Durant Tuuri Mott Blueberry Ambassadors surprise children with books

Durant Tuuri Mott, coordinator Sheretta Carroll

Zoi Ransom
I was sitting at home, trying to figure out how I could help my community. I came up with the idea of gifting books to Ms. Poulos’ kindergarten class. Ms. Poulos was my kindergarten teacher. I delivered the books on March 16th. When I walked in the door of the classroom, I handed each student a blue bag that contained two books for them to enjoy and a handwritten note from me. The whole class was very happy to receive their gifts. Making the bags of books made me feel happy. Hopefully, the bags made the students feel happy. The next day, when I came to school, the same kindergarten class made Thank You cards with pictures of me giving them the books. It also had a note that said, “Dear Zoi, thank you for giving us books. It was very kind of you and we appreciate it. We love reading. Thanks again for thinking of us and making us feel special.” I was glad to see that receiving the books made the students feel special and receiving cards made me feel good about what I did for the class. The reason I gave books to the classroom was because at my house, we have a lot of children’s books that we don’t read anymore. So, I had the idea to deliver our old books to a kindergarten classroom. Another reason why I chose to do this was to encourage the younger students to become readers. I wish for the children to love the books and reading as much as I do. I hope the children follow my example and give the books away to encourage reading. We have lots of books at home and I will do this again because it felt good to give to others.

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