Flint Neithercut Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors fill up empty hearts with good deeds

Flint Neithercut Elementary, coordinator Paula Gibson

Curtis Armstrong
Me and my classroom had delivered flowers from Walmart. We went to three random houses and sang a song to all of them. We chose to do this to bring joy to them because some people go through stress in the holidays. We wanted to be kind to others. The second person was so happy and joyful everyone gave her a hug. The first person was surprised. It was amazing. The other person put it on Facebook. I felt happy that I did something kind. It was a fun experience. That field trip was amazing.

I gave a homeless man some money so he can eat some food from somewhere. I feel bad for people who don’t have a house and that’s why I did it. I didn’t get that much of a reaction. He said thank you and he was happy. After I started walking away it felt good.

I gave a card to a little boy with cancer and he was dying so me and my classroom were making letters for the boy with penguins on them. I decided to do this so I can give him some joy before he passes away to give the world a little joy. The little boy’s reaction was happy. That’s all I heard from the teacher. It made me have some happiness and joy in my heart. It was amazing.

Michael Dabbs
My classroom and I went to houses and I gave the people their flowers and sang Jingle Bells for them. It was the right thing to do, that’s why we were spreading Christmas cheer to everyone. The people reacted the same, shocked that we gave cheer to them. That’s how they felt. I felt happy for them because they were so nice.

We sent a boy penguin cards. We wanted to be kind because he was dying. I think he felt happy because his wish was to get early Christmas presents before he died. It made me feel good on the inside because I wanted him to be happy before he passed.

I walked my neighbor, Drew’s dog. I did this because his legs were sore and he couldn’t do it. He felt good and said thank you and then he might need me to do it again sometime. It made me feel good on the inside and on the outside because I like helping people.

Taylor Edwards
We went to people’s houses and gave them a bouquet of poinsettias. We sang a carol and said a slogan “We are Blueberry Ambassadors and we’re performing Random Acts of Kindness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” I decided to do this for my school, my community, and other people. I also did it for lonely people who have nobody and need some cheer in their life! People are not like flowers in a garden and always bloom. Some people are dull like a flower with no sunlight. The first person came outside when the carol was over and said thanks, took pictures and asked about the Blueberries. The second person was a woman and said thanks and took the flowers and gave us hugs and took a picture as we said our slogan. The last person we encountered was getting out of the car and took them and told us say hi to Facebook. I felt good because I did something good and I’m glad I made somebody feel great and finish their day and it almost made me cry. We’re changing lives every day we get a chance!

I gave an old lady a hand with her bags from the store because she was struggling to lift two milk jugs and the cases of water. She gave me $20 and I said thank you I really don’t want your money and she said take it you earned it. I said thanks again. I didn’t do it for money. I did it because I like to help people in need. I didn’t do it to be awarded of some sort, I just to see someone happy once in a while. She said thanks for helping me and she gave me a hug and kiss on my cheek. I felt really good about it. It made my day that was amazing to see her be helped and be able to be cared for.

I helped my dad clean the gutters out yesterday. I had to get on the ladder because he very scared of heights so I said I’ll do it. I got up there, broke the rest off and he handed me the new one and I nailed it on with a nail gun. I did it because it’s helpful and because we really need to fix up our house because in four years we are moving to California so we were trying to fix it up and sell it. So that was a milestone for us. My dad said thanks and he gave me a $100 and we went out to eat at Olive Garden and he took me home after my meal and a movie. I felt good to help my dad because he really needed to get to that because me and my dad forget a lot of it we don’t get to it right away.

Jordan Gilkie
We sang Jingle Bells to cheer people and we spoke to each of them. We said we are trying to spread kindness like Blueberry Ambassadors. Merry Christmas! We wanted to be a class and spread holiday cheer. The first person reacted like she like it never happened before and the second person took pictures. I feel I want to do it for more people.

When it was winter, my next door neighbor was getting stuck in his driveway every time he left. The fifth time he got stuck I grabbed a shovel when he pulled out and I decided to shovel his driveway to help him out. When I was halfway done, he came home. He said thank you and gave me $50 but I gave it back. I felt great because that was actually my third time doing that for somebody. It gets better each time.

There was a little boy fighting cancer and my teacher said we were going to make cards for him. I made a card with a penguin on it because penguins are his favorite animal. And on the picture, I made a bubble coming from his mouth and in the bubble I said, “live like a penguin.” Then I colored it and inside I wrote, “I hope you have a last good Christmas. I really wish this didn’t happen to you.” I think he liked it. I felt good because it was my first time doing something for someone going through cancer. 

Josh Hanshaw
We sang to three people and gave them flowers. The first person was so surprised. The second person was happy! I’m so happy! The last person didn’t think it was for her. She even put us on Facebook.

I helped a kid make a game. The game is called the man and the woman in Minecraft. I love helping the man. He plays Minecraft, WWE and Lego game. He is so happy he made me food. We help one man. It makes me happy.

Benjamin Ingram
I shoveled an old man’s driveway. Shoveling my own yard and the old guy fell in the snow so I helped him. I had nothing to do.

I helped a lady get her keys that was under her stairs.

I helped my neighbor put away groceries. 

CJ Kemp
When my mom was asleep, I put on my clothes and went outside. When I got outside, I started to shovel the driveway and the walkway. It was a lot of snow and my mom had to go places when she woke up. When she woke, she kept saying thank you until she left. I felt loved and happy knowing that I made my mom happy.

When my god mama wasn’t at her house, I mowed her grass. I felt like I needed to help somebody. She was happy when she got home. I felt good because I helped somebody out.

I cleaned up my classroom. I did this because it was messy. My teacher was really happy that I helped without being asked. I felt good because I helped somebody.

Franklin Lash
I took out someone’s trash for them because they were old and were not able to do it. I did it because they were not able to do it and be kind to them. They were very proud and happy. It made me happy that I did something for someone.

I cut the grass for an old person and we whacked the old person’s weeds. I did it because she was old and she could have hurt herself with the lawn mower. The old person was happy and thankful for what I did for her. I was proud of what I did for someone that was not able to do it.

I shoveled someone’s pathway to their steps and driveway. I did this because it was a nice thing to do for someone. The person was happy and proud. I was excited of what I did for someone.

Darion Legrone
I made a Christmas card for a boy named Jacob who was dying from cancer. I did it because I thought the boy should see some nice Christmas cards before he passes on. I bet he reacted so happy that he probably lived for a couple more minutes. I felt really good to try to brighten up his days a little bit.

I shoveled the neighbors snow. I thought it was nice since it was the snowy season, it would be easier for them to get around and do stuff. They felt really happy because they were about to do it but I offered to help. I felt really good because seeing them happy made me happy and want to do it again.

I took the trash out for my dad. I decided to do that since he was at work for eight hours. So, he could relax. He said thank you very much. He also said that doing work like that will give you more privileges. I felt great because I like getting privileges.

Maurice Nelson
I helped a friend complete his work without him asking. I saw that he was struggling. He was thankful for me helping him when he didn’t ask. I felt like I could do something nice for everyone.

I made a card for a boy with cancer. He was going to die soon and wanted to have an early Christmas. I think he felt good because our cards were delivered and I think he liked them. I felt good because they got to the boy in time, before he was gone.

I made my grandpa food when he was sick. He usually takes care of me and I paid him back for what he does for me. I felt good because he is someone who takes care of me. He’s the best grandpa I could ask for! He was happy because he hadn’t been feeling good that whole day and I helped him get through the sickness.

Zamarion Nichols
I made a card for Alanna. I felt bad for her because she had a seizure. She felt happy about the card. I felt happy when she saw my card.

I went with my family to give someone that is homeless some clothes. That is a family that my mom and dad know. I also gave the boy some toys.

I made a card for a little boy named Jacob who had cancer and I heard that he liked penguins. I drew a penguin to try and make him feel happier. I’m glad he got to see the cards before he passed. I hope we made his Christmas a little merrier.

Janiya Parnell
We went to three people’s houses and gave them flowers. It made me feel like a Blueberry Ambassador. It was great to help people. I decided to do this because if you give, you get back. I felt so happy because people really care about holiday cheer. The first person was very happy and loved it. The second person also loved it and she couldn’t believe it. The last was so positive and she put it on Facebook.

I helped my grandma pack to get to her brand new house and I helped her decorate her whole house even her bathroom. I decided to help her because I love her and I really love to help or decorate. When I asked her if I could help, she was surprised and asked what I wanted to help with. I really felt like I could help for my Blueberry Ambassadors. I felt like maybe I should do this more often it helps you when you see other people’s hearts warmed it warm your own heart.

I helped my mom cook and clean when she got back from her job. I decide to help her because she’s always on her feet and never really gets to lay down and rest for a few minutes. My mom was really surprised that I wanted to help her. I really love her so much, I had to help her since she had a long day. This made me feel like I was a superhero or something because I saved the house and it made me feel wonderful except when we had to cook the baked greens. 

Ke’Juan Paxton
I bought my mom something for Valentine’s Day. I decided to do this because my mom is special to me. She cried and said thank you and gave me a hug. I felt great. It impacted me because she was happy and she cried.

I wrote my granny a letter for her birthday. I wanted to make someone happy for their birthday. She cried and said thank you so much and gave me a hug. I felt great. It impacted me because I’m doing something for a change that’s making people happy.

I shoveled someone’s snow. I did this because I wanted to surprise that person. That person was surprised and said thank you for what you did and gave me money. I felt so happy it impacted me because I did something fun and made people happy.

Hunter Ruboyianes
We went to people house and gave them flowers and joy. We decided to do this because we are Blueberry Ambassadors and that means we gave them joy. At house one, the girl’s reaction was happy. The second house, she was exited. At the third house, she said it made her day. I feel good that I did that and want to do that again for people.

I made a card for a 9 year-old that was dying from cancer. The reason I did this is because the 9 year- old boy was about to die. I think he was happy that we gave him cards. I felt happy that I did this for him so he can get cards before he died. I wanted to do it again.

I shoveled for my neighbor. I was inside watching TV and I was bored so I said I’ll just go outside and shovel. He asked me if I could do it again. He was happy too. I felt happy that I got off my butt and went and did something.

Madeleine Saunders
I put flowers in my neighbor’s garden for her. I did this random act of kindness so it would make her happy. She gave me a hug and thanked me for giving her flowers. It made me happy. It made me happy because I made her happy with something as small as flowers.

I shoveled everyone’s yard on my street. I did this act of kindness because it was a nice thing to do and everyone needed for their sidewalk done and so they did not have to do it. They were all happy and someone gave me cookies and brownies. I was happy and felt good because I made people happy and did something good.

I paid for someone’s meal at McDonald’s. I did that because they had a big family, didn’t order a lot, and I realized they looked kind of poor. They gave me a hug. I felt nice because I got to give a meal to another family and they got to eat.

Jordan Smith 
I gave Miss Nikki and Miss Sally some flowers with my friends. My teacher helped me choose this activity. They reacted like they never had flowers. I felt like I never did that before and it impacted me in a good way because I did something to make people happy.

I dug up the grass to help my neighbor make a garden. Then we got seeds, we scattered them all around, and got water every day. I did that to earn money to help buy my sister some new shoes. My sister was happy and laughing. I felt happy because that is the first time I ever did something for my little sister like that.

I took out the garbage everyday for someone because they had had surgery. They had a hole in their aorta. They felt good. I felt weird because I had never done that before.

Alexys Stimson
I shoveled my neighbor’s driveway and sidewalk and he really appreciated that because he does it every time it snows. I decided to do this because he does it all the time when it snows and he lets me use his snow blower when my shovel broke. He went to come outside to do it and it was already done and he offered me some money but I said no thank you. I felt good about it because he was going to do it but I did for him and he always lets me borrow his snow blower.

We made cards for a little boy because he had cancer and he was about to lose his life. We decided to do it because we thought he was going to pass away before Christmas and the parents of the child were asking for cards and that his favorite animal was penguins. He and his parents were really happy that he got the cards before he passed away. I felt great about it because I am a kind person and it impacted me because I had never done that before.

I went to random people’s houses. We sang Jingle Bells and gave them flowers. They really like it because they didn’t even know that we did it. We decided to do this because we were spreading Christmas cheer. One of the people we did it for was Mrs. Ramsey. They all reacted very thankful and happy. I am glad we did this random act of kindness. I felt good about this because it is good to be kind and I feel good about it because I feel good being nice and kind to others.

Christopher Taber
We went to three houses and sang Jingle bells and gave them flowers. We decided to do this so we could have happy holidays. They reacted happy and thankful that we did this for them. I felt caring when we did this because it means to care for others.

I held a door at Forman Mills for a guy. I decided to do this so I could be a polite gentleman. He reacted happy and said thank you young man. I felt helpful that I could help people.

I held a door for a family at the mall. I decided to do this so I could see people smile. They were polite. I felt proud and polite.

Me and my class at school made cards for a boy who had cancer and wanted a last Christmas. We decided to do this so he could think that he had a last Christmas. He reacted exited with his family. I felt happy that he was happy.

Autum Tatman
I picked up my neighbor’s yard. I decided to do this because he needs help because he had a really bad car accident. He was so excited because he had no one to do it! I felt good because I never did it before.

I shoveled my neighbor’s sidewalk. I was bored so I just did it and because he does a lot for me. He was happy and I was happy.

I raked the leaves for my neighbor. He had a really bad car accident so I decided to help. He was very happy because no one had ever did it for him. I felt good about doing it. He tried to give me a dollar but I didn’t take it.

Ja’karyeon Thomas
I went up to Ms. Nikki and Ms. Sally and gave them flowers with my friend. They reacted like they never had flowers. It was the first time I had given someone flowers and it made me feel excited.

I gave my yo-yo to Ben. I wanted to because I felt bad that his yo-yo was gone. He reacted like he was happy. I felt happy because I show a lot of kindness for my class.

I helped shovel my yard and then my mom went in the house I did the driveway. I decided to do this because I didn’t want my mom to get stuck in the driveway and not get out. My mom reacted like she was happy that I did that. I feel like I was happy because I did something for my mom and she was happy for me too so that day made my day.

Earl Watson
We sang “Jingle Bells” and we said Merry Christmas and we gave them hugs, flowers and a “you’re welcome” to them. We decided to do this to spread some holiday cheer to people who looked like they needed it. People were so excited and happy and one lady pus us on Facebook and they were giving us hugs. I felt happy and good that I made other people excited, happy and good and that I feel better because I made other people feel better.

Isaiah Williams
I realized that I had a lot of clothes that did not fit me. So, I had them posted on a free site on Facebook and the boy was really in need so my mom contacted his mom and then his grandma came to pick the stuff up. I decided to do this because it was really nice of me to give my stuff away and it was also a random act of kindness because I was happy but I did not know who was going to get the clothes but the reason why I pick this one because it was a nice random act of kindness. The person reacted like he was really happy because I gave him a coat when it was cold outside and his mom said and he really like the clothes and he really appreciated it. I felt when I gave the clothes to the boy it let me know that I should really be thankful for the stuff I do have. Also, it made me feel great that I did something nice for someone and I was really happy that I made someone else happy.

Necoleon Williams
I wrote my granny a letter for her birthday. I did it because I wanted to do something kind for a change. My granny cried and said thank you and love you. It made me feel happy it impacted me because she felt happy.

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