Flint Holmes STEM Academy Blueberry Ambassadors find joy in hard work

Flint Holmes STEM Academy, coordinator Samia Brown     

James Durrough
When we were driving home, I looked over the seat and saw that an old lady that lived by us still had a lot of leaves in her yard. So, I went to my basement and got the rake. I went over to her house. When I was about done, she came outside and said “Thank You.” I said it was no problem at all. She reached into her wallet to give me money, but I told her that there was no need for that. She looked so happy, and so was I.

Penelope Morris
A lady named Ms. Rosa needed help around the house and she couldn’t do it alone. She had just moved in across the street from us and my mom knew her, so it was okay for me to go over there. I helped her with her bedroom first and we cleaned her closet out, because that was the biggest thing in her room. We cleaner her covers and sheets on her bed and then we took her old stuff to the trash. It made me feel good to help someone that needed it. I’m happy that I could do it.

Anthony Vaughn
One day in October, my neighbor’s yard was filled with leaves. My mother said to me before I went to school, “Wow, I wonder if she is going to rake them.” The neighbor was about 70 years old so I felt bad. So, after school was over I went to see if she was there. No one was there, but I still went ahead and did it. She still doesn’t know it was me.

Nathaniel Thomas
One day in November, I took some of my Thanksgiving dinner leftovers with me when I was going to Walmart. On the way to the store, I saw a homeless person sitting down on a corner, holding up his sign. I gave him my Thanksgiving food and he said thank you. It was nice to see him smile, because he might not have gotten a chance to eat a big meal like me.

Layla Eubanks
When I was on my way to the movies, my friend and I had heard a little boy’s voice. He was trapped inside of a car in the parking lot. At first, we had walked pass it, but when we got up to the door, we turned around and went back the car and tried to help the little boy out of the car. We had called the cops. I could see the terror in the mother’s eyes when she saw her baby in harm. I gave her the card when the cops showed up, and walked in the theater to meet my friends. It made me feel good to help a mom who needed it.

Kaliyah Tiggs
I gave my Blueberry Ambassador card to a homeless man that was holding up a sign. It said, “I’m homeless. Today is my birthday. I need food, water, and shelter. Please help.” When I was walking out of the Dollar Tree, I saw him. I went back into the store and bought some snacks. I came out and gave them to him with a birthday card. My Granddad gave him some money. The man said “Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it” to both of us. Then his eyes started to water. My Granddad said “No problem.” I told him, “You’re welcome,” and we walked away very happy.

Jada Weathersby
One weekend in October, after I had left school, my grandma decided she was ready to move into her new house. Around 4:30 p.m.my mom, step-dad, and I headed over to her old house to help load all of her things onto our truck. We moved all her belongings and took them over to her new house. We all finished around midnight. It was hard work, but I was glad to do it for her.

Troy Roe
The weekend of Thanksgiving at my house was hectic for my mom. After we were done eating, I decided to clean up the table. She didn’t even have to ask. Then I washed the plates that we had used. It made me feel like I was doing something to helpful around the house and it make my mom feel better because I know she was tired and secretly didn’t want to do them.

Ryan Ruffin
When I gave my card to a neighbor who was struggling with her groceries, it made me feel happy to have helped. I told her to let me her carry her groceries because she was struggling to get the door of her house unlocked. She led me to her kitchen and I helped her put her food away where she wanted it to go. She gave me a big hug and I gave her my card.

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