Flint Holmes STEM Academy Blueberry Ambassadors find pride in doing good deeds

Flint Holmes STEM Academy, coordinators Kerry Downs and Samia Brown

Natshaun Johnson
When I was at home playing outside, I saw that my older neighbor had fallen in his yard. He has a lot of plants and is usually out watering them. He tripped over his cane, and I went over to him and pulled him up. I gave him back his cane. He was very happy. I felt very happy to help him.

Kem Blassingame
Me and my mom were taking turns shoveling. I told her that she could stay in the house and I would shovel the whole driveway. She was happy because she was really cold. It made me feel good about myself because I helped without her having to ask me.

Dy’Mand Adams
My Blueberry Moment was when I helped my next-door neighbor. She was having a hard time getting into the house because of the ice. I went over and helped her walk, so that she didn’t fall and hurt herself. She said, “Thank you,” and it made me feel happy to help.

Kaliyah Tiggs
My Blueberry Moment was when I prevented someone from getting bullied in our after-school program. Some sixth graders took a girl’s lip gloss and rubbed the mouth part all over the ground. They gave it back to her and pretended like nothing happened. I felt bad for her, so I told her so she wouldn’t use it and get sick. I didn’t want them to laugh at her if she put it on her lips. She threw it away. She thanked me and it made me feel proud to have helped her in that bad situation.

Ari’hya Couch
I asked my auntie if I could come over to her house. She said yes! I went over there for the weekend and helped her pack up a lot of stuff. I packed up her dishes, cd’s, movies, and more. I helped her tape up all the boxes. When I finished helping her, she kept telling me thank you. When I got out of school the next weekend, I went back over there to help her pack more. It made me feel good to help her out.

Chase Hinman
Me and my friends made a Christmas surprise for our fourth grade teacher Ms. Ingersoll. We made her a big present. We used our Husky Bucks that we earned at school for good behavior to buy her things from the Husky Buck Store. We loaded her up with pencils, erasers, stuffed animals and more. When we gave her the present, we sang a song that my friend made up just for her, “Merry Christmas, Ms. Ingersoll.” She was so excited, that we celebrated with donuts in the afternoon.

Anthony Vaughn
Me and my mother went and picked up water cases at the water drop-offs. Five minutes after we left, we saw a homeless man by the Burger King. He looked exhausted, hungry, and thirsty. So, me and my mom decided that we could buy him the 10-piece chicken nuggets, and gave him a case of water. He didn’t say anything, but he gave us a big thumbs up. I knew that he was thankful. It made us feel proud and encouraged to do more good deeds.

Nathaniel Thomas
A woman was driving down my street. She got her car stuck in the snow. I went outside and shoveled the snow from in front of her car. When I shoveled enough snow, she tried to move her car and it moved. She was happy that I helped her. I felt good and happy.

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