Flint Doyle Ryder Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors find pride in doing good deeds

Flint Doyle Ryder Elementary School, coordinator Phillip Barnhart

Jovontay Roberts

On the morning of Feb. 6, I decided to just wake up and say I was going to go make some breakfast for my family at home. It all started when I was watching TV in my room and I went downstairs to make myself some breakfast. Before I started to cook, I thought, “Why don’t I cook breakfast for the whole family?” But first, I needed some cooking supplies. So, I got some eggs, toast, pancake mix and sausages. I cooked the sausages first, then the pancakes, then the eggs. The only person that had toast was my mom because she didn’t eat eggs. They were surprised that I did that because it is rare that I do something like that. It felt good to do something nice for a change.

Ja’wuan Tiner
My Blueberry task was simple. I cleaned up my house with out telling my mom about it. I did it because my house was messy. So, I cleaned it up so that my mom wouldn’t have to tell me to clean it up. My mom said I did an awesome job, which was a nice feeling.

What I did was give this homeless man five dollars. I felt bad for this man because he was in need. I feel thankful because that could be me some day, with no money, food or water, but it is not today.

Derrick Towns
At Youth Quest, Mrs. O’Neal said that she needed someone to clean the cafeteria. When she left, I asked Ms. Amanda if I could clean it and she said yes. So, I cleaned it. At lunch, she said, “Who cleaned the cafeteria?” and I told her it was me. Mrs. O’Neal said thanks and she smiled and blushed at me. She felt happy!

Vera Bailey
My Blueberry task was very easy. I did it because my conscience said I should help him. What I did was buy a child a monster truck. Well, my mom bought it, but I asked her to. His mom was trying to explain to him that they could not afford it but he just didn’t understand. My mom spent $59.00 on that toy for the boy. I gave them the card and they smiled and said thank you. I did it because I was in that position once and I didn’t want anyone else to be in it. It impacted me by making me feel good about how I helped someone.

As a Blueberry Ambassador, my mom baked cookies and my whole family ate some. There was extra, I looked out the window and saw a homeless man with a sign that read “Will work for food/money.” I took some cookies and put them in a bag. I walked across the street and gave the homeless man the bag. It did this because it was nice. After I gave him the cookies the homeless man said “Chocolate Chips! My favorite! Thank you.” He smiled, then ate one and I went back home.

Rashad Thompson
I helped a woman take her trash out yesterday to get it dumped in time for the man to pick it up. The lady was happy because she is old and her back is bad, so she was very thankful for what I did for her. It made me feel good because she had a smile on her face for the first time.

I helped a lady with her groceries two days ago at Walmart. She was trying to put them all in her hands. I walked up to her and said let me help you with that. She gave me four bags and I walked them to her car. She said thank you and tried to give me some money but instead I gave her the card and said, “Ma’am, have a good day,” and she said, “God Bless You.” I felt very good about what I did.

D’Nitra Nelson
As a Blueberry Ambassador, I helped a lady that was pregnant put her groceries in her car at the store because she had a lot and nobody was with her. She reacted in a joyful way of happiness. It impacted me by making me want to help people more often.

Dashawn Vickers
I helped my mailman catch and deliver the mail. It was his first day on the job and he was having a hard time. I was outside by my house and I helped him. He was happy and he asked if I could help him again. It made me feel happy!

At home for my Blueberry task, I helped my siblings with their chores. I decided to help them because they all had homework and I already finished mine. They were really happy and I was proud of myself.

Aaliyah Lawrence
During Family Science Night at our school I was helping a lady that works with Youth Quest at one of the stations. At the end, everyone was leaving and packing up. I had to clean off my hands so I asked for a wipe. The lady gave me a couple of wipes and I used on wipe for my hands and one wipe to wipe the table off. She said I didn’t have to stay back and help clean up, but I felt that I should help clean up because it was a lot to clean up.

I helped my uncle rake the leaves outside. I decided to do that because I was thinking about what I should do for the Blueberry program, and it inspired me to help my uncle rake the leaves. It was a lot of leaves that needed to be raked and he was raking the leaves by himself so I decided to go over and help.  He said that we got the job done more quickly with two people. After a little while my grandfather started helping with the leaves too. They were both happy that I helped them rake the leaves.

Johnny Townsend
Last week I went over to my Granny’s house. She was going to work and she said she was going to clean up her house, but when I went over there last week the house looked the same. So, when she left I got started cleaning it and when I got done with the living room I went to her room to clean up. So, when she got home most of the lights were off and she went to sleep. The next morning when she was getting dressed she saw it. She called me and she said thank you.

Mariah James
It was snowing and one of my friends, Azaria, came to school with a thin jacket. I had two coats and when we went outside for a break Azaria was freezing so I gave her my coat. Azaria was so happy she was smiling and I felt great about this and I let her keep the coat.

One day a Youth Quest boy named Jaylen fell on the stairs. Everybody was laughing. He started yelling so Aaliyah and I helped him up. My cousin Javonte was still laughing so Jaylen got up and hit Javonte. We asked him why he did that, and when he answered that he did it because Javonte was annoying we told him not to hit. He understood this and smiled. I felt good about this.

Colette Lattimore
For my Blueberry Moment, I decided to help my brother take care of his niece. My brother couldn’t get any sleep and had to work in the morning. Larrisia, my sister-in-law, was also at work and they couldn’t find a babysitter. So, I said that I would take care of her for free. I did what I said; I took care of her, fed her, played with her and put her in bed. I babysat her in my house and I did it because my brother was very stressed and needed some help. The look on his face was full of relief and happiness when I said I would do it for free. It makes me happy to know that I made his day. I would definitely do it again.

Shaniah Wallace
For the Blueberry task I helped my mom, aunts and my grandmother take the flowers that people gave at my grandfather’s funeral. I also helped my mom and grandmother set up the dinner for after the funeral. I helped them because my grandmother has arthritis and my aunt has other problems which makes it hard for carry things. I helped them without being asked and they were happy and thankful for this.

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