Flint Neithercut Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors find the true meaning of random acts of kindness

Flint Neithercut Elementary
, coordinator Paula Gibson

When I was at the grocery store, there was an older lady with a lot of groceries. There was nobody there to help her so I asked if I could help her. Then I helped her put her groceries in the car. She offered to give me some money, but I said no I want you to take the Blueberry Card. I made her day.

When I was going sledding, this lady was having trouble with her sled. She couldn’t get it out of her car because the wind was blowing hard. I went over to help her because she was all alone. Then she didn’t know how to sled so I helped her. 

My friend’s mom lost her phone, so we decided to help her look for it in the snow. All along, we were standing on it. She felt great because she didn’t need to buy new one.

On Monday, I went to the Dort Federal Center to help pack food for families so they can eat for a month and we packed over a thousand meals for their homes. Some people didn’t have any food at home. They gave us boxes to put the food in. We put 36 meals in each box, and we packed over 900 boxes. They felt great that we helped them. I feel good being a Blueberry Ambassador because it helps me do kind stuff and not be mean.

I went to Golden Corral. There were two older ladies. I held the door for them. They walked by the table and asked my momma if I was her daughter. My mom said yes. They told her that I was going to grow into a wonderful young lady.

My mom and I packed little bags and gave them to the crossing guards. They were happy. A few weeks later, one of the ladies gave me a little Christmas bag when she saw me the next time.

Me and my friends went to the mall and there was a woman who owned the store. I took one of her shopping carts back into the store for her. She was grateful and said thank you. I like helping people and being a Blueberry Ambassador because it’s fun.

We went caroling so we greeted the people. We sang three songs. We sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Jingle Bells, and Carol of the Bells. When we got done, we knew the older people were really entertained because of the smiles on their faces. They gave us compliments and asked us to come back. I felt excited to go caroling and make people happy. 

I helped an elderly lady put her groceries in her trunk because she was struggling. When I was passing by, I asked my mom if I could help and she said yes. I asked the lady if I could help and she agreed. I started loading the groceries into the trunk. After I helped her put the stuff in her trunk, she tried to give me money, but I refused. I just walked away while feeling happy.

I helped my neighbor shovel his driveway. He said thank you for helping me because I really needed help shoveling the driveway. 

I helped my mom take care of my brothers and clean and cook at the house because she really needed a lot of help with all of the stuff she was doing. She was really happy because she had so much to do that day. I feel happy that I am going around helping other people with their stuff because it helps other people.

I went to my neighbor’s house because he had so much snow and leaves. I shoveled the snow and picked up the leaves and when he got back, he thanked me. I gave him the Blueberry Card and then explained how to be a Blueberry.

We had a lot of dishes and our house needed to be cleaned. Everyone was asleep so I started cleaning. I cleaned the basement and everything. It feels nice to be a Blueberry because we get to help people and they help people, and everyone feels great!

I went to the nursing home with my mom. At first when I got there, I was bored. After they ate dinner, I helped wash dishes. An older lady was still eating so when she got done, I asked her how it was. She said it would be great if I could play my board games. I asked what was stopping her and she said she had to fold her clothes. I asked if I could help and I did. Luckily, I had the Blueberry Cards in the card. I grabbed one and gave it to her. 

I went caroling for the nursing home. It made me enjoy singing for them. Sometimes, they don’t get a lot of visitors. It put a smile on all of their faces.

I helped fix my step brother’s bike. He went up this hill and his bike broke. He popped his tires and snapped his chain. I volunteered to give him a chain. He was happy and I was even happier. Being a Blueberry makes me feel good because I know I’m doing something for the community.

One day in December, my class went caroling. We sang three songs. Carol of the Bells, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Jingle Bells. I think the people liked it because it didn’t seem like they get much cheer. I liked it because we went to Rose Haven and I felt happy because we got to sing songs.

We went caroling. I felt like I did something good and I was proud of myself. I was a little disappointed because it was such a small group because I know everyone would have enjoyed it.

I helped shovel the driveway with my dad. I helped the shovel the long driveway and was proud that I helped and I got treat afterwards from dad for doing such a great job.

We went to go caroling to Rose Haven and when we went in, it was only a couple people in there. We sang a whole bunch of them and they were happy, and they had clapped and said thank you and said we loved it. 

When I went to the YMCA, this family lost their swimming toys and their goggles and I had help them find them and when we found them they had said thank you and they said that I was a kind person and had gave her my Blueberry Card.

I helped this lady. I had shoveled her snow and put salt on it because it was ice underneath it. She gave me five bucks and said thank you and she said that I can do it anytime. I gave her my Blueberry Card. I am excited to be a Blueberry Ambassador because I like to be kind to others.

I asked my mom if I could go to Five Below. I asked her for money to buy whatever I want. We walked in and I got an air pods case and phone case. A little girl wanted something and her mom couldn’t get it. I paid for her doll. She said thank you. I felt great because I did something good and felt proud of myself for helping out.

My mom got home from work and she told me someone was moving out. I went to her house and asked how I could help. My mom and I moved tables and a couch and a TV. I felt good because I helped someone.

We went caroling. We sang songs for elderly people. People enjoyed it. I had fun and so did my friends. I felt proud of myself to make people happy. 

I was playing with my friend when his mom pulled in. She had groceries. I took them inside. When we were finished, she thanked me. I felt good to help people.

I had helped a lady with the snow. I shoveled her snow and put it in the street. I felt good because some people don’t have help or are able to do things themselves.

I was playing video games. I went outside and shoveled the front yard at my house. I felt proud of myself.

I helped my dad drive. I felt good because I helped my dad. My dad felt good because I helped him.

I had shoveled my next -door neighbors snow. While I was shoveling her snow, she walked outside. I gave her my Blueberry Card. She said thank you for shoveling her snow. I felt like I did something kind and she did, too.

We went caroling. I think they felt good because they had live music. I felt good because it felt good singing to elderly people.

I shoveled snow for a lady. She was happy. She gave us some money, but I put the Blueberry Card in the envelope and gave it back. I felt excited to help somebody out.

I helped someone with their groceries. She said thank you and felt happy and so did I. I feel great about being a Blueberry Ambassador because I helped people.

I was helping our neighbor pick up a tree log. They were tearing down a house and I thought it would be nice to help him. As we were picking it up, I brought them some tools and helped them cut the log down and take it piece by piece. Then I gave them the Blueberry Card.

I helped shovel the snow for my neighbor. He felt good about me helping. I felt excited because I helped someone.

I got to hold the door open for a group of people at the mall. They were happy because they smiled and said thank you.

My neighbors are in their eighties. One day, I was shoveling my sidewalk, so I went over there to shovel their sidewalk. Then the lady came out and she said “Oh my gosh! Can I give you ten dollars?” I told her no because I am doing it for Blueberry Ambassadors. I gave her the Blueberry Card. She asked what it was, and I explained it. I felt excited because I thought it make me happy if someone did that for me if I was eighty years old.

My mom and I went to Landmark to get milk. We saw this older homeless person. We went to Taco Bell and ordered him a family pack of tacos. He started crying and was emotional. He told my mom she had a great daughter. I started crying because I showed courage to help someone.

We went caroling at Rose Haven. I felt really happy to sing for people that may be lonely. They were excited and happy.

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