Flint Neithercut Elementary Blueberry Ambassadors ‘warm hearts’ of strangers, community members, and even their own

Flint Neithercut Elementary, coordinators Katie Hovanec and Precious Lee

On a cold brisk November day, our whole class went outside to pick up trash around the school. We wanted to do this to be respectful to the school and community. It was disappointing to see that people don’t take care of the school grounds and they litter. It is rather disgusting. We were shocked with the amount of trash we collected. Afterwards, we felt happy because kids on the playground will be safe and our school will look nice and clean.

Jaylen Batson
Blueberry Moment 12601
I went to Rosehaven with my class and we sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and I Wish You a Merry Christmas. Then, we gave them ornaments and cards that we made. I gave mine to this one old lady and she said, “thank you” and gave me a big hug. I wanted to do this because I wanted to fill their hearts with joy and happiness. It was fun. The people were so happy and I was too! When she read the card she got even happier. I felt really good about myself. It really made me smile!

Blueberry Moment 12621
I helped an elderly lady take her groceries inside on a cold day. The lady was having a hard time getting her bags out of the car and it was very cold out. She was very thankful. She thanked me over and over with a big smile on her face. Doing this made me feel good to help the woman so that she didn’t have to struggle in the cold with no help. I liked making her feel happy. Making her smile made me feel happy too.

Blueberry Moment 12777
My mom and I cooked dinner, then I took a big plate of food to an older lady in our apartment complex. I decided to do this because she is a very nice neighbor and she lives alone without a car. There was so much snow outside that she couldn’t walk through it to catch a bus to get to the store. She said “thank you” to me lots of times and she smiled. She even gave me a hug. It made me feel proud of myself and joyful because I got to make her day better.

Lilyan Bean
Blueberry Moment 12603
I went to Rosehaven and I gave the elderly a special card that I made. I also gave them a creative star for a holiday decoration that I made. I care about them that is why I did it. I care about the old people and wanted to make sure they got visitors. The residents were happy and they smiled. It felt really good in my heart to see this. I loved that she was happy. It makes me happy to make others happy.

Blueberry Moment 12622
I helped my friend Kendal when she fell off her bike. I put an ice pack on her leg because she is my best friend. I do not like it when she gets hurt so I just help her whenever I can. She was happy when I helped because no one else helped her. I was the only one. Helping her made me feel happy because I love helping others.

Blueberry Moment 12778
When my mom was sick, I woke up early and made her some breakfast. I did this because I love my mom and didn’t like it when she was sick. I don’t like to see her hurt or sick. My mom was happy because I helped her feel better. I felt great because I like helping her feel better.

Semaj’ Chandler
Blueberry Moment 12618
We went to Rosehaven to do something very nice. We sang songs and gave holiday cards to the people that live there. We thought this would be a nice thing to do because some of the people don’t have visitors very often. They had smiles on their faces and some with big joyfulness.

Darion Conliffe
Blueberry Moment 12617

My class and I went to Rosehaven to share our holiday cheer by giving them cards, ornaments and singing for the elderly who live there. I decided to do this because I felt it was just the right thing to do and Rosehaven deserves it. The residents were happy. I was happy because I was able to see a lot of happy faces. I can’t wait to do this again soon!

Blueberry Moment 12624
I helped my dad by walking on his back when it was hurting him really bad. I did this because I think that his back is always hurting but he just doesn’t want anyone to know. I am just trying to be nice to my dad. He felt relieved and his back felt better so I did too. This made me feel better about myself because I know how to help him. If he didn’t ask me then I wouldn’t have done it.

Blueberry Moment 12780
I gave my mom some money so that she could spend it on something. I did it because she is my mom and I should be able to give her things that make her happy. I felt good that I was able to help her. It made me feel warm inside because she was happy. It is good to help others.

Nevaeha Costello
Blueberry Moment 12615
I sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and We Wish You a Merry Christmas for my first Blueberry. I made a card and an ornament to give to someone who lives at Rosehaven. It was fun to do because the people had a smile and they blushed too. I felt good about this because even though I was nervous at first, I smiled and was happy to make others happy.

Cavariiah Dobson-El

Blueberry Moment 12620
I made a card for a lady that lives at Rosehaven. She couldn’t talk very well so I read the card to her. She was happy and smiled when I read it. I read it more than once to her to make her keep smiling. It felt good because it was a nice thing to do.

Ke’Arah Fischer
Blueberry Moment 12605
I went to Rosehaven and gave a special gift to a resident who lives there. I gave a lady a reindeer ornament and a Christmas card that I had made. We sang two holiday songs to bring them joy and it made them smile. When I gave my gift, it broke my heart because she had said that it would be the only gift that she would get. She smiled and gave me a huge hug. This made me feel great inside, kind of nervous, but happy because I know that I am a special person.

Kaelynn Guillen
Blueberry Moment 12613
I made a homemade card and a star ornament. The paper star was special because I wrapped the yarn around the star over and over. It was beautiful. I gave it to the residents at Rosehaven because I wanted to show kindness. It felt good to help. The lady gave me a hug and smiled a big smile. It felt amazing to make someone else feel happy.

Trae Hinojosa
Blueberry Moment 12612

I went to Rosehaven and sang a couple of songs. I made a letter for them and took that with me to give to them. I wanted to do this to be a kind person and to bring joy to the older people. They were grateful of me for doing this. It was nice to see them smile. I felt good about what I did and felt good about myself.

Blueberry Moment 12782
I helped my next door neighbor carry in her groceries. She was very happy and grateful that I helped her. It makes me feel good to give back to the community. It makes me feel better about myself because it is the right thing to do.

Blueberry Moment 12798
I made a card for Ms. Green because she was sick for a couple days. She makes me feel good about myself because she helps me learn to read. She didn’t know that I was making her a card so it surprised her when I was able to give it to her. I was happy that I made Ms. Green happy. I felt the best and was surprised at myself for being so happy.

Jody Jackson
Blueberry Moment 12619
I sang and gave an ornament to a person who lives at Rosehaven because that could be their only gift that they might receive. I chose to do this because I knew that they would be grateful for what I made. They were happy to see us. They had so much joy on their faces when they saw us come. I felt really good about it because it was a kind thing to do and I want to be kind.

Blueberry Moment 12632
I helped someone clean snow out of their driveway. I like to be kind and do things to help others. They were really happy and thankful for the work I did. I felt good because I felt like I did something thoughtful for someone.

Ah’Ziyah Johnson
Blueberry Moment 12609
I went to Rosehaven to do something nice. I sang holiday songs and gave a card that I made for them. The lady was happy and she was about to cry. I gave her a hug and told her it was okay. It made me feel really good because she said that she would keep my card forever.

Blueberry Moment 12785
There was a girl that didn’t have a lot of friends and she played by herself. I asked her if she wanted to be my friend. She was so happy and smiled a lot. I don’t like to feel alone so I know how it felt that she was alone. That is why I asked her to be my friend. It made me happy that she was happy.

KaNaya Lewis
Blueberry Moment 12614
I went to Rosehaven to give a resident a card and an ornament that I had made because it could be the only thing that they get for Christmas. When I gave it to the lady she felt very good inside. I could tell because of her smile. It felt great to be a Blueberry Ambassador to help others feel good.

Blueberry Moment 12786
I stopped my brother from crying and made him smile. He cries a lot and I really don’t like to hear him because it makes me sad. I would rather that he were happy because I like to see other people smile.

Dakota McLean
Blueberry Moment 12607
I walked to Rosehaven today to give a man a holiday card and sing holiday songs. I will enjoy this memory because he was very kind. He asked me what my name was and then told me that it was a nice name. It felt real awesome to do something good for others.

Blueberry Moment 12635
Someone at the store dropped their wallet and I turned it in. When I turned it in the person said that no one ever does that anymore. He said it was very nice of me. I felt that I did the right thing because if I would have lost something I would want someone to turn it in so that I could get it back.

Blueberry Moment 12767
I found a puppy in the road and didn’t know who it belonged to. It had a pink collar on so we were able to find the owner because of a flyer at the corner store. They were so happy. She wasn’t hurt. It felt good that I did a good thing to help another person out. I makes me happy too because my mom is proud of me also.

Blueberry Moment 12768
I fed a hungry cat because I love animals. He seemed really hungry and sad. After I fed him he seemed to really like me. He kind of smiled I think if cats can smile. It made me feel good because I know that his tummy was full. I hope that he was okay afterwards.

Blueberry Moment 12787
I shoveled a neighbor’s driveway when the snow was really deep. I don’t mind shoveling because it is pretty fun. I think he was shocked that I did this but he smiled. It felt good to do a random act of kindness because it made me feel happy.

La’Tayshia Patrick
Blueberry Moment 12611
I sang at Rosehaven for a random act of kindness. I did it because I wanted to be respectful and kind to others. When I gave a lady a card that I had made she smiled at me. She gave me a hug too. It made me feel really good to do this Blueberry Moment.

Blueberry Moment 12636
I washed dishes without being asked. It is a good thing to help others out. I made others happy and that made me happy to help others.

Blueberry Moment 12788
I helped my grandma. She needs help sometimes. I don’t want her to have to ask so I just help her when I think she needs help. We had pizza together. We were both happy after eating pizza.

Daniel Scott
Blueberry Moment 12608
I went to Rosehaven to deliver a card and an ornament that I made. I did this because sometimes the people that live there will not get any visitors for the Christmas season. When I gave my card that I made to a lady she had a straight face but then she had a rally big smile. When I saw that it made me have a warm heart because I made her smile.

Blueberry Moment 12638
When one my little brother’s teeth came out and he went to sleep, I gave him one dollar under his pillow. I did that because when I was little, they gave me money under my pillow too. When he woke up he looked under his pillow and he was so happy. I was laughing because he ran out of his room to show everyone in the house. It made me feel good to see him happy.

Blueberry Moment 12791
I helped my granddaddy repair the brakes on my mother’s car because they were really bad. I wanted to help because I wanted my mom to be able to get to places. It made me happy because my mom was really proud of me. I felt good because I was able to help but now I know how to work on brakes so that was cool too.

Anijah Walker
Blueberry Moment 12610
I made a nice card and ornament to give to somebody at Rosehaven because I didn’t want them to not have anything for Christmas. When I gave it to them their face lit up and she said “I love it. I love it.” I feel like I did the right thing because it made them happy. It feels good.

Blueberry Moment 12639
I helped a person at Walmart with their groceries. I wanted to do it to be a better person. She was very happy that I helped because she told me that she needed a lot of help. It made me feel good inside because I helped someone and I felt like a good person.

Blueberry Moment 12792
My sister was sick so I fixed her some soup and warm milk because that always makes me feel better. I don’t like to see my family upset, especially my sister because I love her. When I helped her she was happy. I felt good because I was helping her.

JaNaiya Walker
Blueberry Moment 12604
I gave an old person a card and ornament. She was really cute when I gave it to her. We sang a couple holiday songs that made all the people at Rosehaven smile. It felt good to go there because some of the people don’t always get visitors. They said “thank you.” It made me feel happy because they were all happy and smiling. It was fun!

Blueberry Moment 12742
I helped an older lady with her food when she was coming out of the store. She needed help. I thought I would be kind because she looked like she needed help and it was just the right thing to do. She had a smile on her face and said thank you. It made me feel good because I was helping someone and it made me smile.

Blueberry Moment 12793
I helped someone that lives nearby shovel their driveway and get the mail out of their mailbox. They were very happy and told me thank you a lot. It made me feel good because I was showing kindness. They really needed their driveway shoveled. I was happy to be able to help.

Destiny Waters
Blueberry Moment 12606
I went to Rosehaven to give a card and a decoration for Christmas to a resident who lives there. I decided to do this because they might not have any presents or visitors to see them. When I gave it to a lady, she had tears in her eyes and she was very happy. She was smiling. It felt really good inside to see this. It made me feel grateful that I was able to do something like that.

Blueberry Moment 12764
I helped s stranger pick up trash because they were a little older and I could tell needed help. The lady felt really happy because she had a smile on her face. It made me happy that I was able to help.

Blueberry Moment 12794
I helped a lady help pick things up because they fell while she was walking. I did it because it would have been rude to just watch her and not help. The lady was happy that I helped. It made me feel good knowing that I did the right thing.

Becky Williams
Blueberry Moment 12616
I went to Rosehaven and sang holiday songs to the people that live there. They loved it and were smiling the whole time. It was a nice thing to do to make a card and ornament to give to them. The lady I gave mine to was happy and she had joy on her face. This changed me because it made me realize doing something so small makes other people happy.

Blueberry Moment 12765
I helped the people at the pool where we go to swimming lessons. Everyone left the toys out from free swim so I helped pick them up. The swim teacher was very happy that I helped because then he didn’t have to pick up the stuff. I like helping people so it made me feel good.

Blueberry Moment 12796
I helped my teacher after school because she needed help. She is always very nice to me and treats me nicely. I like being in her class. She didn’t ask for my help. I just wanted to help her because I knew it would make her happy. She smiled. I could see the joy in her eyes.

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