Davison Siple Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors supply acts of kindness at the perfect time

Davison Siple Elementary, coordinator Debbie Bobchik

Nevaeh Sirls 
My mom and dad work a lot so I cleaned the house and got my brother ready for school

My brother has a disability, so I supported his school by donating crayons because he goes to a school with kids who all have disabilities.

I raked my neighbor’s yard because they are old. 

Jayde Dowless
I helped my friend clean his new shoes. 

Emma Lorts
My neighbor’s mom and dad got divorced, so I baked them cookie and brought a crockpot dinner to their house. My other neighbor’s wife was very sick. After I heard the news, I went over to their house to help take care of her.

When me and my family went to the park, it was littered like crazy. So, I picked it up and the janitor was happy with me. 

Olivia Jenkins 
I noticed my neighbor’s driveway and walkway were really icy. So, I though why don’t I help! I went over and salted their driveway and walkway.

Abby Dunn 
At the store, an older lady needed help with getting her groceries into her cart so I put all of them in the cart for her.

At recess, someone didn’t have anyone to play with, so I played with them.

My neighbor has twins and when we had a snow day, I knocked on her door and said, “can I shovel your driveway? You don’t have to pay me.”

Jackson Pletcher 
I cleaned my mom’s truck without her asking me to do it.

I held a door for an older lady who had trouble opening it.

I brought cookies to someone who had a divorce with their wide. 

Lyndsay Course 
I helped my mom and dad by doing chores around the house when they were sick.

I helped the kids at Siple cross safely across the parking lot.

I helped my community daycare, Latchkey, when it was a really busy day by helping the teachers with the little kids.

Jenna Siegel 
One of my Blueberry Moments is when I helped pick up my grandma’s ditch. It was a mess and they never had the time to pick it up, so I started to pick up their ditch. By nightfall, it was as clean as new.

I helped do my Nana and Papa’s chores. They went to Florida and are not coming home for a long time. They have a lot of animals and it took me until 7:00 to get it all done.

My friend was moving, and I started to help put toys in the boxes. I carried the boxes to the trailer and Monday they were all moved in. 

Isabella Anselmo 
A few weeks ago, I went to the store. A little boy was crying and screaming which filled the air of the store. When we were done checking out we walked to the car. The same little boy continued crying and screaming. To make his day and distract him from being upset, I took an unopened cookie over to him. He immediately stopped crying and his mom looked happy too.

When I went to Spicer’s Orchard in the fall. I had extra tickets I didn’t use. I decided I was going to give them to a little girl on the way out. She was so excited and I felt so good about what I did.

I was riding the bus home one day. I seen a girl hitting another student on the bus. I knew it was wrong, so I stood up right away and said, “Knock it off!” I felt good when the other girl thanked me for standing up for her. 

Brayden Thompson 
One time my neighbor, across the street were not strong enough to shoved their driveway. So, my mom, sister, and I went over and did it for them.

One time my neighbor was out to eat and I mowed their lawn. Because they didn’t have a lot of money, I mowed their lawn for free. When they got home, they were so happy.

Every Friday, my sister and I would go to our neighbors to get their garbage cans and bring them up to their house. They didn’t ask and didn’t have to do anything. 

Alaina Sherington 
One day I was thinking of my lunch monitor, Mrs. L. I took out a piece of paper and made a card. When it was time to go to lunch, I went running up to her, gave her a hug, then gave her the card. She read it and said, “Thank you.” That just made my day. She said, “My son is having surgery and this really what I needed.”

Ashlyn Epperson 
As a Blueberry Ambassador, I spend one afternoon making bracelets for kids with cancer. This is something I believe will make them feel happy when they are very sick.

I spent one weekend raking my elderly neighbors yard.

I donated toys and clothes to kids in need.

Allie Peters 
One night after school, I decided to bring cookies and hot-cocoa to my favorite neighbors. I don’t really know them though because they are so peaceful and they never talk to us for too long. When the woman opened the door, I handed her the cookies and hot-chocolate. When she saw them, she asked, “Are those for me?” I told her yes and the husband asked me if I anted to come inside and warm up. I obviously said no because I only live a few houses down the street. The random act of kindness made me feel thoughtful because I was making my neighbors feel happy and loved.

When I was at the new Family Dollar Store, I saw a purple ball and thought about my friend Anna. On her birthday, she and I went to a Firebirds hockey game and she wanted to win a ball from the claw machine. I bought the purple ball and the next day on the bus, I have her the ball. She started squealing with delight and said thank-you. After that, she started tossing the ball at the back of the seat. She was really happy. That made me feel like a good friend for thinking about people at times like this. 

Olivia Jenkins 
My Blueberry Moment was someone dropped their wallet. I looked at the I.D. and I noticed that I just saw that lady so I went and found her. Luckily, I had my cards and stuck it in her wallet.

My friend twisted her ankle and she could not walk on it much. So, I decided to help her walk on it. Then I have her the card and she appreciated it.

Brooke Thomas 
One Blueberry Moment I had was when one night my mom called me in the middle of the night and she as throwing up. So, I called my grandma which is my mom’s mom and she spent the whole night with her and took her to the hospital. Before I went to school, I gave my grandma the Blueberry Card.

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