Flint Northwestern High School Blueberry Ambassadors pitch in for teachers, help peers

Flint Northwestern High School, coordinator Mary Ann Kost

Jaquatta Manuel

Hi! My name is Jaquatta Manuel. Just last week, my mom and I went to the grocery store, Walmart.

We went around 9 p.m., maybe 10 p.m., but didn’t get out of there any earlier than midnight. I remember walking outside with two grocery carts.

It was really snowy outside, so my mom went to get the car. She was going to bring it a little closer so that I wouldn’t have to walk in the bad weather.

I noticed this elderly lady. She looked confused. I figured she was going to say something to me. So, instead, I just politely said, “Hey” and waited.

Then she turned to me and asked if I could see a gray Impala. It was snowing so bad that I really couldn’t see, and I couldn’t just leave my mom’s groceries. I asked the woman if she could wait there with the grocery cart.

As she watched them, I ran out and I saw like four different gray cars. I couldn’t see if they were Impalas or not.

As I was out there, I saw that my mama had the car ready and there was no time left to help the woman find where her car was. I started walking back and I saw the security guard.

I told him about the lady and then I got her and walked her to the security car and they helped her find car.

Antwon Fordham

Hi, my name is Antwon Fordham and I did a Blueberry Moment.

I was by a store called Starlite between Ballenger and Barney. There was a burning house there, as I was leaving church and going to the store.

A man screamed help. He came from the house and was badly singed. He said he needed money to get some peroxide and cotton balls to take care of his burns and he didn’t have any money because it was burned up. I gave him $2 and we shared a joke. And then I took pictures and he told me, “God Bless You,” as I walked away.

DaQuavius Turner

Hi, my name is DaQuavius Turner and I shoveled my neighbor’s driveway while we had some snow days. She said, “Thank you for doing this.” I did this because I didn’t want her to get stuck in her driveway.

I did a Blueberry Moment on Jan. 13, 2015. I helped my teacher by taking down chairs off the tables. She said “thank you so much.” I did this because I felt like I needed to help her.

Chloressa Wren

Hi, my name is Chloressa Wren and my friend and I did a Blueberry Moment on Jan. 30, 2015. I am the Blueberry Chair and we wanted to end the Blueberry Program with a big project. After some brainstorming, my friend and I decided to help a girl out.

She didn’t have any personal health and beauty aids. We could tell because she told one of our friends. She lives with her dad and her dad doesn’t always know what a girl needs.

So, we gave her some personal items. When we gave them to her, she said, “Thank you,” and looked happy. I felt good and happy to have helped somebody out.

We also decided to send notes of appreciation to our teachers. After we made the cards, we attached Tootsie Pops to them and hand-delivered them. All of the teachers were really appreciative of our act. One teacher almost started crying.  I guess it really meant a lot to them. Anyway, it was great to honor them and see how much the cards meant to them.

I helped my teacher on Jan. 29, 2015.  I helped her get a recycle bin because she needed someone to do that.  It was outside and cold and snowy, but that’s OK, it was to help her and the environment.

Mirajh Williams

Hi! My name is Mirajh Williams and I did a Blueberry Moment on Jan. 30, 2015, for one of my peers. I did it because I had seen kids teasing her because of her personal problems. So I decided to give her the things she needed, like a bra, soap, toothpaste and many more things. I felt very good for what I did because I put a smile on someone else’s face. She knew somebody cared.

I did a Blueberry Moment on Jan. 17 this year at Antioch Baptist Church. I helped three elderly ladies serve food for the NAACP meeting, and they thanked me for doing so. I did this because they were way older than me and they shouldn’t be serving me.

I did a Blueberry Moment on Feb. 2, 2015.  I helped out an elderly woman who was at her mailbox when I was walking by.  She was walking with a cart that was sort of holding her up.

She was struggling, so I asked her if she wanted some help. She said, “Yes.” So my sister and I helped her home. I held her hand and my sister pushed the cart.

Keosha Thomas

Hi! My name is Keosha Thomas and I did a Blueberry Moment on the way to school. On Jan. 29 at 7 a.m. in the morning, I was walking to school. An old lady was carrying heavy bags.

I asked her did she need any help. She answered, “Yes.”

So I grabbed her bags and walked her to her bus stop on Carpenter Road. I remembered to do this because my teacher reminds us every day in class to do a Blueberry Moment. What inspired me was wanting to be helpful to the lady in need.

Deion Keller

Hi! My name is Deion Keller and I did a Blueberry Moment in December in the community at my neighbor’s house. I shoveled for my neighbor and she thanked me and said she would call me when she needed my help. Just out of kindness is why I did this act.

Ellen Potter

Hi! My name is Ellen Potter and I did a Blueberry Moment on Dec. 2, 2014. I helped an elderly lady with her shopping bags because she seemed that she was having a hard time and she thanked me. I did this because she needed help.

Paris Childs

Hi! My name is Paris Childs and I did a Blueberry Moment on Dec.  5, 2014. I saw that the paper was falling out of my teachers’ printer and got up and grabbed it so she wouldn’t have to pick up the paper. I did it because I know she would have done the same thing for me.

Chyna Collins

Hi! My name is Chyna Collins and I did a Blueberry Moment on Dec. 2, 2014, at the Holiday Walk at the Flint Public Library. I asked a lady if she needed help and she said “thank you, but we’re all done for today.” I did this because I wanted to help.

D’Angelo Cureton

Hi! My name is D’Angelo Cureton and I did a Blueberry Moment on Jan. 9. I helped my youngest sister by giving her my inhaler because she couldn’t breathe. She said I saved her life. I did this because she was having a panic attack.

Ne’keya Powell

Hi my name is Ne’keya Powell and I did a Blueberry Moment in January 2015. I bought Demonee something to eat because we were out of town and I felt like if it was me she’d do the same for me!

I did a Blueberry Moment on Nov.  2 at my granny’s. I helped my aunt move out of my granny’s house. It took a few hours but she looked like she was really struggling so I helped. She didn’t have to say thank you I could tell she was relieved to finally have help.

I did two Blueberry Moments in January 2015 at McDonald’s. I gave Natori and her sister $20 to eat because we had just left a bowling match and everyone was hungry.

Demonee’ Jones

Hi! My name is Demonee’ Jones and in December 2014 I did a Blueberry Moment at Popeye’s by getting my friend something to eat.

I did a Blueberry Moment on Jan. 1 at my grandmother’s house. I walked my granny’s dog because I love her and no one else would do it.

I did a Blueberry Moment on Dec. 27, 2014. I helped this 70-year-old lady take her bags out to her car and put them in for her. She said “Thank you so much, sweetheart.” I did this because she was elderly and by herself.

I did a Blueberry Moment on Jan. 29, 2015.  I took some things to the office so Mr. Taborn wouldn’t be late to teach his class.

I did a Blueberry Moment in December. I helped a lady find her real-gold earring.  She replied, “Thank you so very much, young lady!” I did this because that’s what I would have wanted someone to do to me if I lost my gold earring.

Y’Sheki Davis

Hi!  My name is Y’Sheki Davis and I did a Blueberry Moment on Jan. 21, 2015.  I took down the chairs in the classroom. Mrs. Kost’s response was, “You have to write this up because you are doing a Blueberry Moment right now!”

What inspired me to take down the chairs was thinking about all the students who would have to take their chairs down and all the noise they would make. I wanted to help them by not having to take their chairs down and help Mrs. Kost so there wouldn’t be so much noise.

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