Davison Middle School Blueberry Ambassadors “feel joyful inside” when doing good deeds

Davison Middle School, coordinator Dana Bougie

Kayla Erickson
Blueberry Moment 17924
I gave Ms. Rasberry a letter of kindness and gratitude. I feel for her. The way she helps me and others. The reason I decided to do it was to show her how much she means to me. I was in her room at the time. Mrs. Rasberry was saying thank you with gratitude in her voice. The way this impacted me is by making me feel proud and appreciated by her. The way she was excited made me feel thrilled and it made me feel good inside with pleasure and delight for me and Ms. Rasberry.

Blueberry Moment 17925
What I did for my teacher Mr. Bronson is we did a secret high-five. The reason I decided to do this is it means a lot to him and makes him smile, laugh and feel proud. We were in his classroom at the time. Mr. Bronson smiled and said, thank you. The way this experience impacted me is by making me feel joyful inside and by making me laugh too! By making him happy it made me happy inside.

Blueberry Moment 17926
What I did for my teacher Ms. Hopper is to give her a hug at the end of the day to cheer her up. The reason I did it is I wanted to make her day with a hug to brighten her day more. I did the random act of kindness right in her doorway. Ms. Hopper thank me for giving her a hug and the Blueberry Card. At the end I said, “I want to spread kindness like you do.” She appreciated that too. The way I was impacted was by feeling proud and happy that it made her day and by her being happy, I was happy too.

Isabelle McKimmy
I sent a package to my great aunt with a bunch of snacks and things she loves. She is blind and isn’t able to just go and get things all the time by herself. I believe she hasn’t received the package yet but I really hope she enjoys it. 

My second Blueberry Moment was on Christmas morning. We had just finished opening presents and was about to leave for my grandmas. My neighbor who lives across the street from me has been battling cancer for a while and hasn’t really been able to bake or do much. My family has a tradition of making lots of baked goods and we had more than plenty so me and my sisters filled up a cookie tin and walked over to her house. We walked through the door and the look on her face was amazing. She looked so excited to see us! I could really tell that she appreciated it. Showing up at her house with Christmas treats hopefully not only made her day but it really made my Christmas so much better to know that I at least was able to make her smile.

My last Blueberry Moment was one day after school me and my mom went to the car wash. There were tons of people in line to get their car washed. We pulled up to pay for our wash and the man told us that the people in front of us decided that they wanted to pay for ours. I asked my mom if we could pay for the persons wash behind ours and she agreed. It continued in an ongoing spiral, I looked back at the car behind us hoping that the people that received my Blueberry Moment were happy. It made me feel good to be able to simply give someone money for their car wash and I hope that I can always have the opportunity to do nice things for people no matter what’s going on.

Alex Martinez
I recently made the school swim team and it was the first meet. There were lots of parents there and when I was done doing my event a lot of other people had finished by that time too. When I had already gotten dressed after the meet, there was a big group of people that didn’t know how to get to the pool to pick up their child to go home so I showed them the way. It wasn’t so easy considering that I’ve never been to that school before but I took them to the closest way I knew how to get to the pool. After I did this, all of the parents thanked me which made me feel good knowing that I helped them otherwise the probably would’ve gotten lost, and it would have taken them a long time to eventually find the way.

In my house, it was time to take the decorations and tree down, so I helped take all of the stuff down and it was really tiring but I kept going on to help my family. Then after we took all of the decorations down, and started to move the furniture, my family and I had noticed that the floor was a mess from all of the pine needles and there was a lot of dirt under the couch. After we realized that we needed to vacuum everyone in my house was really tired like I had been, so I decide to give my family a break from cleaning and I volunteered to vacuum the living room and the rest of the house while was at it. After I did this, I was really tired but it made me feel good knowing that I did something to help out my family.

In the morning, when my family and I get ready for school and work the people in my house are all really busy, so I decided to do something nice to help my mom out when I had some spare time from getting ready. I decided to make all up all of the beds that weren’t made yet in my house, after I did this I felt good because I know that my mom is the busiest in the morning and for me to help her means a lot to her and she was grateful that I did this moment for her.

Grace Kellogg
Blueberry Moment 17927
For my first random act of kindness, I wanted to donate money for the Foster Closet of Michigan as they needed money for a new building that was bigger and more centrally located. With the help of my mom, we collected bottles and cans. We got a lot of money from the bottles and cans, then I added some of my own money to provide the Foster Closet of Michigan with a $100 donation. We donated the money online so I couldn’t see their faces, but I do hope the money helps them.

Blueberry Moment 17928
For my second random act of kindness, my mom and I put money towards buying fleece blankets and also some other people gave money or fleece blankets. We were getting fleece blankets to donate to the Humane Society for animal cages so during winter the animals wouldn’t get to cold. The day I went to give the blankets to the humane society, we dropped them off in a bin for donations. The lady working at the front desk of the Humane Society seemed very happy when I dropped off the blankets. This act of kindness made me feel really good inside. 

Blueberry Moment 17929
For my third act of kindness, I bought some new school supplies for a teacher in my school. All the school supplies went in a bag with the teacher’s name on it. I added the Blueberry Card and not my name the teacher didn’t know who it was from. Then I dropped off in the office to go in the teacher’s mailbox. I hope that the supplies will come in handy for the teacher because I know that supplies can run out this time of year.

Victoria Echols
Blueberry Moment 17930
My first Blueberry Moment was me holding the door open for everyone at my church in the morning. When I got there, I went up to the person who opens the door for everyone and asked him politely if I could hold the door for him and then I handed the Blueberry Card he was in awe because someone had been kind enough to do a deed for him. I decided to do it because during the harsh cold weather, he freezes because of the door opening in and out. The experience impacted me because I would love someone to do a good deed to me as I did to him and I know if I do something good, good will always come back to you.

Blueberry Moment 17932
My second Blueberry Moment was when I went to the dollar store and gave a little kid $1.00 to buy anything they wanted. When I got to the store, I looked for a kid to give my dollar to and I handed a little girl the money and the Blueberry Card she was excited and immediately went to her mom and told her. I decided to do it because I had overheard her asking her mom for a toy and her mom said she only had money for her groceries and the little girl looked so sad so I went over there and gave her that one dollar. The kid was so excited to get it that she said thank you, thank you, thank you. The experience impacted me because I did not know that people are that poor that they shop at dollar stores until that day.

Blueberry Moment 17931
My last Blueberry Moment was when I gave a little girl a book. My and my aunt and brother went to John’s Pizzeria in Davison and I decided for my last moment I should do something better so I wrapped up the book and when I got there, I saw a girl and I went up to her and gave her the book and she was so excited she opened it immediately. I was impacted by the experience because I like to know that people are happy and I like to make them that way.

Alexis Smith
For one of the Blueberry Moments I made brownies and had my mother take them into work. The workers were grateful that I took the time to make them a delicious treat. They’ve worked so hard and I thought they deserved a treat. I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I knew that I did something good. I feel glad that someone liked them when I spent all that time making them. It made not only me but they also felt good about it too. Knowing that they got to enjoy something was the best thing ever. They didn’t expect it and they were surprised that someone actually did that. Receiving their smiles were the best. Doing good deeds for others is a great thing knowing that it all will spread over time. 

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