Blueberry Moment 16765
I fed the wild birds in my backyard. I did this because it made me feelhappy. The birds were happy after I fed them. The birds flew right to thebirdfeeders.Some of the birds are Blue Jays, Cardinals, Chickadees, Woodpeckers,Sparrows andDoves.

Finn Greenway
During the past few months, I have had many opportunities to help others. I have donated books, supplies, food and toys. One experience that I am most proud of ishelping babies in the Hurley NICU. This was very important to mebecause I have two new little cousins that are in the NICU at Hurley. I wanted to say thank you in a special way for all the love and care that Hurley gives babies. I decided to make hats so that some of the babies could have a cozy gift while they are in the hospital. It has made me feel very proud to be able to help others while being a Blueberry Ambassador.

Isabelle Gonzales
My first Blueberry Moment was when I was shopping with my mom and brother. We were at Meijer buying our Michigan/Michigan State clothing for spirit day. I found a pair of Michigan State gloves and thought that Ms. Duprey would love them. I asked my Mom if I could buy them for her. I took them to school the next day and surprised Ms. Duprey with the Michigan State gloves. She loved them! She said that she had a lot of Michigan State items but did not have gloves and they were perfect for her collection.

For my second Blueberry Moment, my mom was buying dinner for my brother and I at McDonald’s. While in line, I thought it would be nice to surprise the car behind us by buying their dinner. I asked my mom if she would pay for the car behind us. My mom said yes, so we paid for their dinner. My brother and I thought it was funny because they only ordered some pop and medium fries. 

For my third and final Blueberry Moment, my mom took me to Meijer and I picked out a toy for a child. I bought a girl’s Spiderman mask. My mom took me to Holland Heating and Cooling and we dropped the toy of in the Toys for Tots box. I was so happy to know that another child would be getting a gift for Christmas.

Averee Phelps
I wanted to place a box on the front porch for all of the people delivering packages to my house. They work hard in the cold to deliver our packages.

On Christmas Day, without being asked I started doing the dishes so that my great grandma didn’t have to.

We went to the mall and there was a man in a wheelchair. I held the door open for him so that he could get in easier.

Keeley Nutter
My first Blueberry Moment was when Mr. Bill and Ms. Michelle were moving to India for three years. So, before they left, I decided to spend my intersession and help my dad and them get the house and barn ready before they left. I went out to the barn everyday with my dad and we helped them with the animals, barn and house. Mr. Bill and Ms. Michelle were very happy that I was out there helping them. It made me feel good to know that I was helping and making them have less work to do before they moved. It is important to help family and friends out especially when they are doing something big like moving. I also learned a lot about the farm and all the animals.

My second Blueberry Moment was when Mr. Todd needed help with his yard. My dad was working on the yard. Before he could mow though, there were a lot of sticks that needed to be picked up. Mr. Todd works a lot so I decided to help him pick up all the sticks in his front and back yard, that way he could go and work on other things that he needed to do. That took a long time but it made Mr. Todd happy. We got a lot done that day and it felt good to know that I helped do it. Mr. Todd was really happy with me and said I was a hard worker and thank you. It made me feel really good inside.

-My final Blueberry Moment was my biggest one. It took me three weeks to hand write each of my classmates a letter telling them two things that I thought were special about them. Each letter had its own drawing that I made special for them. Since it was right before Christmas, I made it so the notes were in a bag with candy. I thought this would help everyone get ready for Christmas. Then one day, I got to hand out all of the bags with my notes in them. I wore my Blueberry shirt that day. I wanted to do this because we all have days when we feel alone and sad. I wanted everyone to know that they all have special things that they are either good at or make them special. I made a lot of people smile that day and it made me smile. It was worth all the hard work.

Reece Arthur
Blueberry Moment 16796
For my first Blueberry Moment, I decided to help out our church. On a bright Sunday morning, I came to church early to greet people with kindness. I said, “Good morning,” and gave out hugs, high fives and handshakes. It was a good thing I showed up because no one else was there to greet people. It felt good to encourage people. After Kids Church, a little kid asked if he could play with a ball that I got as a prize and I said, “Why don’t you keep it?” So, he did. Then he ran to his parents happily. I gave his parents the Blueberry Card. It felt great to be doing good deeds.

Blueberry Moment 16797
For my second Blueberry Moment, I decided to do something to help missionaries from our church. At church that day, we had a contest to raise money for our missionary’s plane tickets to Kenya. I wanted to help raise money, but I didn’t have any, so I gathered my brother and a friend and we decided to go around asking people if they would like to give some spare change to the missionaries. A lot of people gave money and we always said thank you. After asking around, we counted and had collected over $20. I was so happy to help the missionaries, because they do so much good for the people they serve in Kenya. It was a fun Blueberry Moment.

Blueberry Moment 16795
For my third Blueberry Moment, I made a nice card for an older widow from church. She is a very kind and sweet person, but everyone could use some encouragement. I wrote one of my favorite Bible verses in there that I have memorized. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” I also said some kind things about her to brighten her day. She usually has a smile on her face and makes me smile every time she smiles at me. I put the Blueberry Card in with her card when I was finished and my mom helped me mail it to her. I hope she loves it. I’m glad I can spread kindness all around just by doing little things like this!

Lyli Hampton
My first random act of kindness was when I put sweet notes in Kroger and Dollar Tree. I put the card with the sweetest one in front of chips. I did not see anyone take it but I hope it made them happy because it made me happy to be doing it.

Blueberry Moment 16757
My second random act of kindness is when I brought a fruit tray to my mom’s school because of her finals. I also cut the fruit but mom brought the food and I just cut and made it. My mom said they loved it. I knew I loved doing it because I was happy when I did it. I also brought it because they wanted to lose weight.

Blueberry Moment 16756
My last random act of kindness is when I brought cookies to mom’s work for all the workers. We brought two or three different cookies. I knew they loved it just by the look on their faces and I knew I loved it because I love making people happy and I love to make cookies.

Caroline Jenkins
A 70-year-old man who is a friend of my family had a stroke on the very day that he was supposed to be moving to Florida. He ended up in the hospital for three weeks and then in rehabilitation for a couple more weeks. He was very sad and depressed because he was so excited to get to Florida, but now he couldn’t go. So, my friend Ellerie and I decided to make Get Well Soon cards for him. We each made him three cards, so he had one to open every day for six days. His daughter said he loved the cards and it really cheered him up that we took the time to do that for him. It made me feel super happy that in a way, we were able to help him.

My friend Ethan and I made care packages for the homeless shelter. We put socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, gloves, a scarf, gum, granola bar, and a Slim Jim Jerky in the packages. It was a fun project for us because we are friends and got to do it together. After the bags were made, we dropped them off at St. Johns church. We didn’t meet the homeless people who received our bags, but I hope it made them feel awesome and feel like someone cared about them. 

I went through all my books and sorted out the books I had outgrown. I put them in a box and delivered them to a 5-year-old girl named Brinnley. I heard that she loved books but didn’t have very many. Her grandma said she was so excited to get a whole box of new books. I was very glad I was able to give my books to someone who loved them.

Brady Lang
The Lang family participated in the Angel Tree program for Christmas. Brady was excited to help fulfill the wishes of the two children in the family. Brady help choose the perfect gifts for these children and carefully wrapped and delivered the box of gifts. Brady said “it makes me happy to make other kids happy on Christmas.”

Over the holidays, Brady made three dozen peanut butter blossom cookies. He took pride in delivering these cookies to friends and neighbors and enjoyed putting a smile on neighbors’ faces with something he baked.

Brady’s Great-Grandma is 84 years old and was not feeling well. There were some household chores she wasn’t able to get done. Brady offered to take out the trash and help her so that she could just worry about getting better. Brady said, “I love to help people and make their day happier.”

Calvin Ferguson
Blueberry Moment 16783
For one of my acts of kindness, I cleaned our school yard. We waited for a non-snowy day.  Then we went to the store and got claws and trash bags. I thought there was going to be no trash but there was a lot. We found lots of things like five baseballs, lots of zip lock bags, a metal bar, and four bunnies! What I liked about it is that I helped the environment and the school.      

For my second act of kindness, I gave my friend’s two younger brothers homemade scarves. The reason I decided to give my friend’s brothers scarves is because I gave their big brother, Elliott a scarf and they really wanted a scarf too. So, I decided that one thing that would be kind to do would be giving my friend’s brother a scarf because they really were wanting one. I liked it because his brother appreciative that I gave them it and because it is super easy and quick to make a scarf.

For my third act of kindness, we knitted a hat to give away to someone. I learned to knit hats when I found a knitting set in my sister’s closet. Then, my mom taught me how to knit. I caught on really quickly and I taught my whole basketball team how to knit hats last season and one of the really aggressive kids actually got his own knitting loom. After we finished the hat, I looked for someone at school to give it to. I decided to give it to Cole, in Mrs. H’s class. I noticed he barely wore a hat at recess and I thought he would like it. His reaction to the hat wasn’t that excited but I knew he was excited. I think this is a good act of kindness because sometimes kids don’t have a hat and can’t go sledding or other snow activities like other kids do and their ears and head will be really cold. I would like to make hats for other people at my school. 

Elizabeth Fox
My neighbor’s recycling bin was at the end of their driveway. I took it up by their garage so they would not have to walk all the way down the driveway. They met me at the door and thanked me for being so thoughtful. We visited for a little bit and she gave me some candy. It made me feel good to spend some time with them and she knew exactly who she was going to do a Blueberry Moment for to pass it on. 

My mom has a coworker who is always helping others in our community. He loves iced tea, so I gave him his favorite flavor of Arizona Iced Tea so he would not have to bring one to work. He was surprised and I felt good knowing he would enjoy it.

There is a cashier at my grocery store that is always kind to everyone. She asks me about my day and I talk to her about her dogs. I surprised her at work with a gift bag of toys and treats for her dogs. She was so grateful. It made me feel good to see her so happy and to do something nice for someone who is always nice to others.

Alexis Clardy
My first act is when I went to Kroger and placed my Blueberry Card, about ten dollars in quarters and a note that said enjoy. I put it on the toy vending machine so kids can enjoy as they wish.

Next, with my extra money I donated to the salvation army.

Last but not least, I made bookmarks for my class and my teacher. I think they loved it, they all said thank you.

Sofia Cavazos
I made blankets and donated them to Hurley NICU for the babies.

I helped my cousin, Madison learn how to ice skate.

I made and hand delivered cooks to my neighbors.

I wrote a letter for my dance teachers: Miss Holly and Miss Nowell.I attached the Blueberry Card to one of their cards. It made me feel good.

I put a quarter on a gum machine. It made me feel good that someone got to have a treat.

I made eight different kinds of cookies with my mom to deliver them to six different neighbors. It made me feel good to give cookies.

Quinn McKimmy
My first Blueberry Moment was when I took a treat to my friend because she hurt her arm. The day after she hurt her arm, I was talking to her on the phone and she sounded sad. So, I asked my dad if I could take her a special gift to cheer her up. I picked her out a king size candy bar and a squishy. She loved it so much it made me feel so good.

My second Blueberry Moment was taking cookies and chocolates to my neighbor. My neighbor has been very sick this last year and me and my mom thought maybe she hadn’t been well enough to make her own treats. I wanted to do something nice for her because she is a great neighbor. She even had a carnival for the neighbor kids and me and my sister for back to school. I won all kinds of school supplies and crafts. When we took her the treats, she invited me in to visit. It made me feel good that she liked the cookies I brought her.

My Last Blueberry Moment happened just the other day. I was at my sister’s indoor soccer game. I decided to get a snack at the vending machine. I was waiting to use the machine and a little girl was upset that she had lost her dollar in the machine, I had a few dollars and gave her one. This time the machine worked so she was happy about her snack.

Lylah Ward
I made get well cards for people in the hospital. It was nice! I made get well cards because I want more people in the world to be happy. It made me feel happy inside because people are hurt in the hospital and now it maybe will make them happy. I hope I shared some happiness with them!

I have done something very exciting! I donated 12 inches of my hair! The organization I chose to send my hair to is Wigs for Kids.I chose Wigs for Kidsbecause I wanted to help other kids. I had planned on donating my hair for a long time but wanted to wait until I became a Blueberry Ambassador. I watched videos of girls getting their wigs from wigs for kids and it made me really happy to be able to be a part of it.

I wasn’t used to my hair at first but I knew donating it was worth it! Since then, I’ve really fallen in love with my new haircut. I definitely plan on donating my hair again!

Mia Page
I gave a little present to my aunt Chrissie as a gift of kindness. My mom and I went the Farmer’s Market and we found a bracelet. The bracelet told the Story of Jesus. She loved the bracelet that I gave her and gave me a big hug and even cried a little. 

Today I did something special for my parents. I decided to wash the dishes. I thought it would be a kind thing to do. My mom and dad work a lot. I am thankful for them because they love me very much. 

I wanted to show my kindness by giving my old toys away. I chose to give my toys to Outreach East and some to my little cousin McKenzie. The reason why I chose this is because some kids don’t have very many toys and I was not playing with them anymore. I was given a Barbie house from my big cousin that I liked to play with and now I want to share it with my little cousin. I hope many kids will like to play with these toys.

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