Flint Neithercut Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors find joy in being helpful to others

Flint Neithercut Elementary, coordinator Scott Davis

This was a whole class act of kindness for a student in our class that had a seizure.  Twenty-one students made cards to wish her well and welcome her back to school. 

Alana Sirls
I helped my dad with fixing an Xbox controller. I helped him fix the cords and wired that were messed up. I fixed the buttons and the grips on the controller. My help made everything work. Now we have two controllers.

Joshua Skyrme
I was sitting on my couch one day and said to myself that I should ask an older lady next door if she needed some help. I saw her yard and there were leaves everywhere. I raked the leaves in her yard and put them in a trash can

One day, I was on my way to Mount Morris and I pulled a Blueberry Card out of my pocket and I went in and took my coat off at my grandmas and saw all the dishes in her sink. I did all her dishes and gave her the Blueberry Card. It made me feel helpful and nice.

Deante Barker
I helped Mrs. King and her students and we helped them grade their papers and I helped her with the paint. This made me feel good to help the kids in her class.

One morning, I was with my grandpa because he was sick and he had things to do and he couldn’t get up and I was feeling bad for him so I went outside and worked hard and I shoveled the snow and I picked up trash around the house.

Elijah Holmes
I shoveled the driveway without my mom telling me and it was very cold

One nice snowy day after I got home from school, I watched TV. Then, I shoveled the whole driveway when it was twelve inches. I did so my mom did not have to.

Zyonna Davis
My dad was in the hospital so I went downstairs and cleaned up the entire house so when he came back home from the hospital, he could relax. He was very happy. He said that when he was in the hospital he was hoping that the house was clean. He came home to a nice clean house that made me feel really good.

Neveah Blakely
Last night my mom was cooking and I asked my mom to help with cooking and she said yes. I helped her with cutting meat. It made me happy to help my mom.

Alize Smith 
Today a student and I helped a kindergarten teacher named Mrs. Skene do an Art project with her students. I helped them followed directions and listen to their teacher. I helped her clean the tables and made sure they did their project. Then we released them to the computers.

One morning, my mom was going to the gas station and I was with her and my grandparents gave me $30.00 for an early Birthday present. I saw a homeless person and I felts so bad so I got out of the car and gave him money. I gave him the Blueberry Card and said do something nice for somebody.

Sabrina Stahelin
I helped my mom with raking the yard and my mom said thank you. I gave my mom the Blueberry Card to give to someone else.

I helped my mom with cleaning the bathroom. My mom was so happy and I feel so good about the Blueberry Card. She loved it.

Zamarion Nichols
I went with my family to give someone that is homeless some clothes. This is a family that my mom and dad knows. I also gave the boy some toys.

Giovanni Germani
I helped my grandma walk across the street when she needed help.

I cooked for my mom when she was tired.

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